Morrie 5

By Asa Montreaux, pen name Andrew James

Int. Hotel Room

Vincent looks through the windows, the curtains open and the city lay before him. It is active and there are people about, things normal and busy, the mountains way above it's seasonal hustle and bustle.

Vincent takes out his notebook. He writes: They won't come this far. I'm safe here. They won't come this far. I'm safe here.

He'd been feeling a little nervous, more uptight. He wouldn't leave the blinds as they were, and suddenly felt overwhelming weary, and fell to sleep.

When he awoke, it was oddly quite outsight. It was very early in the morning. He'd thought he'd better check in with Teresa but he felt he needed to go downstairs and see what's going on. There were some people hanging around the previous evening and he didn't feel very good about it.
There were a lot of things going on that weren't perfect. There was some argumentation at the counter, and he went and waited by the counter, listening in some.

Hotel reception: We don't have that here.

Man: What are you saying to me? I know that it's here.

Hotel reception: I haven't heard anything about that, sir. You need to calm down.

Man: Are you sure? Don't lie to me. I don't want to cause a scene here.

Hotel reception: I think you already have.

Man: Have you seen him?

Hotel reception: Have I? I've told you I haven't seen him.

Vincent recognized the man suddenly. He'd been at the airport in Switzerland. He calmly walked away. The man didn't seem to notice before he all of the sudden got upset and went after him. He said. Hey you, stop there. I need to speak to you.

Vincent: I'm just going to go upstairs. I don't know what you're looking for. I can't help you.

Man: Hey. What did you do to them? Give us the map? You need to let us do this.

Vincent: I don't know what you're talking about. (Closes the elevator and rides up.)

He gets a call in the elevator.

Vincent: Hello?

Morrie: Hey.

Vincent: Oh. I was hoping it was Teresa.

Morrie: Why? Is this a bad time.

Vincent: This is a very bad time.

Morrie: Oh. Well why has it always been a bad time lately?

Vincent: Like I said there isn't anything going on. Those feeling you have, the opposite is true.

Morrie: Okay.

Vincent: Really though. Anyways I have to go. Tell Teresa to call me. Bye.

Morrie: Oh one thing. [he hangs up.]

Vincent hurries in to his room. It seems like time to leave again, and he thinks about it. But he's been running several times. He barricades the door with a coutch.
Morrie texts him. Everything okay.

Vincent: Maybe not. I think you might need to come here.

Morrie: Should I call someone?

Vincent: No don't do that. Just come here. And hurry.

End scene.

Int. hotel condo.

There is a man at the door. He is knocking. Turning violently in doing so quickly.
Vincent doesn't open it or move to do so. He keeps quiet. The man starts kicking at the door.
Vincent: What do you want? It's not going to come down.

Man: Just give it to me. Don't fight about his or it will get worse.

Vincent: What do you want? Is your name John? No one has gone after me like this before. Everything you say is shite. What do you want my ex-grilfriend? You want my identity? You want to say you won something? I'm not fighting over anything with you. Go the fuck away.

Man: I don't really know what you're talking about. I thought I was the one who was being confusing. The goddamn map. Give it to me. Don't fight what's going to happen with the world.

Vincent: Sounds like a pretty good fucking idea to me.

Man: For fuck sakes. People are coming out of there rooms out here. Is no one fucking scared. I'm going to have my gun in a moment.

Vincent: The police are on there way.

Man: No there not.

Vincent: I've just called. It will be five minutes. Get out of there before it's worse for you. Come back with never.

Man: I know you can just give it to me. We will come after you again. You're not going to get away again.

Vincent: Go on. What do you want? Leslie's the one that wants to drop my gpa. Why do you think I want to stay there again? That's the one place I don't want to stay again. Is it John. It must be John? Or is it what it was before?

Man: I know what you're talking about, but I'm not going to say anything. I'm not that person. I think you know that were worse.

Vincent: Time ticking. Police will be here any minute.
Man: Come out!

Vincent: Any fucking second!

The man walks away.

Vincent relaxes a little, steps back from the window, tries to move away from that moment, it will be a while before help arrives, someone, maybe the only person more intense than he is when it comes to these things.

End scene.

Int. Hotel Lobby.

