The Estate 5

By Asa Montreaux, pen name Andrew James

Int. Dorm

Vincent: We're just grabbing our stuff and getting out of here quickly.

Denise: And we're going over to the other dorm?

Vincent: And we're going over to the other dorm.

Denise: Your packing quickly.

Vincent: Just a precaution.

Denise: Good idea actually.

Vincent: We need to get out of here. Are you ready?

Denise: I know. More or less. I don't need any more things.

Vincent: Let's get out into the hallway and get going quickly then.

Walking through the hallway. They enter the elevator.

Denise: This is exhillirating.

Vincent: As long as you're having fun.

Denise: That's an interesting perspective.

Vincent: I know. One way to put it, I guess. So when were out there, keep your head down.

Denise: Why?

Vincent: No reason. Come on though.

They exit the elevator and go out the back doors. The car is waiting for them. They are almost in the car.

Vincent: Denise, above you.

Gunshots are heard.

Vincent: In the car, in the car. Just visitors.

Denise: Aghh.
Vincent: Are you hurt.

Denise: I got shot in the arm.

Vincent: It could have been your head. Are you bleeding a lot?

Denise: Not really.

Vincent: We'll call an ambulance. You likely won't have to go to the hospital.
Denise: People usually do when there shot.

Vincent: Not when there shot. There's already security set up at the other residence.

Denise: Okay I guess.

Vincent: This is an adventure.

Denise: You're saying that because you're not bleeding.

Vincent: Yea. You know that I am empathetic though.

Denise: You are very empathetic. Very. My bleeding really sucks though.

Vincent: I'm here for you in that regard. There is the empathy.

Denise: Yea. I guess so. I feel better already.

Vincent: It's possible.

Densie: How can you be sure they won't get us here?

Vincent: There are a lot of security. And they said there was only one hostile unaccounted for.

Denise: And that was the one that shot at us.

Vinent: That was the hostile.

Denise: I would rather say shot at you. He wanted to kill you.

Vincent: They think I killed Richard. It seems more fitting because you're a female.

Denise: Do they know he attacked me? I would have killed him.

Vincent: Probably not. Not as of right now.

Denise: Maybe I need to protect you then.

Vincent: They will come after me. You should just run.

Denise: And what will you do?

Vincent: I'm going to run too.

Denise: Oh.

Vincent: That's all you can do when they have guns.

Denise: Where are we running too?

Vincent: When they chase us? To wherever is safe. Until there gone.

Denise: So we could be running for a while.
Vincent: Shouldn't be a problem.

Denise: No. It's just going to be like were dying.

Vincent: Probably. You won't pass out or anything.

Denise: No. But I don't want it to happen. There's going to be people with us?

Vincent: Oh, yea. Mae is going to be there. There will be people in the building as normally.

Denise: I hope we make it through this and stuff.

Vincent: Your even scaring the driver now.

Denise: I was trying to be dramatic a little.

Vincent: Don't. We really only have so much time tonight, honestly.

Denise: Okay.

End scene.

Int. Residence lounge room

Mae: Do you really have it in you to be watching movies?
Denise: I don't feel a thing. All my nerves came and went.

Vincent: We'd better do something. I can't look out the window like a crazy person.

Denise: Yea don't do that.

Vincent: What were you planning on watching?

Mae: It depends on you really. We can rent pretty much anything.

Vincent: Oh. Well we should look through then.

Mae: I've already picked a genre.

Vincent: What's that.
Mae: Comedy.

Vincent: Good thinking.

Mae: I suppose it is.

Denise: I don't see anything I want to watch.

Vincent: Maybe something we've seen before once or twice, so we don't have to watch all the time.

Mae: Yea there seems more we've seen.

Denise: How about that one? The Twisted Villa.
Vincent: Are you sure it's a comedy?
Mae: We are in the comedies section.

Denise: Better pick it. I need something to distract me.

Vincent: Don't we all. Play it. We can just watch another one if were not tired.

Denise: It's not very long.

Mae: No. An hour or so.

Vincent: We haven't seen this though.

Mae: I'm sure it's not very boring or even very suspenseful.

Vincent: You sure you haven't seen it, Mae?

Mae: Haven't even heard of it, which is strange.

Denise: It looks kind of good though.

They watch the movie. It's a little more convoluted than they expected. It is a comedy, but it is suspenseful, even a horror film.

Denise: Now I don't know if I will sleep at all.

Mae: There's always movie number two. We can make certain it is a much lighter watching.

Vincent: What's the difference. It's just a movie. A scary circumstance is a scary circumstance.

Mae: Well anything to make it easier. I'm here for you. Are you hungry at all?

