Morrie and the Next World 6

By Asa Montreaux, pen name Andrew James

Ext. Near the entrance portal.

Vincent: So we're going through now. Ready?

Teresa: I suppose. We don't have a choice.

Vincent: I know. That's what is so poignant about it.

Teresa: I'm not scared this time.

Vincent: I'd believe you, but I can see the sweat on you.

Teresa: Whatever. Me first right?

Vincent: I thought I'd have to ask.

Teresa: Very well. Okay. Okay.

Teresa hesitates still. Then finally, runs through.

Then Vincent shortly afterwards runs through the portal.

End scene.

Int. The Next World

Teresa: Where are we?

Vincent: The portals are quite arbitrary. They appear and disappear when they want.

Teresa: It looks like we are in the middle of nowhere, even for the Next World.

Vincent: Well, let me see. We are very far from where we need to be. The map says were at the outer edges of the forest.

Teresa: We have to go in the forest again?

Vincent: You thought we could enter here without having to go through the forest? Everything is in the shadows.

Teresa: Not safe like out here where we would like to be I suppose.

Vincent: Safe wouldn't be the word I'd use. Come on, let's get away from the edges.

Teresa: Where are we going?

Vincent: To the centre. That's where our first clue is.

End scene.

Int. Forest

Teresa: It looks different.

Vincent: It's very violatile. Apparently it has emotions and an intelligence of it's own.

Teresa: Is it smart?

Vincent: For a forest? I'm not sure if it's sadistic or if it can speak.

Teresa: Is that why we made it through?

Vincent: Even the creatures are scared of the forest. There all lying in wait.

Teresa: Why is the first clue on the map?

Vincent: The centre is too powerful to not be charted. It's where most of the magic comes from.

Teresa: So with the map you could get to the centre.

Vincent: Yep. And you could get the power to take over pretty easy.

Teresa: But that's not where the power of death is though.

Vincent: No. No, but that's where were going. And it's going to be scary.

Teresa: That's what it will take to destroy the map?

Vincent: Yea. But it might destroy us first.

Walking through the forest a storm begins. It quickly becomes so powerful the rain is coming through the thick bowers, though it changes. It is viscous, and it is tainted with something rotten, of the evil in the next world. It glows blue with a power of electricity.

Teresa: What the heck? It hurts. It's like hail!

Vincent: Try not to let it get on your skin. We only have a few minutes.

Teresa: What!
Vincent: The forest is angry. If we don't keep running, were not going to make it in time. In a few minutes the rain will start to burn on you.

Teresa: What kind of place is this?

Vincent: I know. We've been over that.

Teresa: But it keeps getting worse.

Vincent: The centre is so strong the rain can't get through. Were almost there.

Running faster. The centre approaching like a mirage.

Teresa: I can feel it. It's starting to burn. It really hurts.

Vincent: What you see is the centre, we just have to run into it's power.

Teresa: Why is everything a new test of will and power.

Vincent: Don't think. Try not to feel. Were almost there.

Teresa: It's getting worse.

Then they break through the centre. It wipes them some like a great brust of wind. Then they franitically brush the rain from there bodies with there hands and sleeves.

Teresa: It's wearing off.

Vincent: That's the centre. It's almost of your body too.

Teresa: Can we stay in here long?

Vincent: We have some time. The rain will be over then. The forest will try something else next.

Teresa: What's this in the middle?

Vincent: It's the source.

Teresa: Do we touch it?

Vincent: Yes. Poke it, and it will activate.

Teresa: Maybe you should.

Vincent: Okay. [pokes it and an interface open up]

Teresa: There's nothing projecting it.

Vincent: It's magic. We need to scroggle throurgh to the map.

Teresa: It doesn't have an image of the map. Something about the dissappearance point.
Vincent: That's what were looking for.
Teresa: Is that where the map is.

Vincent: No. that's where the next clue is. The first visual clue.

Teresa: Oh. That's going to help.

Vincent: It will give us an image that we'll be able to source on the map. That's where the force of life and death will be.

Teresa: I clicked and now it's like stuck.

Vincent: It's loading. The image is sacred.

Teresa: Wow. It's like a cliff. It's back in the planes. It's not on the map?

Vincent: No. But I know the area. The area is traceable on the map. So, about how long we can stay in here.

Teresa: Yea?

Vincent: Not much longer.

Teresa: Oh. Should we run again.

Vincent: Yep. But it's over this way.