Vincent: Yea I got your text upstairs. Anything suspicous in the lobby?

Morrie: Not really right now. Where are you?

Vincent: I'm just coming down. I see you.

Morrie: Oh. There you are.

Vincent: Hey. Let's get away from all these people. Will tell them you're staying later.

Morrie: Sounds good.

Vincent: So we're on the top floor.

Morrie: Lovely. What's there to see up here?

Vincent: How nice that you would ask. There are several things to see. I'll reopen the curtains.

Morrie: Why are they closed if it's so nice?

Vincent: I was getting to that in another second. But here, see, peak out.

Morrie: It's nice here. And you can see everything.

Vincent: Well if you doubted it was nice.

Morrie: But, you know, what's the other thing? What is going on that you're here. Because I know this isn't for me.
Vincent: Well certainly this time it isn't. That's for sure.

Morrie: Where are we?

Vincent: Good question. We're pretty far away. Because someone came after me where I was before.

Morrie: And then you came here. And something happened again.

Vincent: Someone came here to. This time I could place the person.

Morrie: Someone dangerous looking.
Vincent: Yea but not much worse than you'd think. Not as dangerous as the first two looked. He was more ground level. Not the artillery ones.

Morrie: Artillerary? The first one?

Vincent: I was going to get you involved but someone attacked me outside of the school. They wanted the map I have.

Morrie: I understand I think. I suppose I don't need to know how you got this map now.

Vincent: No I don't think so. But we'll have to leave tomorrow. They'll be back again. We might escape them.

Morrie: I hope so. At least you have my help now.

Vincent: That's worth something. The bad news is we'll have to stay here tonight. Room service?

Morrie: Order some wine. I don't mind being here.
Vincent: Maybe a bottle. I think things we'll be alright then.

Morrie: I think so.

Vincent: I'm thinking I'll hold my food down. It shouldn't be here for a while. You.

Morrie: I think everything is going really to go down smoothly. I'm fine.

Vincent: You sure? I don't want to be taking care of you, from booze, or anything else.
Morrie: I'll make the effort to not suffer from any ailments suddenly, or in any other form, and maybe I'll be looking after you, if it comes to that.

Vincent: We're already enough in this already, without something like that happening.

Morrie: You're strength in the situation is quite preferred.

End scene.

Int. Getting into the car.

Vincent: You really drove this the whole way here.
Morrie: I figured you'd need your car.

Vincent: I wasn't saying you hadn't had an idea that made sense. I mean, you could have drove your car. I mean, at least we have one that I own now.

Morrie: That is good for something. Now we can't ditch cars anymore though.

Vincent: It's funny how relevant that point is. It's really upsetting.

Morrie: Just think about all the adventures we'll have that we can tell people about.

Vincent: We won't be able to tell anyone. They'll think we are crazy.

Morrie: I'm sure we can tell people. One day.

Vincent: I suppose. Teresa knows. That's another person that knows we're not crazy.
Morrie: Yea. That's very good news. We'll talk about this for ages.

Vincent: I figured as much. Try not to let people over hear you.

Morrie: They might overhear. I'll try.

Vincent: It probably won't matter, when everything is said and done.

Morrie: So what are we going to do next?

Vincent: I don't know. I guess we'll go somewhere else. I don't think we can go back yet.

Morrie: Maybe we should go further.

Vincent: Yea. I have a bad feeling about going out into the praries. I have another

idea. I think we need to go across the border. We need to change it up. Maybe hide in plain sight.

Morrie: They have guns there.

Vincent: But they already have guns. And perhaps maybe, we need them.

Morrie: I hope we don't end up having a shoot out. We should be near the car so we can drive away.

Vincent: That would be prudent. Whose to say what's going to happen in the moment, when it's going to happen. It's when you least expect it the worst things happen.
Morrie: Is that true?

Vincent: Maybe. It is at least somewhat true. Wisdom is what it is, it is useful in so much as the world can be fit into a page.

Morrie: Now I'm not so excited about an adventure. This is for real.

Vincent: That's what I was saying to you, really.

Morrie: I hope were going to live through this.

Vincent: I would tell you to be more positive, but I hope for the same thing.

End scene.

Int. Vehicle driving near the border.

