Peter 3

By Asa Montreaux

Peter 3

Mr. Jibril: You come and we have let you in our bunker. And now you want something else?

Peter: We want a fair deal. It's about more than your money.

Mr. Jibril: [Pauses]. I cannot stop it.

Peter: Why? It's two months away.

Mr. Jibril: It is already in motion. It has a bigger life than me, than this bunker.

Peter: You're a suicide bomber.

Harry: I standby what Peter says. We don't want to make an attack in this instance. That's our one condition.

Mr. Jibril: As I said earlier, it would be somehting I cannot do. I cannot stop it.

Harry: You have to try this.

Mr. Jibril: But I want the attack to happen. It is good for the country.

Harry: But it would make a bigger war.

Mr. Jibril: There is only one war. There is only one country.

Harry: It concluded. But it could be much worse.

Mr. Jibril: I suspect you are here t osay this. You must go from here.

Harry: We need the deal.

Mr. Jibril: If you not obey my wishes, I will not allow you freedom. You will be held here.

Peter: Come on Harry. We'll find out more later.

Mr. Jibril: Ther coming now.

Peter: We'll have our way out. We hope you reconsider.

They turn to leave.

Mr. Jibril: No, you cannot leave.

Peter: We don't need anything further. We'll be going now.

Men being to chase. They run.

Peter: Uh oh. Saw that developing.

Harry: We've got five minutes.


Peter: Is the door open.

Harry: Only if Lloyd is on our side.
End scene.

Int. Near door.

Harry: He didn't leave it open.

Peter: Maybe will open it. He had a head start.

Harry: He's on there side.

Peter: No. He's running for his life now.

Lloyd appears, running to the door.

Harry: Lloyd, open the door.

Peter; You have to Lloyd.

Lloyd: Alright, but only because I have to get out of here as well.

Lloyd opens the door. The code won't go through, and when it works they go through.

Lloyd: Through here, you still have that Jeep?

Harry: It's outside.

Lloyd: Alright, alright. Drive quickly.

Harry: There pursuing.

Lloyd: There angrier and more worried than you think.

Peter: How are you going to stop this attack?

Lloyd: You mean you didn't see for yourself you can't stop it?

Peter: We're in a business of stopping things we weren't supposed to stop.

Lloyd: If there's any more information you want, I have everything you could fine. I wasn't completely alright with everything that was happening inside the bunker. Mr. Jibril is the one orchestrating the attack. He is heavily involved.

Peter: Did he draw plans up?

Lloyd: A few. It's in his head. He sits and thinks in the bunker. He never leaves. Although, he will leave to execute the mission. He will be in New York.

Peter: If we find him then, can we stop him?

Lloyd: Perhaps. But you'll need to know more about the plan, you will have to know there movements before they happen.

Harry: How long do we have?

Lloyd: 59 days.

Peter: That's enough time.

Lloyd: But the entire terorrist group is in on this one. And there is no evidence, at all.

Peter: How could it work?

Lloyd: Mr. Jibril has been in the bunker so long, he has been declared dead by the U.S. military.

Peter: Oh. Then we just have to beat him tactically, on our own.

Lloyd: You have no army.

Peter: No. But I think the man operates alone, in a way.

Lloyd: I hope you are right.

Peter: Will he leave the bunker before then?
Lloyd: No. He will only leave for three or four days. As little time as he can.

Peter: Is there anyone else on our side.

Lloyd: No. No one is on our side in there.

Harry: We have no hope of stopping this. They'll carry it out even if we catch Mr. Jibril in time.

Lloyd: You give a salutation when saying he needs to be stopped. There's no saying what would happen then. It would be enough to throw them off.

Harry: But there so well planned.

Lloyd: You would be surprised.

Harry: I have a bad, bad feeling.

Lloyd: You're not allowed to have feelings at this point.

Harry: Always a bearer of bad news.

Lloyd: Look. You have time to plan this out. But you can't be anxious. If you make a move to quickly, you'll spoil this plan. So go sort it out. Live your lives some. Make people think you're not up to something. That's important too. Understood?

Harry: Understood.

Lloyd: Peter?

Harry: I understand.

Lloyd: Good. I'll be on my way now. You'll be alright in the mean time. Remember that this attack isn't your fault. These things are happening. Sometimes were a little in the middle of them.

Harry: Well being a weapons dealer, you put yourself in the middle of this. Doing all that when you were with the company, you put us in in the middle, too.

Lloyd: You only live once, dear friend. Now, I'm on my way. I expect a call in two days.

Peter: Okay.

End scene.

Int. Harry's house.

Harry: What are we going to do?