They leap out of the centre, as it begins to pulsate, angry with the knowledge they have retrieved.
End scene.

Int. Forest.

Teresa: So there is a path through this?

Vincent: There is a path. Follow it through. It will be okay.

Teresa: Can you fall down the dissappearing point.

Vincent: Why yes. Of course you can.

Teresa: That makes this part easier.

Vincent: Because the next part is so much harder.

Teresa: That's what I was thinking.

Vincent: Interesting. Watch out for creatures. We don't know what the forest has in hold. This part might be difficult yet.

Teresa: What do the other ones look like?

Vincent: They look like what you think. Like friendly animals from our world. But perverse versions. With an evil possession, and the ability to really hurt you.

Teresa: Why does this place exist?

Vincent: We need this place. Our hopes and fears live in the same part of the brain.

Teresa: We are really here right.

Vincent: What? Oh. Oh yes. Were really here. This world is so real. That's why it's so sad and scary.
Teresa: Is there somehting over there?

Vincent: Probably. What is it that you saw?

Teresa: Eyes I think. It's the same creature.

Vincent: I think he's been expecting us. Though I doubt it's him. I think he's said enough for now.

Teresa: You think so?

Vincent: Probably. I'd think so.

Teresa: Yea he's probably out of breath how round and short he is.

Vincent: Most of them aren't as nice. Though, I suppose you noticed, he was so misleading. We need one more trustworthy. I don't think he told us all he knows.

Teresa: Do you think he knew where the point of life and death was?

Vincent: No. But I think he knew where the centre was, certainly, and I think he probably knew where the dissapearance is too.

Teresa: Maybe they're all that evil.

Vincent: Maybe. But I don't think he was the least evil. The good ones never come first.

Teresa: Yea. Probably, I hope.

Vincent: Maybe the forest isn't as awake.

Teresa: We're making good time.

Vincent: Probably because we are so frightened.

Teresa: You're right about that I guess.

Vincent: Well were going to make it through. Hopefully we can find it.

Teresa: It's right where it looks like it is on the map.

Vincent: No. Not that. The point of life and death.

Teresa: That might be even tougher.

Vincent: What would I do without your math?

End scene.

Ext. Point of disapperance.

Teresa: You can see down into another world.

Vincent: No. There are only two worlds. Don't look down there.

Teresa: But it looks... better down there.

Vincent: It's an illusion. It's pulling you down. You have to step back. Please.

Teresa: I don't think so. Just a little closer.

Vincent: What is it you see?
Teresa: It's a place, a whole setting. There is something on a tree.

Vincent: That's enough. Come away from there.

Teresa: No. There's something on the tree. An inscription.

Vincent: Can you read it.
Teresa: It's funny language. It's like just kind of an x.
Vincent: Is it meanginful though?

Teresa: Probably. It is sort of caligraphy.

Suddenly the ground beneath here is disappearing and she is being carried into the illusion.
Vincent: Teresa!

He steps over and pulls her strongly out of it. It won't let her go, but he holds on.

Vincent: What's holding your foot?

Teresa: The tree?

Vincent: This is weird. Come on. A hard pull on you.

Teresa comes free.

Vincent: There we go. If only we could figure out what you saw.

Teresa: Where was it?

Vincent: If it was real it was here.

Teresa: It was real, but the thing is looking for life force.

Vincent: It wasn't in the forest right?

Teresa: No it wasn't.

Vincent: And it was a big tree.

Teresa: A really big tree.

Vincent: Did it look like it might be near?

Teresa: Maybe. I guess it could be somewhere around.

Vincent: We should keep moving. I was able to do some calculations. It should be North of here.

Teresa: Are you sure?

Vincent: It's highly likely actually. Very probable. And besides.

Teresa: What?

Vincent: Were going to have to find some forest animals to talk to.

Teresa: But I thought we were scared of them.
Vincent: How could you be scared of anything else after that? Anyways, the only way is usually the only way.

Teresa: I think I saw one more, but it wasn't like the other ones.

Vincent: Really? What was it doing?

Teresa: I think it was following us.

Vincent: Why didn't you say something?

Teresa: I didn't want to disturb it. Maybe it understood English. It had a way about it.

Vincent: Make sure you look out for it now. Maybe he was overhearing that we need to get to the place of life and death. There are probably overlookers of the area.

Teresa: I wonder if there is a hierarchy of the animals.

Vincent: Like in the jungle. Who eats who? Kill or be killed?