Vincent: So this crossing we didn't go back through the town. Though we've driven right by. So I don't think there on to us, but I suppose everything is up in the air as when they started chasing us.

Morrie: So what does the map do?

Vincent: It's the only way in and out of the next world. There is a special power in the next world. With it, someone could take over, have what they wanted, possibly. There might be a substance, that can be, I guess, exported.

Morrie: There really are those people out there, that want to take over, and want to cause terrorism. It's not just one group, way across the world.

Vincent: Well, there there, but there are more. It's not safe out here, that's why we need each other.

Morrie: That's the reason.
Vincent: It isn't because I love you, I can tell you that much presently.

Morrie: Okay. That's mean.

Vincent: You can be so cutting, and crude sometimes. I love you as much as you love me.

Morrie: Haha. I don't love you very much.

Vincent: Maybe I won't save your life after all.

Morrie: I won't save yours either.

Vincent: That's unlikely. Seems more like your loss to me.

Morrie: I don't mean to insult you. I thought we were having fun.

Vincent: The world might be ending.

Morrie: I thought it already had ended.

End scene.

At the border crossing.

Morrie: How long is this line up?

Vincent: Well the sign said an hour. Were almost there now really.

Morrie: But it's been taking forever. There's something going on up there.

Vincent: I can see that.

Morrie: Should we turn around? What if there after us already?

Vincent: I don't think we can turn around. There are police out there already anyways.

Morrie: We're not in trouble?

Vincent: Nope. I haven't shot anyone, just run from them, tell them to go away, that kind of thing.

Morrie: Maybe there just being extra cautious.

Vincent: Isn't that what worries you? I think were okay.

Morrie: That is what worries me, we have to move through really quickly.

Vincent: Don't be anxious or else they'll think were hiding something and we will be forever getting through then.

Pulling through.

Border officer: I.D. please.

Passes there driver's licenses.
Border officer: What is the purpose of your border crossing today?

Vincent: We are going to go do some sight seeing and some shopping.

Border crossing: What's the reason for this?

Vincent: We had the time off.
Border guard reobserves the I.d.'s and considers for a moment. Then he looks forward, passed there car, then looks back at the cards before passing them to him.

Border officer: Alright. Enjoy your time in the United States.

They drive through.

Vincent: See. Just be relaxed. Through really easily.

Morrie: But there's still something up ahead. Look he has his head down.

Vincent: There going through the trunk. You see the make.

Morrie: It's a jeep. A dark grey jeep. What about the license plate.

Vincent: I got that already.

Morrie: That's good. I didn't expect that.

Vincent: So that's the vehicle that's following us. We know what to look for now.

Morrie: That's something to work with.

Vincent: I think so.

Morrie: Maybe we'll survive.

Vincent: Most likely. Were are we going?

Morrie: I thought you knew that first.

Vincent: No I mean in this moment. Because I need to sit down outside the car.

Morrie: Oh. Are we going to stop in Bellingham.

Vincent: There's a place by the beach.

Morrie: I've never been there.

Vincent: It's calm there.

End scene.

Ext. patio cafe.

Vincent: Why did you order alcohol?

Morrie: To help with my nerves?

Vincent: Why did you think that would help? You sure you're feeling alright?

Morrie: I thought I was. I just needed to calm down a little more. Sometimes I get uptight.

Vincent: I noticed that. I was waiting for you to bring it up.


Vincent: Well fair enough if you want to drink some. There enough things to want to forget.
Morrie: Were there really nightingales out there?

Vincent: In London? That's were you mean?

Morrie: Yea. There in London.

Vincent: Yes. You can hear them all the time.

Morrie: What are they like? Are they annoying out there?

Vincent: No. There quite melodic. They might drive you a bit batty if you don't ignore there sound.

Morrie: What if you can't ignore it?
Vincent: Then you might go crazy. People do crazy things sometimes. But.

Morrie: What?

Vincent: Not usually from a nightingale.

Morrie: I guess it could happen. In like a medical way.
Vincent: It is extremely unlikely. Does that mean there's something you want to tell me?

Morrie: No. I'm not going crazy. I don't think so.

Vincent: I didn't think you are. I think you can handle this.

Morrie: No one is crazy in my family.