Peter: Well, I'm not sure.

Harry: How are we going to use this time?

Peter: It's dwarfed by the years of planning that went into this attack.

Harry: How many years?

Peter: Thery were planning the attack for a decade.

Harry: Why isn't the U.S. Intelligence aware?

Peter: This was the most secret operatiin. They've heard almost nothing about it, even now, and not more than any other attack. They've been outwardly extremely hostile to cover up one large attack.

Harry: This is bad.

Peter: I know.

Harry: What are we going to do?

Peter: It's just you and me. Let's keep it together, and we'll see what happens.

Harry: Maybe it's more about not revealing we know anything.

Peter: They don't have our photos.

Harry: They know who we are though.

Peter: We have to make it seem like we've accepted defeat.

Harry: But have we?

Peter: Of course not. But there's a lot we have to do while were here.

Harry: There isn't anywhere else that we'll be safe, to discuss. And don't go home.

Peter: My apartment isn't good enough?

Harry: It isn't safe enough. It's too suspcious if you're there.

Peter: Maybe there is another way.

Harry: No, stay here. I don't think you'll need anything there. We can go say hello to your aunt. It would be suspicious if we don't see her once.

Peter: You're going to come?

Harry: You can't go alone over there.

Peter: I see.
Harry: Are you worried about her?

Peter: No. She is not going to hurt anyone. Even terrorists don't suspect that.

Harry: They go after civilians.

Peter: Nameless civilians. That's why they manage to attack.

Harry: Maybe we can back out now, you know.

Peter: No. We have to stop this. And besides.

Harry: What?

Peter: They might kill us if we don't.

End scene.

Int. Harry's house

Harry: What we'll be the first move?

Peter: We find out what hotel he's in, and then we find a way in without detection.

Harry: Like a casino break in movie.

Peter: Like an original casino break in movie.

Harry: How can we be certain he'll be alone?

Peter: There a small force.

Harry: There will be a guard.

Peter: And we'll be able to get in guns as well.

Harry: Shoot first, kill first kind of deal.

Peter: Seems that way.

Harry: Better say I love you to your aunt.

Peter: Sentimentality will get us killed.

Harry: Those kinds of beliefs will make you hate yourself.

Peter: I don't hate myself. I just don't see another way the world functions.

Harry: I don't see philosophy professor in your credentials.
Peter: I don't see much potential in you.

Harry: The spitting image of my father.

Peter: I was really trying hard for that.

Harry: You know, I think we might catch him. They seemed really stubborn.

Peter : Lloyd said it was extremely unlikely.

Harry: But it's possible.

Peter: No. We'll catch them. I can see a way. But you're not going to like it.

Harry: I hate a lot of things. We'll have to use what plan there is.

End scene.

Int. Peter's Aunts.

Peter: Hey Aunt May. I've been at Harry's for a few days. I don't know if you called.

Aunt May: I was getting worried. But knowing you were probably up to something with that Harry again. Sure enough I was right.

Peter: Well I hope you don't feel clairvoyant, that's something fairly predictable.

Aunt May: Have you been up to anything else dangerous.

Peter: No. Not really. Why do you ask?

Aunt May: No reason I suppose. If your Uncle wee here he might have something to say though. He knows what boys are like.

Peter: Well, he's the irresponsible one, I'm just laong for the ride.

Harry: Hey. Don't through me under the bus. We don't need here to call my mom too.

Aunt May: Well I won't be calling that Mr. Osbourne. He's gone off his way.

Harry [looking away] : Yea. He has, I suppose.

Peter: Well. I'll make myself some tea.

Harry: We just came to say hello. We have things to do.

Peter: Don't spoil the visit already. We have some time.

Aunt May: It doesn't really matter. As long as you're alright.
Peter: Yes, yes, that's the case. Now sometehing important. Don't worry about us over the next while. And especially, don't come looking for us.

Aunt May: I don't like the sound of this.

Peter: We'll come to visit.

Aunt May: Whatever you are planning, I hope you will reconsider.

Peter: You're preaching to the choir. But were sure, it can't really be argued with.

Aunt May: Uh huh.

End scene.

Int. Harry's house

Peter: That went well.

Harry: Ha. You couldn't have been more evasive. She was waiting for you to tell the truth.

Peter: Yea. I know. That's why it went well.

Harry: I suppose if you set a certain standard, you can only hope but to achieve exactly that low.

Peter: That's what I was hoping to say.

Harry: Trust me to voice the things you were holding back.

Peter: The world has little time for cowardice, or even shyness.

Harry: It will have to wati to breath, if I let this happen.

Peter : I think that's my line.

End scene.


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