Vincent: I'm not sure I can eat. Maybe in the morning.

Mae: Are we meeting then?

Vincent: No. I'll be seeing you though.

Mae: I think the main character is going to die...

Denise: Probably not. The movie doesn't seem quite like that. I think it's only a little dark comedy.

Vincent: You never know with those. Though the definition of comedy would mean the hero survives and there's a happy ending.

Denise: That's the point of interest, isn't it?

Vincent: That's what it comes down to.

Mae: Then we've got nothing to worry about.

Denise: It's a very, very mad world when you can't count on anything. Even a movie.

Mae: I feel so.

Denise: The longer time goes on, the less likely the character is going to die.

Vincent: Are you trying to parallel our situation with it so readily?

Denise: I was right then. I thought it was funny that we're feeling upset. It might have been an idea to be counterintuitive. To get over the fear.

Vincent: Unless you know what you're talking about, then you should hold off saying things such as that. If you're not a psychologist then maybe you shouldn't try such ruses. Even if you were one, maybe you still shouldn't.

Denise: Well how long do you want to wait for a solution?

Vincent: As long as were alive, let's try something else.

Mae: Maybe we should turn it off, then we won't know if he dies.

Vincent: If only you had thought of that. That's a down to earth decision. I like it.

Denise: Well sorry.

Vincent: It's not meant personally, or for any real serious purpose.

Denise: I believe you. Though the cutting words people use sometimes.

Vincent: And you're going on to me about it. The amount people want to drag me down.

Denise: I have been noticing that. You are loved and reviled and hated and admired.

Vincent: I'm not sure if it is that passionate, though it is something nonetheless.
Mae: You too bicker and bicker, and I only sit back and observe all of it.

Vincent: The problem is we never fight.

Mae: You and me. Perhaps I have come between the two of you. Oh. Maybe I should go to bed.

Vincent: No, I don't think we want to be alone together now.

Mae: I see. I was enjoying the movies anyways.

Vincent: He still hasn't died. Maybe we should turn it off.

Denise: I have the remote. I have to turn it off. It's turning off.

Mae: Now that it's off we can choose something funnier to watch.

Vincent: More relaxing. Not so far into the comedies this time.

Mae: I know.

Denise: There's one. The Vegetable.

Vincent: Oh yea, that. We should watch it. It's the right movie.

Mae: Very well. Your choice, your mindless pleasure.

Vincent: I stand by the choice. I thought you would like it. I chose it for you.
Mae: Oh. I suppose you did really.

Vincent: For the things we discussed.

Mae: For our mindless pleasure.

Vincent: My mindless pleasure.

Mae: Right. Okay.

Vincent: I don't mean to be inconsiderate. I hope it does take your mind off things quite sincerely, really.

Denise: I feel fine. You haven't hurt our feelings.

Vincent: I coulnd't do such a thing. It's more or less impossible.

They watch the film, not made anxious by horrific aspects.

Mae: So one more movie, or are you feeling safer now? I'm up for it, actually.
Vincent: No, I think that should be good.

Mae: You sure?

Vincent: Denise, you sure?

Denise: Oh yea. I feel pretty well fine now.

Mae: Very wonderful.

Vincent: Time for the night to come to an end.

End scene.

Int. Mae's dorm

Mae: So are you sure everything's okay.

Vincent: Is that what you wanted to talk about?
Mae: Yes, I suppose. I wasn't going to say, but I am a little worried now. What do they want?

Vincent: It's about Richard, but they really don't want to say they lost this one. I think there might be evidence that Richard was after a lot more.

Mae: I believed you already. I never liked that man.

Vincent: I know, but everyone held there tongue, you included.

Mae: I know. Sorry I guess.

Vincent: So I'm not sure what to say about it. I guess it will fizzle out eventually. There is no way to arrest all of them, not for forever. But they have other things to occupy them. There not from around here. The Richard man travels around.

Mae: He traveled around.

Vincent: He was a con man. Worse. But he's gone, and I don't think they really have any direction. There not really mad I wouldn't anticipate. There just following orders.

Mae: But there are no more.

Vincent: And so they will give in. And I think were safe in here.

Mae: So there not coming after me?
Vincent: Not more than anyone else in the building, and there not going after anyone but me.

Mae: Denise? Maybe there going after her.

Vincent: Yea. I think that they know he attacked her. So it's just about who killed him. They know it wasn't the female.
Mae: Makes sense.

Vincent: They know you didn't kill him if that's what your wondering.

Mae: Sort of. Good to know I'd say.
Vincent: Knowing is half the game. So do you need anything else from me presently?

Mae: That about covers it. See you in the morning.