Vincent: What about Grand parents. People that passed away. I don't mean to pry.

Morrie: I don't think so. Maybe my Dad. But he died.

Vincent: Why did you say he died?

Morrie: It just came up. He died a while ago.

Vincent: I think he's alive. You know who your dad is? I think he's still around, on Earth anyways. Morrie, he's in the news.

Morrie: No. he died. That's what happened. Sorry I brought it up. I don't really remember.

Vincent: It was that long ago?

Morrie: No. I just don't remember.

Vincent: It's not important right now. I think your family really loves you.

Morrie: They do. You think so?

Vincent: Of course. There very supportive of you. My family believes in me, you just don't quite know what they act like.

Morrie: Only a little.

Vincent: But sometimes other people are supportive.

Morrie: I'd expect so.

Vincent: I mean. You came to see me.

Morrie: How did you know that?

Vincent: I don't know. Teresa maybe.
Morrie: Makes sense.

Vincent: Most of the girls out there. Your different.

Morrie: Huh?

Vincent: There not as smart as they think. That goes not really considering race. There really all the same way.

Morrie: No if, ands, buts? Really?

Vincent: Really. Seriously. You're the right thing.

Morrie: It's funny. There is no one here following us.

Vincent: It's a very open space. Not much place to hide, or make a commotion. It's safe here. I'm not sure about in Seattle.

Morrie: Is that where were going? Is that best?

Vincent: We have to keep moving. It's much easier to hide, but for them to, from our sight.

Morrie: But it is just them looking for me?

Vincent: Sure, just the two of them, and my ex-girlfriends.

Morrie: Oh.

Vincent: No one's going to hurt us. I think we can get rid of the map. And make these two go away. I don't think it will come down to kill or be killed.

Morrie: I don't want to die. Give them the map if that happens.

Vincent: Sure I will. I have to watch or there going to come for you. Nothing's going to happen.
Morrie: Why do you have the map?

Vincent: No reason, it just chooses things on it's own.

Morrie: Magic is the scariest, most perverse thing.

Vincent: That's the best way to put it. The sun isn't going down.

Morrie: So is that how you really feel about me inside?

Vincent: Like opposed to someone else? I feel a little tingling in my right leg. That's how much I feel when I think about you?

Morrie: What about other places in your body?

Vincent: Maybe I won't tell you. Most of my parts aren't ready to let you hear them.

Morrie: I'm just going to believe what you said. I'm going to go with that.

Vincent: You should. I meant the things I said.

Morrie: You don't seem like you're joking.

Vincent: I don't know why anyone would think that. I want to be taken seriously. Especially you. You know that?

Morrie: I feel it sometimes.

Vincent: You finished your drink.

Morrie: Oh. Oh yea. Let's go now.
Vincent: Perfect.

It seemed like a long drive because Morrie was checking for cars following almost the entire time. It was always strange how much faster people drove on the roads on the other side. It became much longer when there was a tremendous amount of traffic nearing Seattle.

Morrie: What's with all the suburbs?

Vincent: I don't know. That's just what it's like here.

Morrie: There not really not nice. It's just it's all so similar.

Vincent: I don't know. That's democracy. The same for everyone. It's hard to seperate yourself from the pack. Everyone wants a little bit more.

Morrie: Sometimes it feels more like chaos.

Vincent: Well that's why there's socialism. That's why the West freed Berlin but the Soviets wouldn't succede from it.

Morrie: Why would you think of that?

Vincent: Makes sense doesn't it?

Morrie: Pretty much. Yea, that makes sense.

Vincent: I mean it's different region to region. Seattle feels a lot different than Boston. Or Los Angeles. All the same things though.

Morrie: Maybe that's why we have the map?

Vincent: Hmm?

Morrie: Because were outside of what they want power of, though not really.

Vincent: I know what you mean. It's just funny that I didn't want the map, but you know what I've been thinking about, as we were driving?

Morrie: Something other than getting crashed into?

Vincent: About the things I could do with the map. We could change the world. I could solve problems in the artic. And I could take countries over. I could create explosions so big I'd change tectonic plates.

Morrie: I imagine so.

Vincent: I suppose power is what we have to limit in the world. I never thought I could imagine the bad things I could do with something so destructive.