Teresa: I was thinking more like a real society. If the Next World has been around this long, you'd think there might be something out here.
Vincent: Well, with things like in the centre, the point of dissapearance, there's some signs of something, maybe long ago, but I don't think there's any civilization.

Teresa: Maybe it's sort of underground. They might have a way about them that is totally different from the way we have about us.

Vincent: Human civilizations have an astereotypical way of developing. It is plausible that we can't see the way they work.

Teresa: How plausible.

Vincent: They have to have a similar intellect and yet be built in another way. In the structures of there brains and bodies, the same matter, but a differerent arrangment, at the atomic level. To suggest that they have arranged something that isn't animilastic, maybe there is a secret world, but there is definitely an animalistic one. There are more than just ruins and small forts, if your theory is correct.

Teresa: I based it on science.

Vincent: I don't think you did.

Teresa: On logic.

Vicnent: I don't think you did.

Teresa: Hmm. Maybe not.

Vincent: Maybe there is something here that would need to see. That's how we'll find a creature that could help us.

Teresa: They were in the forest.

Vincent: But the ones in the forest are so dangerous. They are of the forest. If we could find one of the plains, one perhaps that has a dwelling.
Teresa: Maybe they're underground.

Vincent: I don't think they had an apocalypse.

Teresa: I hope not, quite seriously.

Vincent: Where did we see buildings before?

Teresa: Where Valeri was.

Vincent: We are walking in that direction. Maybe that's where we will find something else.

Teresa: But Valeri is gone?

Vincent: I believe so. I mean, we did away with all of his monsters.

Teresa: Are the other creatures evil the same way though?

Vincent: He seemed to be the most evil, he didn't seem to have an equal in terms of his pure evilness. He felt like Sauron to me. So what we find now, it will be in a different time. Someone with less reason to not be helpful to us.

Teresa: How much farther is it.

Vincent: I don't know. Another hours walk.

Teresa: What?

Vincent: It's a whole new world. Remember? It's a big place.

Teresa: But it's spread out from the forest so far.

Vincent: Tells you what they think of the forest. Besides.

Teresa: Hmm?

Vincent: Most of them can fly.

Teresa: Oh. I suppose so.

Vincent: Though we must walk. Maybe we could have thrown scooters through.

Teresa: They might get obliterated.

Vincent: No. Look at you. You're all in one place.

Teresa: Much to the evil creatures chagrin.

Vincent: No. They love visitors. Adore them.

Teresa: So I'm welcome.

Vincent: Oh no. They mean to kill you.

Teresa: Well if I didn't feel uncomfortable before.

Vincent: I'm here to help you with that. You're the one to conquer all. I'm, I'm only here with you right now.

Teresa: Maybe we'll still say that I'm with you.

Vincent: Alright then. I'm listening but there's no sound.

Teresa: So we should be safe.

Vincent: I think so.

End scene.

Ext. Approaching Valeri's fort and surrounding mini village.
Teresa: I don't feel scared.

Vincent: That's only because we have been here before.

Teresa: Hmm actually I feel scared now.

Vincent: Oh. Then it's a more significant recurrence then.

Teresa: Will we be alright.

Vincent: I don't know. We have to be larger than life; larger than our time. We have to take the force, the power of someone like Valerli and use it for good.
Teresa: Corny. But true I think.

Vincent: Question me not so hapharzardly. I wonder if they're in the forts.

Teresa: They might be. Maybe we should look inside them.

Vincent: But it would be at the peril of our lives. Who knows what kind of weapons, angles they have inside.
Teresa: Good point. Maybe look in the windows.
Vincent: Better.

Teresa: So where should we start?

Vincent: With the nearest ones. It's one of the bigger ones.

Teresa: They aren't very big.

Vincent: Yea. Well let's go look.

Teresa: I don't really see anything.

Vincent: I'm going to go right up to the window. We are probably clear.

Teresa: Okay. I'll be here.

Vincent: I know.

Teresa: What do you see?

Vincent: It looks like there was someone inside.

Teresa: Was there?

Vincent: Oh certainly.

Teresa: How long ago?

Vincent: Recently. Even, a couple days ago.

Teresa: Really?
Vincent: It looks like they were, eating, I think.

Teresa: Maybe we should leave before they come back.

Vincent: No, let's just move on to the next house. This one is a bit threatening.

Teresa: But it looks normal inside.

Vincent: None of the creatures are very nice.

Teresa: That is a very sad reality.
Vincent: Anyways.

Teresa: Keep away from the Alleys.

Vincent: Why?