Vincent: Uh huh.

End scene.

Int. Vincent room.

Vincent wakes up and finds himself still in a strange room. He slept for a while but still feels weary and exhausted. Feeling better, he rises, and looks himself over in the mirror, fixing his hair. It seems there a number of things to do, and he does need to go and do a number of things. In the morning there is a lot of light and there are unlikely to come after him in the day anyways. Even so there are risks so he doesn't ask any permission and heads out. He's the only one awake.

He goes walking, thinking about how to avoid them, make them go away. He's loosely on the path over to the endowment lands, where the apartments start.

It's comforting that he hasn't been attacked yet. He feels more comfortable. He thought that he might need a weapon. It could come down to gun fighting. Maybe he should just continue to stay low though.

He needs to go inside and speak to his friends about this.

The door is open so he goes inside. He takes the stairs. It's five flights. He pushes it open and someone was coming to the door.

Vincent: Hey.
Al: Hey.

Vincent: So I thought I'd come and see you. Things have been a little busy.

Al: I figured that somewhat.

Vincent: Someone tried to kill me?

Al: Really?

Vincent: Yea. Richard got shot in the head.

Al: Oh. What did he do?

Vincent: He tried to rape Denise.

Al: Oh. He was caugh though?

Vincent: More or less. He was just on top of her. He even tried to get away, that's when they shot him.
Al: So how could someone be mad at you?

Vincent: He was a bad man. It's just his business partners. If we can stop them then it's done with.
Al: Is that a euphemism.

Vincent: Sort of. Yes, that is a euphemism.

Al: Used by him?

Vincent: I guess so. I don't know what my mom was thinking.

Al: Sometimes they fall for it.

Vincent: Maybe she fell for it. Either way it had a negative consequence. It's time that things change.

Al: What about Mae?

Vincent: You know that I don't love her. I'm sorry. I can't even be serious with her. I'm leaving.

Al: Your going to New York?

Vincent: No. London. And I'm not coming back.

Al: Really? Why are you doing this?

Vincent: It's the right thing.

Al: Is this what's right? What about your family.

Vincent: It's for four years. So see you I guess.

Al: Your my friend man.

Vincent: Maybe we aren't going to be seeing each other so much now. Sorry.

Al: All those things you say, you mean them?

Vincent: No, I was joking. I'm sorry. I don't mean to scare people with my intensity.

Al: You mean your aware of it.

Vincent: Well yeah. Your not the first one to try to explain me. I have lots of friends.
Al: Are you going to change?

Vincent: I'll be a different person.

Al: Sometimes you are really together. Sometimes I don't know.

Vincent: I almost had a heart attack. You just have to give me some time. I made it stop, but it's questions don't go away from people's minds.

Al: I didn't know that.

Vincent: Like I said, I'm dealing with it.

Al: Man. Don't be going outside.

Vincent: It will be fine. There's something else though. You shouldn't have said those things to Nicole. She's coming after me. I don't think you know what we meant when we said she's insecure.

Al: What does it mean about her?

Vincent: She lashes out. She projects. She's not quite the way you said and you should say sorry.

Al: Whatever.

Vincent: Yeah whatever. It's my problem. Out of sight out of mind. You've been so high this summer you don't know what's real and what's not.

Al: Am I irresponisble?

Vincent: A little bit. You are irresponsible.

Al: It's not a big thing.

Vincent: That's why I talked to the building manager. It's right. And the rest is taken care of. My mom called.

Al: Oh.

Vincent: I'll see you around, man.

End scene.

Int. Building

Vincent walks down the hall and down the stairs to another level. He's not in a hurry. There's one last person to see. Then he has to go back outside. He exits onto the floor and knocks on the door. There's a response right away but it takes a moment for him to come to the door.

Vincent: Hey.

Sid: Oh. I wasn't expecting you.

Vincent: I know. I was just up stairs.

Sid: It figures.

Vincent: Nice to see you.

Sid: Come in. We will talk about things.

Vincent: Because it's nice to talk with me.

Sid: Pretty much yea.

Vincent: So something happened. I guess you're hearing about it.

Sid: Yea. I heard something about it. Are you safe?

Vincent: We have security and stuff over there. We're safe. I'm not sure if you could help in anyway. We don't need any more back up or anything. I'm not sure if that's what your thinking. That's not really how I think. We called the police.

Sid: I know. Just being sure.

Vincent: The things we talk about. You can't help but tell everyone everything. It's the drugs. But that's the thing. People can't see you really have taken things too far. They used to know you are only so reliable.

Sid: I know. I was only kidding when I said you talk a lot. It's not too much.