Morrie: You can't really live your life in ignorance of these kinds of things.

Vincent: Maybe there are other maps. Maybe there are experiences that someone had somewhere with things like this.

Morrie: I don't know. It seems unlikely.

Vincent: Maybe there is a whole society of them. Right in front of our eyes.
Morrie: That would be unfortunate. It would be a big slap in the face.

Vincent: I don't think there is though. I'd have found it. In a book or something. A real, a real-life book.

Morrie: Those are always boring. They don't have things like this.

Vincent: Dare to dream, across one large body of land. Or something. There are possibilities for books to be great. Most writers don't see.

Morrie: Good writers are rare. Because no one knows even how to teach it well.

Vincent: Can you teach someone to do something well. I couldn't teach you to paint something beautifully, though I could teach you how to paint it a certain way.
Morrie: I guess so. It's more fun just to hang out. That's why art is special. Most people just like to look at it.

Vincent: That's what I mean. Well put. Very crude.

Morrie: That's what I'm always going for. It's my way with things.

Vincent: You're from the salt of the earth.

Morrie: I don't know about that.

Vincent: Well your not from here. And the traffic is clearing. We should be there soon.

End scene.

Int. Hotel buffet.

Morrie: You're not going to eat anymore than that?

Vincent: I'm just going to eat fruit. That's all I'm up for.
Morrie: Are you full?

Vincent: I am full from yesterday. Tired from the ways of the road, sleepy from the ways of the world.

Morrie: What are we going to do if there following us and you are bored?

Vincent: Let's just go about normally like were on vacation, or were from the area. We only need to not make too much noise.
Morrie: Makes sense I guess. I've never been here before.

Vincent: Well try and seem like it's not your first time here.

Morrie: I hope I'm not going to look nervous. I don't want to stay inside the whole time.

Vincent: We can do the most normal things. Lets go to the day market. If were not hungry we can go to the original starbucks. You'll feel like you know what your doing in a starbucks, if anywhere.

Morrie: Oh. Yeah. Probably.

Vincent: That way we can blend into the crowd some. Maybe will have fun. We can still take pictures, we can still laugh, and talk and have fun?
Morrie: Do we need to have different voices?

Vincent: No probably not. It's just best not to yell or get to excited. As much fun as we're having. Who knew running away could be enjoyable even a little?

Morrie: You were probably the only person that ever thought of that.

Vincent: Is it to my fault?

Morrie: No, certainly not.

Vincent: Do you feel like there a lot of people around?

Morrie: Yes. I was thinking that.

Vincent: Did you notice some event happening?

Morrie: No. You didn't miss anything. I haven't seen any sort of theme visible anywhere.

Vincent: It will probably be the same in the town. A little more busy.

Morrie: The weather is nice.

Vincent: That too.

Morrie: Is it different here?

Vincent: Sorry, hmmm?

Morrie: I mean after the recession. The new president and stuff.

Vincent: Oh. Oh yes. Very different. Come on. Let's run along. Is that how your going today?
Morrie: Oh no. I need to go changed and do girls stuff.

Vincent: Great. Very well.

End scene.

Int. Cafe in the market

Morrie: Why did you want to walk so far. We got out of the taxi so early.

Vincent: Thought I saw something on the way here. It was nothing I think. Besides, it is better if no one sees us pull up.

Morrie: I think I got good exercise. The market was really interesting.

Vincent: Yea. Like I said it was pretty low key. It felt pretty safe.

Morrie: That's why I feel tired. I wasn't nervous.
Vincent: No everyone seemed safe and happy. It's nice by the water.
Morrie: Is this something you used to do with Teresa.

Vincent: With her? No. Why did you think we'd been here?
Morrie: I don't know. Over the years you were.

Vincent: We've only been friends a couple years.

Morrie: You seem a little closer than that.

Vincent: Your sentiment surprises me.

Morrie: It's like, I don't know. [Vincent interrupts]

Vincent: Behind you. Watch out. [A car comes through the cafe window.]

Morrie: Oh my.

Vincent: Look out, stay down. There's someone coming out of the car.

Gun shots begin. She is huddled on the ground until Vincent takes her hand and avoiding shots run out of the cafe into the streets. The man is following, and they dip through the alleys of the market, trying to get away.