Teresa: Because you can't see what's in there.

Vincent: That was the obvious bit.

Teresa: You said there violent.

Vincent: Often times. This one looks clear too.

Teresa: Do you see that?

Vincent: What? In the alley?

Teresa: Yes really. I wasn't joking. There is something moving.

Vincent: Is it coming after you.

Teresa: Not quickly. It's coming for me.

Vincent: It looks. It wants to talk.

Teresa: What does he want.

Vincent: Quiet.

Creature: It seems you have come back to these parts. You couldn't resist for very long. Your desires have led you back.

Vincent: It is the opposite. We are here to rid ourselves of the map. We want nothing further.
Creature: This is only your idea. Your concious mind didn't decide this. It was in your unconcious. That's why we knew you would be back. You have given in quicker than we thought.

Vincent: Whatever your perspective, I'm certain we are here for a purpose.

Creature: But why?

Vincent: On a deep level I feel a desire for freedom, not to be in a power battle. I know in my soul I don't want the map.

Creature: I almost believe you. Though you understand that you are here and I have only ever found one explanation why people are here, desire.

Vincent: I am reassured nontheless that you seem more a philosopher, observing these things, rather than trying to hurt us right away.

Creature: I am a nicer creature. I think you know how we are. Being the wisest, I am not beyond our basic unkindness. But perhaps I can help you, if you feel you will be able to leave once your task is finished.

Vincent: I think maybe there is a pull. It's why there are people that are after us. That our lives are endangered, I'm curious about what this world has to offer. But I think I have that under control. I think I can beat that. What were looking for, it's the power of God, but I think I can walk away from it.

Creature: I think your motives are pure. But you will be tested when you are there. You are right if you think that when you are there you will feel temptation. It will be unbearable, like nothing before, but I'm sure you know this.

Vincent: Can you help us?

Creature: I can take you there. As you can see, I am growing old, and grey. There will be only so much I can do. But finding it is half the battle. I don't know why you ever fathomed it could be found by an outsider.
Vincent: We weren't sure honestly. Your condemnation clears that up I suppose. How will we be getting there?

Creature: We will fly of course. These carpets are for you. You'll be beside me.

Vincent: Are they safe.

Creature: I have grown weary of being evil. It is something we must keep up nonetheless. I promise you, you will be safe.

Vincent: Come on Teresa.

Teresa: He is like a lion, but he is so gaunt, like a human.

Vincent: I know. I think we can trust him. You and me. You trust me?

Teresa: Yes.

Vincent: Trust that I trust him.

Teresa: Let's go then.

End scene.

Ext. Flying on the magic carpet.
Vincent: I didn't know we were going to fly this fast.

Creature: Having fears?

Vincent: I thought you were telling the truth.

Creature: I was. With us, everything involves an element of risk. I am old and uncareful.

Vincent: You're a homosexual.

Creature: I see what you're saying but no, I am only an ignorant martyr.

Vincent: It takes forever even at this rate.

Creature: We have to go deep, deep into the north, were it is very, very cold. That's where the point appears.

Vincent: It moves?

Creature: Oh yes. Not very much though.

Teresa: It's like flying in the arctic. Will we feel cold?

Creature: Feeling? You won't feel a thing, girlie.

Teresa: I'm not a child.

Creature: Yes, yes. I am growing old, and I have grown tired of earthly things.
Teresa: Alright. I guess.

Creature: You are only scared and moody, flying above so many interesting things, that you have never seen before. Your brain is processing it.

Teresa: What do you know about humans?

Creature: Lots. I've been watching you.

Teresa: Now I really do feel uncomfortable.

Creature: The things you see may help you.

Vincent: To have the point of Death trust us, we have to be familiar with the world. We have to show you we respect it.

Creature: The point of death doesn't care about you. It cares for this world. That is why we never die.

Vincent: Maybe we should reconsider. Can you talk to it for us?

Creature: Oh no. You'll have to do it. I just mean to have you understand how difficult it will be.

Vincent: Life has to be full of agency. Or else nothing happens. Maybe we will succeed. I think it's the only way out of this.

Creature: Once you agreed to this much, there's no way out now.

Vincent: That I fear you're telling the truth is the scariest part by far.

Creature: I only mean to be so sick. Perversity is for the weak of heart.

Vincent: It's gettting cold. I mean I can see it, feel it, thought it doesn't hurt.

Teresa: What kind of world is this?

Vincent: This is just part of the magic. You know that.

