Peter 1

By Asa Montreaux

Int. Main building

Harry: We're not here for long.

Peter: This deal is going to go through. There is nothing to worry about.

Harry: My dad died while were trying to pull this off. I don't know if it's our fault.

Peter: It's not our fault. It's a matter of a few hacks. If you can't hack it then that's why I am here.

Harry: I don't think I can.

Peter: Fine.

Peter logs into the system, using the list of usernames, and solving the password. The files are hidden, and he has to search for them. There encrypted as well.

Peter: There's a disk we need.

Harry: We don't have a disk.

Peter: Maybe we can trick the computer.

Harry: Log into the command prompter.

Peter: It will be more complex. We just have to create a new command, and a new function, but this operating system isn't anything we've seen previously.

Harry: No. It's not something on the mainstream. It's completely unique.

Peter: This is all of the systems in the lab. This thing is worth billions.

Harry: We don't have much time then.

Peter: I'm working on it, as you can see.

Harry: Is that the right command?

Peter: Well, I think it's the right one. It should work.

Harry: More of a wait and see thing.

Peter: Exactly. Look it's going through. It's paused.

Harry: What does that mean?

Peter: It means something's loading.

Harry: Is it a list?

Peter: It's a long list.

Harry: How many names?

Peter: Names, data. It's from the systems of the Afghan military.

Harry: Oh. It should be useful then.

Peter: I thought you knew why we here.

Harry: You always want something. I'm Harry Osbourne.

Peter: Tell it to someone who doesn't hear you all the time.

Harry: You're saying I'm self involved.

Peter: You know you are. I'm just not sure you know you don't deserve any punishment for it. Then you could at least get over being so self-loathing.

Harry: I'll add it to the reading list right after Chicken soup.

Peter: See. You're with it.

Harry: I was hoping to hear that.

Peter: Sure you were.

Harry: Have you uploaded it?

Peter: It just finished loading. I'll start the upload. Then we have to get out of here. We look suspicious in the middle of the night.

Harry: The best way is through the tunnel but it's a walk from here. That way no one will see us leave though.

Peter: Let me think about it.

Harry: Why is it uploading?

Peter: It's uploading.

Harry: Let it compile the data.

Peter: Okay let's go then. It's uploaded.

They move quickly through the halls. There are no alarms but they are seen through the cameras, though they know most of there positions, staying far from the windows, escaping notice in the middle of the night. The tunnel opens with a little effort and an encryption, and then they are out of the building.

Peter: Where not going to be near where we parked.

Harry: No. We'll take my car.

Peter: Which one?

Harry: There not here now. A new one. For emergencies.

They keep walking. They are almost clear of the tunnel. There are lights in the chamber.

Peter: It's a spyder. It will fly.

Harry: In case we need I suppose. I had a feeling we would be in here.

Peter: Thinking about someone else for a change. I'm already working over on you.

Harry: That you are, Mr. Parker.

Peter: And you're driving this?

Harry: Oh yes. Oh yes. So hold tight.

Peter: I seem to remember your driving to be going wrongly.

Harry: I drive. I drive fast. I go places.

Peter: Your going to get us in trouble.

Harry: Were not going to get pulled over. They can't catch us. And we might be running from more people than you think.

Peter: I hope you know what you're doing.

Harry: I hope so as well.

Peter: There's no one around here.

Harry: I'm getting out of here though.

They drive off quickly, the engine loud. A police car consider pursuing them, though they pull off into an alley. They are making it through the city. Eventually they do have a follower. It's a silver sedan and there is a man with sunglasses on at night, and he pulls up right behind them looking stern.

Peter: Think that man's following us.

Harry: Definitely.

Peter: I suppose you know what to do now?

Harry: I've been looking forward to this part.

Peter: There's your green light.

Harry: I sort of hope he can keep up.

They drive off speedily. The man speeds after them as well. They have a few green lights. They make a hard turn, drifting slightly. The man is still in pursuit. There is a red light, and Harry goes through accelerating, hardly looking either way. Peter is holding on tight.

Peter: When you said you drive fast is this what you were thinking of?

Harry: He's right behind us.

Peter: You need to drive faster.

Harry: We have to lose him before we can go home.

Peter: What if he knows where we're going.

Harry: We'll run him off.

Peter: Close the gates and set the alarms we won't have much time.

Harry: No. We'll need the house. I have another inventory in there.

They continue through the streets.

Peter: Do you think you can throw him over the bridge?

Harry: Worth a shot. A bit of haul from here.

Peter: It's a twelve mile island!

Harry: A lot of stop lights.

When they get to the bridge. They hold speed as they rise. The pursuer is a little ways behind them. As they come across the top, Harry slows. The other cars behind him have to slow. Then he accelerates again, swerving into the other lane to get ahead. With a pile up of cars the other driver cannot see. Harry slows again, sharply. The pursuer also swerves into the other lane. There is a truck approaching, and he realizes that Harry has blocked the right lane. He panicks. He tries to move into the walking lane. There isn't enough room and he collides with the rail, and slips off the bridge and dives a long ways into the water. The car explodes on impact with the water and it sinks slowly.