Vincent: People want to criticize me now. They say meaner things than they ever said, they don't care to tell the truth anymore.

Sid: It's because you cheated death.

Vincent: I wasn't going to die. They had only said so. It just took a little ingenuity. I was on the case.

Sid: They thought they were.

Vincent: And that's why they thought it would go so bad. If they would ever stop abusing me, if they would ever stop looking for ways to abuse more, I could get better, all the time.

Sid: But your already fine.

Vincent: Life isn't a battle. Not on a personal level.

Sid: What do you want to say?

Vincent: I wish people would see the best in me. I wish that people would let it go, and let my success happen.

Sid: That's not a lot to ask for.

Vincent: I need those two people to stop. I need them to know they aren't in my life. That they aren't fufilling a role.

Sid: I know what you mean.

Vincent: They think I was so effected by some of the things that have happened. They think I didn't see it all as it is coming.

Sid: I don't know why anyone would think that.

Vincent: I wish they would see that I'm a good person. That I always was. That I'm not whoever they thought they might find. I think the most important thing is that I'm not them.

Sid: They berate you on the lowest level possible. There having fun because they know there not making sense.

Vincent: I know.

Sid: They say there your friends but there not even your fans. They say they know things but they don't even know about the things there talking about.

Vincent: Exactly.

Sid: Sometimes people didn't respect your privacy. They didn't show respect for you in a congenial way. But there was nothing you were prone to, no reason for it.

Vincent: It's really tough to explain that. When your framed, sometimes you can't really say anything in your defence.

Sid: I know that. I'm sorry what there like. They lie a lot. It shouldn't reflect on us.

Vincent: There are more important things in life. There is more that we can talk about it, in a normal way, without much effort.

Sid: I try to be sensical. Not everyone knows you that well. They lied because they don't want to seem like outsiders.

Vincent: There are more organized ways to get inside.

Sid: Maybe they haven't had a chance to hear that.

Vincent: Maybe not. I think were still friends after all of this though. I'm going to busy. I'll be seeing you though.

Sid: I expect to see you. It's tough because I sleep all day.

Vincent: You're more together than people give you credit. It's just people are laughing at your jokes and you haven't got around to correcting them. It's all a nice tale and a nice story.

Sid: It certainly is yes.

Vincent: You'll be alright. And get that hernia looked at.

Sid: Eventually.

Vincent: Sounds good. It's a deal.

Sid: See ya man.

Vincent: Later.

End scene.

Ext. Outside of the buildings.

Walking back there was a good distance to cover while they could potentailly be watching him. He had tried to not be too conspicious in his time in the building by being there too short or too long. He walked quickly but trying not to be noticed as running away. There were no cars around mostly. It was dark and stormy above but it hadn't started raining yet. He'd make it before it started.

It wasn't a nice feeling to be running away. The gang was after him still, though the security and the police roamed about the campus, trying to watch everything, all the time. On a couple occasions someone went zooming by and he feared it was the shooter, though it wasn't, and everything was fine. He approached the residence building and he feared they would be around there. Though they weren't. And he made it safely inside.

He went up the elevator and Mae was still asleep but Denise was in the common room.

Vincent: Nice to see you awake.

Denise: I actually slept pretty well. Like I said I wasn't feeling too bad.

Vincent: No. I remember. Though I feel it was my movie choice.

Denise: Oh yes. That's what it was. The movie choice.

Vincent: I believe you. I'm right most of the time.

Denise: I noticed that. I wasn't sure if it was like a problem. Your just kind of always right.

Vincent: I don't mean to be. I only try to be clear-sighted.

Denise: I suppose.

Vincent: So everything, that happened, you think your going to be okay?
Denise: Sure. I feel so. It's going to be okay.

Vincent: I don't know if you're right. I'm less optimisitc. But the feeling that things will be okay.

Denise: That's good.

Vincent: I like that. I think it's almost over now. All the bad blood is gone away. No one has symptathy for that man that passed.

Denise: That's one way to put it. Shot In the head is another.

Vincent: I suppose. You're right. You can refer to him how you please.

Denise: It's not going to get me at gun point?

Vincent: Oh no. I don't think so.

Denise: Why are we always starting a new?

Vincent: Because everyday there is a new disaster. All the time someone is shaken up and displaced and worse. It's a difficult world. We have to rise above what is so incredibly easy. We have to be the agetns of our destinies, otherwise were left feeling like leaves in the wind, helpless.

Denise: Day to day I feel safe because people look after me. So thank you. You fought that man off.

Vincent: That's for sure. Until our next ordeal, I hope we can enjoy the time we have, and be ready and happy both. In Harmony.

 End scene.


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