There are several police men up ahead, they run towards them. They are alerted and they soon notice the following gunmen. They withdraw there weapons and Vincent and Morrie run on behind them.
Moving up the streets, the police are trying to follow. Both chasers got by the police after struggling with them, and are still pursuing.

They are running up to the edge of the water, along the seaboard. They come to the wharf, where there are old fishing buildings. They keep running and because the end is near they go in one of the buildings. They've almost escaped there view, but they are pursuing with some intensity.

The men follow them into the building. Vincent hides around a corner. There is nothing around him. He climbs up on a wide crate. When the first man comes around the corner he lifts himself, swings and kicks him in the face and neck area. The man is stopped and falls to the ground. Vincent and Morrie keep running up stairs. They go up to the top level and into one of the rooms. There isn't any way immediately down. He tells Morrie to hide herself, and the man comes in.

Vincent: I think this is where it ends.

Man: I have a gun. I'm not so sure.

Vincent: I am. Because only I know where the map is.

Man: Is it not here?

Vincent: No. It isn't here.

Man: You dare to leave it alone.

Vincent: I suppose that's the scenario.

Man: Your going to take me there.

Vincent: Am I?
Man: You are going to take me there.

Vincent: Very well.

Man: Just like that?

Vincent: Just like that? What made you think I was difficult.

Man: Past experience.

Vincent: So you just have to get behind me. And follow me down the window here. There's no going back that way. The police are already inside.

Man: Fine. I'm not getting behind you though. I'm going first.

Vincent: I don't see how that's going to work.

Man: It's the only way it's going to work.

Vincent: [pauses] Alright. You first then.

The man goes over to where Vincent is, holding the gun towards him until his feet are outside the window and he is reaching for the pole. As soon as he reaches, Vincent moves and grabs him and thrusts him off the building as the man is struggling.

Man: What in the heak.

Vincent: Bye bye.

The man falls to the ground. He makes a loud nose. The police are soon there making it a scene and observing that the man has died as they call an ambulance. Morrie comes out of hiding.

Vincent: Are you okay?

Morrie: Yea. I think so.

Vincent: That's positive. I'm the one that did all the grunt work.

Morrie: All the throwing out the window work.

Vincent: That, that's what I'm referring to.

Morrie: What are we going to do?

Vincent: Well, let's go down there. I guess we'll have to speak to them for a moment. I guess we won't say anythign about the next world.

Morrie: But what are we going to say about why there chasing us?

Vincent: I don't know. We'll say we aren't sure why they were.

End scene.

Int. Police Station

Police officer: Are the two of you okay?

Vincent: Yes. We are just very sad that this had to happen today.

Police officer: When did they decide to chase you?

Vincent: It was after the vehicle crashed into the cafe. Then someone came out of both front doors. They had there guns right away.

Police officer: Did they look angry and like they had the intention of hurting you.

Vincent: They did look that way. They looked very dangerous.

Police officer: Did you run away?

Vincent: We ran away. They were chasing us already. Then the police weren't that far away when we had to run through the market.

Police officer: They got through the officers and continued chasing you?

Vincent: They kept coming for us right until the end. There wasn't anywhere else to go and they knew more officers were coming.

Police officer: Why were they so interested in you?

Vincent: I don't know.

Police officer: Why were they chasing you?

Vincent: I don't know why they were. It was a strange act of violence.

Police officer: Ma'am?

Morrie: I'm not sure why they were chasing us. I was just scared.

Vincent: It was clear they were angry. Maybe they were trying to cause terrorism. I think it was because we were in the coffee shop and we didn't die that they wanted to chase us. I don't know if they wanted to find us before then.

Police officer: Has anyone been following you, or acting strangely in the past while?

Vincent: No. Nothing that particularly sticks out. That was pretty crazy, and pretty unexplainable I think.
Police officer: I understand. Have you ever seen the man before?

Vincent: I don't think so.

Police officer: If I were to ask you to describe him, do you think you would be able?

Vincent: I think so. Certainly.

Police officer: I believe you were face to face with this man.

Vincent: More or less I guess that's what happened.

Police officer: Did the man have a gun pointed at you during this altercation.