Harry: Wow.

Peter: Oh my god! Now we have to go back. That was awesome.

Harry: [smiling] It was actually.

End scene.

Int. Osbourne manner. Near the bar and lounge with large flat screen, large couch, more upscale, serious room.

Peter: When I was uploading the disk I was worried we wouldn't have enough time. I think we saved it.

Harry: Put it in. Let's look at the names now. We can run the profiles.

Peter inserts the disk into the desktop computer.

Harry: There are a lot of names.

Peter: See any you recognize?

Harry: Not really.

Peter: A lot of profiles to run then.

Harry: There all arabic. There the names of terrorists.

Peter: Maybe we could do the search in reverse. Who are the most important terrorists in the groups in the area.

Harry: We could investigate that for a match first, I guess. I'll see what I can find.

Peter: I'm not making any connectoins with these names. There not in any order.

Harry: I think I've found something we can use.

Peter: Name of the group?

Harry: Al Quell

Peter: There dangerous. There the major terrorist group.

Harry: Well maybe that is what we were looking for now.

Peter: What are the names your getting?

Harry: Assad Govini Lad

Peter: Nothing comes up.

Harry: Ahmand Jibril

Peter: Maybe. It's trying to find it. The names on the list.

Harry: So that's something.

Peter: There's nothing here but some location points.

Harry: Where are they?

Peter: There all in the Middle East.

Harry: These are the coordinates at which they've been located hiding or organizing attacks?

Peter: That's what it appears to be. Though Osbourne has no designs on catching them.

Harry: Really?

Peter: Not necessarily. They are dealing weapons.

Harry: That's internationally illegal.

Peter: Mostly. It's very profitable, and it's so rampant there is no way to control it in the world as it is today.

Harry: I don't want that to be happening in my Dad's company.

Peter: Maybe there's something we can do about it later. I think this is the man who made the first attack.

Harry: He didn't succeed.

Peter: But there planing another attack. That he's on the list. This is the man we need to find.

Harry: So we'll fly there.

Peter: Are we ready for that?

Harry: I was briefed about it a while ago. We have most of the supplies here in the house.

Peter: Why were you informed about this?

Harry: I knew it was something business related. They weren't descriptive. I guess it was the guns.

Peter: And you have a plane?

Harry: Of course. It's ready now.

Peter: Tonight?

Harry: In the morning. We'll need the house. We'll rest and think about safety. I don't want to die over there.

Peter: But we have to save the city.

Harry: We can save the city and live to talk about it.

End scene.

Int. Plane.

The trip to the airport went by quickly. Early in the morning there was no traffic, and they were both anxious to get going. It was exciting to have the possibility to end the attacks. They said they would accept some credit if there efforts were successful. And they would try to reverse the company's deadly weapons program. There was a little turbulence, but the flight was mostly steady. It was a long flight, and they worked hard at pinpointing the coordinates, and creating there strategy.

Harry: How dangerous is he?

Peter: Very dangerous. There are going to be a number of them. Though there not expecting us.

Harry: So we might be able to isolate him?

Peter: That's our only chance. Alone contain him, find out how to stop there plan.

Harry: Will he really concede?

Peter: Maybe not. But we'll get enough info to stop the plan, without him.

Harry: Why are thy so far into the desert?

Peter: There hiding. There a well recognized terrorist group, seen as hostile by Afghans as well.

Harry: Is there someone else important there?

Peter: It sounds like he is a very important planner. They protect him heavily. There are several other important radicals members there at the bunker.

Harry: Are we going into the bunker?

Peter: Oh yes. I think so. It might be the only way.

Harry: You know how to shoot these things?

Peter: More than a little. You mean you don't know how to? I hadn't anticipated you haven't shot these before.

Harry: I've only had them in the range.

Peter: That should be enough. In the moment you'll be alert. It might be the first moment we've really been tested before.

Harry: We'll come home with ptsd.

Peter: Maybe. Like real war-vets. Our lives will be changed.

Harry: I don't want to come back half of myself.

Peter: You'll still be a man. Or whatever you are.

Harry: Ever fought terrorists before?

Peter: Lizards.

Harry: Terrorist lizards?

Peter: Evil genetically obsessed monsters.

Harry: But not terrorists.

Peter: If we always knew exactly what was going to happen life wouldn't be very interesting.

Harry: I have hobbies. I don't like to not know the situation fully.

Peter: There are no rules. You can't say to me that's how you live your life.

Harry: Everything is always prepared.

Peter: Well it's not everyday you do something new.

Harry: Not unless you're with Peter.

Peter: I'm living through it. I've got you.

Harry: I hope so.

Peter: Were going to be alright. We'll have fun while we're there.

Harry: Feels a little like were adrenaline junkies. War junkies is better.

Peter: No pain no pleasure.

Harry: I'm up for that.

Peter: It doesn't sound like you.

Harry: When will we be there?

Peter: You mean you don't know.

Harry: It's hard to tell sometimes.

End scene.


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