Teresa: I guess. Maybe we could be on this carpet for forever though, if it doesn't get colder.

Creature: Actually we are almost there. It should be where it last appeared. Ah yes, there it is.

Vincent: It's quite big, it's glowing green. Green and black.

Creature: Ah yes. You still know not the power of what you are facing presently.

Vincent: Fair enough. We are ready nonetheless. Are you coming with us.

Creature: I was not going to. Perhaps I will. But I can only go so close. The compulsion is too overwhelming.

Vincent: I understand that wanting something done, perhaps the last task is for me.

Creature: If you maintain your composure, it may work out for you.

Vincent: Teresa is everything alright?

Teresa: Oh yes. Was I shaking.

Vincent: Yes. Try not too. We are only walking slowly. Maybe you should remain with him.

Teresa: That might be best.

Vincent: Are you sure?

Teresa: Oh yes. I think this task is only meant for you, you're the chosen one in this world, I would think. It sought you ought. I'm only your helper by now, it would seem.

Creature: Up ahead is where I will have to let you go further on your own. I can feel the compulsion now and it is already too much.

Teresa: You'll be okay. We'll be here watching.

Vincent: I hope so. How do I fight the compulsion?

Creature: You mean you don't know already?
Vincent: I have studied it. Though in the moment it feels more wide open to so many elements.

Teresa: You'll be alright. It will be okay.

Vincent: See you in a while, I hope.

Vincent walks on, to the Point of Life and Death.

As Vincent comes closer, the point activates. The power increases and he starts to feel the compulsion, stronger than he even anticipated. He feels the desire to plunge himself into it, the force so overjoyous and promising. He holds his ground. The point begins to make noise, communicating something to Vincent. He canont understand it. It is like a rough music, emotional. He decides to speak to it.

Vincent: I need you to destroy the map.

It gurgitates, considers, tranlates, eventually understands his words. It goes quiet. Then it speaks.

Point: The map cannot be destroyed.

Vincent: I need you to. It enslaves humankind through it's alure, and unberable compulsions.

Point: The map is part of the next Wrold. Itis an enchanted object that holds a large part of the power of our Universe. If you destroy it, this world will be shattered.

Vincent: But you will go, will you not? And I, and My friend, will have our freedom from the map?

Point: We will be alright. Thought I don't know about you.

Vincent:What do you mean?

Point: If I take the map from you, it will splinter you. Your soul will have to seperate from it. It may even kill you. You may give in and plunge yourself into the energy.

Vincent: What will happen then?

Point: You will die of course.

Vincent: Then I will resist. How do I destroy the map.

Point You must through it in, not yourself, though I doubt it will let you. It is stronger than you are.

Vincent: Really?

Point: Stronger than you normally are, certainly.

Vincent: How might I ready myself?

Point: It would be deep in your soul. It is your knowledge, and it is who you are at core. It is a test of will, and honour. There has been no man to survive it before.

Vincent: I have to do this. It's going to be a difficult task, but I'm ready. It's not for me any more.

Point: Alright. I am always intrigued when someone feels they are ready for the hardest task that exists in the Next World. Perhaps you will fair better. Though I am certain you will not see your friends again.

Vincent: Fair enough. There's no turning back. We are here.

Vincent takes the map from his bag, it grips to his hands. He readies himself, and then he makes a thrust, and then releases it from his grip. He feels like he will almost pass out, as he has a vision of not being able to let go of the map, almost feeling himself being brought into the point, disappearing, for always, from view.

The map goes into the point, but it is stuck, only so far from his hand, and he cannot seem to release it all the way. The pull isn't going away, and he feels himself almost jumping in with the map.

Then suddenly, he has released the map. And he only has to step away from the Point. He shields his eyes, and jumps back, though it is as if something is screaming at him to jump in.

The point returns to its normal glow, and the world around them shakes slightly. It is darker now, and the point doesn't want to talk anymore. It is wounded.

When he recovers himself he turns and walks back to where they were. Teresa looks stunned and the Creature seems rather knowing, thinking of how one day someone would conquer the map.
The Creature: I must say, I didn't think it would be you. There have been far braver men that have gotten nothing from this fount.

Vincent: I feel it was very dangerous, it was more my cautiousness that made me strong. I don't feel chosen. I feel this was the time for the Point to fall.

Teresa: You've done everyone a service. I am so thankful it's gone now. Maybe we'll be safe.

Vincent: I did it for you, for the good of the society.