Vincent: He did have a gun pointed at me and he was thinking about shooting.

Police officer: You took control over the situation and managed to throw the man out the window?

Vincent: Yea. He was trying to get away because I told him the police were here already.

Police officer: Then you pushed the man because he was trying to harm you?

Vincent: Yea. He was threatening to kill me.

Police officer: Do you feel you made the right decsion in pushing the man?

Vincent: I mean in the moment I wasn't thinking about right or wrong, in so much as I knew the man had instigated, and that I wasn't just looking out for myself, but for Morrie as well. I was thinking about the kinds of things that give us rights. When someone crashes a car into a cafe, chases you with a gun for that long, they become someone who is dangerous, who it might be warranted to protect youself against. I think an officer might have acted in a similar fashion.

Police officer: But what made you feel that you were allowed to act, right then and there? Why not wait for an officer to intervene?
Vincent: I just thought when I was looking out for myself, as an independent person, and for the protection of someone that I care about, it came down to action, or inaction. There wasn't anything to do except follow through with what the best course of action was. If I didn't do something he was going to kill us. Sure, the Police want to get there on time, but what if something happens, what if they can't get there on time?

Police officer: The Police are highly trained and they always respond in a timely fashion, getting there as soon as they can.

Vincent: I know that, and we are grateful for there hard work. But we were in a strange place, and this was a real gunman, and I had someone else's well being to think about too. I think you'll understand.

Police officer: Are you certain that this individual was immediately violent?

Vincent: Definitely. I would say so.

Police officer: Is there anything that might have angered the man?

Vincent: Not really. No, I really don't think so.

Police officer: Are you in possesion of anything, have you been involved in any activites that might interest this man?
Vincent: I think we've just been living very normally. We don't have any strange possessions.

Police officer: Have you been feeling ill in any way over the past few weeks?

Vincent: Not really. No, I haven't. I feel fine. Nothing strange at all. Not one bit.

Police officer: Thank you for the information. Thanks for stopping in with us. We'll contact you with any further information, or if we have any more questions. Have a safe night.

Vincent: Thank you officer. [They exit]
End scene.

Int. Hotel room

Morrie: What do we do now?

Vincent: I don't know. Those were our two chasers. I guess we could keep going, or we could just go home. There aren't many of them now. And the police are watching them. We never could have reported them. I think we sort of... got away. It ended.

Morrie: Sounds positive.

Vincent: Yea. So I suppose, we will drive home soon. I don't think we should stick around. We don't want to be here if the Police call or try to come around again.

Morrie: I agree very much. But what are we going to do?

Vincent: I think I'll have to destroy the map for real, destroy the connection to the next world, to stop the strange activity.

Morrie: It is all related to the opening.

Vincent: It seems to be. It offers too much promise. It posseses too much power.

Morrie: I hope your going to be okay. If you need my help.

Vincent: I don't think you can help. But if you can, we might need anyone's help.

End scene.

Driving back to the city didn't weigh on them. It seemed a short drive, feeling safer after the end of the pursuit. The next week or two seemed uncertain, though in the present they seemed safe, secure, inside the vehicle, no one around them seeming to be too cognizant of them.
The border took just as tiresome an amount of time as before. It seemed there was an exodus in one way, people shopping, traveling on one side of the border. When they got through, and finally arrived home, they weren't quite ready for sleep, and he called Teresa for the first time.

Vincent: Hey.

Teresa: I was expecting your call.

Vincent: Yea. I thought I would call earlier, but I got held up.

Teresa: I imagine so. Sounds like there was some real action going on out there.

Vincent: I guess. That's what it was, we were runing for our lives, trying to save each other.
Teresa: Really?

Vincent: More or less.

Teresa: Oh.

Vincent: Anyways, I think we need your help. I think you need to come over.
Teresa: I was thinking about that. Okay.

End scene.

Int. Apartment.
Teresa Enters

Vincent: Help comes finally, in the last hour.
Teresa: I came when I could.

Vincent: Evidently. Ask Morrie if she is alright. She is shaken up.

Teresa: Are you alright?

Morrie: Yes. I'm doing okay.

Teresa: Wonderful.

