Peter 2

By Asa Montreaux

Ext. Baghdad, Afghanistan 

Harry: How do you feel?

Peter: Not even remotely safe.

Harry: Rough landing. You'll get over it.

Peter: They're carrying machine guns.

Harry: I know. You're not supposed to think about that.

Peter: I'm only thinking about how to make them not shoot them.

Harry: We're getting in this vehicle. We are driving into the desert to where the bunker is right away.

Peter: It's an armoured jeep.

Harry: I thought about the machine guns too.

Peter: Are we fully prepared?

Harry: We couldn't possibly talk any more about one thing.

Peter: How can we be so sure they're going to believe were diplomats?

Harry: I still own Osbourne. They want weapons and think we're neutral.

Peter: But what if they try to extort us?

Harry: That's where I left something out.

Peter: Oh.

Harry: My contact is Llyod Rhylis.

Peter: The former board member.

Harry: He was on our side for a long time. Now he's making big money. But he's not on a side. We need to make him think his interest are in our mind, quite a lot, and it will work.

Peter: We're going to get out of this alive.

Harry: We will.

Peter: How far outside of the city are they?

Harry: So a little farther than it looked. Making our way there now.

Peter: There aren't even roads.

Harry: No. we really needed the jeep.

Peter: I wonder how often someone locates them.

Harry: No one has ever gone in.

Peter: Just the man who switched sides.

Harry: Lloyd likes making deals. I said he doesn't care what side he's on.

Peter: He's dangerous.

Harry: He's persuadable. So you have to have him on our side. Say whatever you need to.

Peter: That sounds spineless.

Harry: Perhaps.

Peter: You want to use your skills to save the world.

Harry: One city.

Peter: It could prevent a war.

Harry: Maybe more cities.

Peter: Those are stakes worth fighting for.

Harry: You're always a hero. It's how you've chose to defnie yourself.

Peter: It's a choice, to save people this is the only thing I can become.

Harry: You who you are over and over. So I'll do some of the living.

Peter: What do we do if something goes wrong?

Harry: We'll die a little, of course.

End scene.
Int. Bunker

Peter: Mr. Lloyd, hello.

Lloyd: Ah Peter. Nice to see you. Harry, I wasn't expecting you. Until you called.

Harry: Yes. The business opportunity came up. We were excited to see you.

Lloyd: As I you. One gets lonely for one's own company around the dunes.

Harry: I don't seem to recall you having time for fun ever.

Lloyd: Haha. Yes, I've bee nvery busy. These deals are very important in these parts. I'm sure you know.

Harry: We've been informign ourselves on the subject.

Lloyd: Quell has been waiting to meet you. You'll just have to come through here first.

Peter: Why is that?

Lloyd: They'll have to pat you down.

Peter: Very well.

Lloyd: Is there anything you need to show me?

Peter: Oh no. We have no weapons.

Lloyd: Well, I am not sure whether to commend you, or to say the both of you have been awfully foolish.

Harry: Perhaps just save it for another time.

Lloyd: When would work for you?

Harry: Another time, and another person.

Lloyd: Okay.

They are patted down by two Afghan terorrists. They are very thorough and serious. Afterwards they deliberate whether to let them thorugh, but eventually do let them by.

Lloyd: So this is the inner chamber room, where they conduct meetings. I have made several successful arms deals in here. I won't go into it.

Harry: Thanks for sparing me. I was already dying of boredom.

Lloyd: I wasn't aware.
Harry: I'm not one to moan. Though no one can say those things about you.

Lloyd: You're too relaxed. You don't know what they are like.

Harry: I live in my bubble. It's safe there.

Lloyd: I won't introducre you to all the important Al Quell persons in here. But this is Mr.
Ahmand Jibril.

Peter: Mr. Jibril. I am excited to make your acquaintance. We have many things we would like to know.

Lloyd: Oh. Yes, he speaks almost fluent English. He's been doing this for quite a number of years.

Harry: Oh. Okay.

Lloyd: So be careful what you say. He is easily angered. And I imagine you know what he might do when he is angry.

Harry: I am not sure. There are many things he might do, if he were angered.

Lloyd: It's not the time to be funny.

Harry: I'm ready to speak with him.

Lloyd: Mr. Jibril. These Americans have come to discuss a weapons deal with us. They are here for business. Osbourne is a world leader in weapons technology. The top of the line.

Mr. Jibril: We want only the best. Waht the U.S. can use.

Lloyd: That's what were offering.

Mr. Jibril: we want to attack the country. If you attack us. We want the weapons for our strength.

Harry: We are here to make money. We are not taking sides right now.

Mr Jibril: You have the weapons.

Harry: There for you once you make an appropriate offer.

Mr Jibril: We want a fair price. You understand we need a lot of weapons.

Harry: We are prepared to give you some weapons. I'm afraid you have many deals to go.

Mr. Jibril: And when I give you the money. How will you bring the weapons?

Harry: They will be flown. From a secret bunker. Not in the desert.

Mr. Jibril: And you don't believe in your country's ideology?

Harry: Were not thinking about what your going to do with what you purchase.

Mr. Jibril: But there is no motive, nothing else you want?

Harry: There is something.

Mr. Jibril: What is that you want?

Harry: There is an attack planned in New York City.

Mr. Jibril: That is unrelated to this weapon's deal.

Harry: I know. Call it off.

Mr. Jibril: I suspect you have come here for other reasons now. What is it that he has to say?

Peter: We want you not to do this. We don't need a senseless attack on a city. We are asking.


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