The Creature: It will be safer now, it will be a new time. But I must warn you, we must leave from here with haste. We must fly again. Are you ready Vincent.

Vincent: Why, yes. I'm ready.

The Creature: Alright. Come along.

Vincent: I hope to never see another snow flake.

The Creature: Now I doubt you'll have to see one of ours again.

Vincent: That is quite amenable.

End scene.

Ext. The Planes.

Vincent: My head is sort of aching. I mean it's like waves. My body feels so tired.

Teresa: I was scared for you. You were stuck there for forever. We didn't know what to do.

Creature: I feared you had succumbed.

Vincent: It almost didn't feel like it was my decision.

Teresa: I thought I lost you. I felt I loved you for a moment.

Vincent: Then I lived and you're just my friend that jabs too often again.

Teresa: Yep.

Vincent: Well in that case I'm certainly ready for this whole reality thing again.

Teresa: We'd better get out of here right away. I think the Point was a little angry.

Vincent: It doesn't like to lose.

Creature: It does not like to be wrong.

Vincent: Well then. We have to find the portal.

Creature: I can bring the portal here.

Vincent: How?

Creature: Now that the Point is defeated, the rules have changed slightly. I am more powerful now.

Vincent: Alright. The sooner the more helpful to us.

Creature: I am very pleased with your accomplishment. I will grant you this return.

Vincent: Goodbye, Mr. Creature.

Creature: Farewell.

They exit the world through the portal.

End scene.

Ext. The fields above Zurich.

They emerged from the exit portal, back where they began there journey.
Teresa: It looks so similar. It's been a whole day.

Vincent: We were flying a long time.

Teresa: And we were walking a long time.

Vincent: Yes we were I guess. Come on though.

Teresa: Now we have to walk all the way there.

Vincent: I know. Maybe we should try a different airport.

Teresa: But it's all finished now.

Vincent: I know. Maybe not. It will probably be okay. I guess it really is destroyed now.

Teresa: I was watching. It's really gone.

Vincent: I suppose it is finished then.
Teresa: It was funny. You weren't nervous.

Vincent: I don't know why anyone would ever think that I am nervous. It's one of those funny things about the world.

Teresa: So things aren't going to frighten you?
Vincent: No, they won't. Was there something else.
Teresa: No. I mean, you're not a pussy.

Vincent: Have I been called such?

Teresa: Well, yes. But I guess they were wrong.

Vincent: Funny the things we have time to talk about.

Teresa: Yea, you have to open up or else there's nothing to talk about.

Vincent: People have difficulty with that. You don't need doctors to open up.

Teresa: Yea. I wanted to say that.

Vincent: Funny that's just what Zurich makes me think of.

Teresa: Freud was a funny fellow.

Vincent: Maybe we should analyze your dreams. Therein lies the answer to why we were in this mess.

Teresa: I think that's more Jung.

Vincent: Not really. Jung is just a little better. The Freud stuff is legitmately crazy.

Teresa: What do you think I'm suffereing from.

Vincent: Well I suppose it isn't penis envy.

Teresa: Like in my dreams.

Vincent: I don't know. Have you seen anything symbolic, have you drifted into some sort of collective unconcious?

Teresa: No. I don't think so.

Vincent: Well good, you should probably use your conscious mind.

Teresa: To lucid dream?

Vincent: I mean in real life.

Teresa: Oh I get it I think.
Vincent: Lucid dreaming is fun though. Maybe when you calm down try.

Teresa: How?

Vincent: I'll explain later.

End scene.

Int. Condo

Teresa: For the first time I think we're safe now.

Vincent: It must be some kind of oxymoron.

Teresa: I really think were safe now.

Vincent: Should we call Morrie.

Teresa: No don't call her. I'm so tired. I feel it all over now that were inside.

Vincent: Me too. As soon as you said we are safe.

Teresa: So what next?

Vincent: I don't know. Should we call her tomorrow?

Teresa: No. I don't think it's a good idea to see her.

Vincent: Why?

Teresa: Everything that happened. She'll have too many questions.

Vincent: I suppose I'll ring her another time.

Teresa: No. You should lose her for a while.

Vincent: Really?

Teresa: Yea.

Vincent: What should I do?

Teresa: Make something up. Then cut he contact for a while. She's gotten so angry.

Vincent: Oh.

Teresa: Why? Did you sleep with her.

Vincent: I did actually.

Teresa: Well do it anyways.

Vincent: Okay I'll make something up. Something flaky.

Teresa: Good.

End scene.


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