Vincent: So I'm going to have to go to the next world. But I'm thinkin maybe just I should go.
Teresa: They said we would both have to go back.

Vincent: But it's not safe. And it's just about destroying the map.

Teresa: I think this was the point where we would both have o go back. I'd fee lto bad if I let you go alone.

Vincent: Well then I suppose the map works in mysterious ways.

Teresa: You know where the entrance is?

Vincent: It's on the map. We just have to go there.

Teresa: But how are you going to destroy it.

Vincent: I think it's birthplace is on the map. The birthplace is where it can have it's life taken away.

Teresa: Is it a dangerous place?

Vincent: Well, I mean it is dangerous. It's like nuclear fission. It could destroy everything in it's path.

Teresa: Then I hope you know what you're doing, and if you don't, I hope you'd figure it out soon.

Vincent: Believe me, I don't want to die either.

Teresa: So the two of us again?

Vincent: Yep.

Teresa: how do we get to the birthplace?

Vincent: I'm not sure. But there are several clues on the map.

Teresa: Like good clues?

Vincent: I think I'm really centreing in on how to find it. It will only take our wit.
Morrie: Is there something in there that is after you.

Vincent: He's dead now. But if there's something else in there, I'm not sure.

Teresa: The creatures will help us find our way. But they all are tricky, and have strange powers.

Vincent: And I guess we've seen, some of them are evil.
End scene.

Int. Plane

Teresa: So back to the beginning of this?

Vincent: Right now the entrance is still right near where we exited.

Teresa: It shift according to a principle?

Vincent: There is a formula. I think I have it down. It's about the precision it seems to involve some element of chance.

Teresa: Hmm. I hope i'ts not too hard to find it.

Vincent: You mean in case someone else wants to get the map from us again?

Teresa: That's what I mean actually.

Vincent: On what I could find there is nothing disturbing about the map in terms of the flight. Apparently it will actually stabalize the plane to an extent.

Teresa: I felt something weird last time.

Vincent: That's definitely what you were feeling.

Teresa: So we to walk back to right were we where?

Vincent: We can make it to the end of the city. We on'y need to walk from there.

Teresa: I hope you're right. It seems like you are. If you're not that seems like the only place where you might find a clue about it anyways.
Vincent: That's what I am hoping you'd say. I used the best mthods I could.

Teresa: And it's not a madness me thinks.

Vincent: That's how it all works. You have ti start without madness.
Teresa: Profound. I like it. The disturbed will never make aerospace engineers.

Vincent: Speaking of that Have you felt anything?
Teresa: No. Just one thing, a little while ago. Then it went away.

Vincent: That's what I was talking about, it was the map. That's one thing I was right about.
Teresa: So you're likely right about all of it.

Vincent: Of course I am. Hopefully, anyways.

Teresa: If we're right then there won't be more time for people to com after us.

Vincent: So there's a lot on the line.

Teresa: And you're not anymore nervous.

Vincent: I'm not anymore nervous.

Teresa: Maybe there's something we haven't thought about.

Vincent: I don't think so.

Teresa: Maybe John will hack the plane down.

Vincent: I don't think he can. I wish he'd be a nice as he pretneded to be for a change.

Teresa: That's ironic. I like it.

Vincent: Yay for me.

Teresa: We're getting closer now.

Vincent: Another four hours. Then will be there.

End scene.

Ext. Walking to exit porta lsite.

Vincent: So not far now. Not much time left, and we'll save ourselves.

Teresa: I'm not complaining now.

Vincent: This is the way. It should be in a hundred metre radius.

Teresa: That's a long distance.

Vincent: You think so? It narrow it down certainly, from across the world.

Teresa: I wasn't really thinking. I guess it takes a little time to sort it out.

Vincent: It's a process.

Teresa: Is this where the exit was? Up ahead.

Vincent: Yea. So from here, it's likely farther down the field.

Teresa: Should we walkt that way first?

Vincent: We should. Let's go do so, if we find it there we have a moment to brace ourselves.

Teresa: Do you see that?

Vincent: I think that's it. It's active.

Teresa: So when we go through what happens.

Vincent: Stick together. Don't stick your neck out.

Teresa: You're ready for this aren't you?

Vincent: Don't trust the creatures. But trust me.

End scene.


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