Morrie 4

By Asa Montreaux, pen name Andrew James

Int. Condo building.

Vincent: Well I guess the first question is are you alright? What did they want.

Teresa: I don't know. Thye didn't hide the fact they were here. They left everything open. You can see what they went through. They were here for a while, and I think they're going to come back again.

Vincent: They sound like there dangerous. The next question I have is why do you think their looking for? It's clearly not us because we're not in the shelves.

Teresa: I don't know what it was. But it was really important. I mean it might be what you think, or what you don't want it to be.

Vincent: Who could have seen us? Do you think there are creatures here?

Teresa: No, I'm not sure if they can come here. I thought they couldn't.

Vincent: Maybe in the airport. Maybe it's not someone we know. There could be someone really after us.

Teresa: Why would anyone want to go there?

Vincent: I don't know. But there are magical things in that world, magical, powerful, strange things.

Teresa: I'm scared. There are things that I'm not sure entriely about the world. To get out of there is one thing, but to fight with it is another.

Vincent: I know what you mean.

Teresa: There are more things that I want to know about this.

Vincent: I don't think we can call the police about the next world. I think it's going to be tough. We have to keep that part a secret.

Teresa: I think it will be okay. At least they're gone for now.

Vincent: Well I guess I'll see what we can find out. Let's stick together for now.

Teresa: Okay. I was going to say, maybe they're organized. They weren't ashamed they were criminals. They didn't put anything back.

Vincent: They are serious if they want the map.

End scene.

Int. In the Library.

Vincent: Where are you? I thought you were going to be here first.

Morrie: I was waiting for you.

Vincent: I know. But you were going to be here.

Morrie: I went for coffee.

Vincent: Nevermind. Everything go normally about that?

Morrie: Yea. I feel fine. Why?

Vincent: Nothing.

Morrie: Did something happen?

Vincent: No. I don't think so. What do you have to study.

Morrie: Nothing. I was just going to read some books for my paper.

Vincent: It's not due for two months.

Morrie: I want to get it done really early so I have time for everything.

Vincent: If you say so. They do actually usually accept things early.
Morrie: Yea. And I'm going to watch what you're doing.

Vincent: That sounds a little weird. I figured you wouldn't have time to be doing that. Sometimes your more interested in controlling my stuff than anything your supposed to be doing.
Morrie: I just want to make sure you get everything done. You think you are so smart, and I think you are too, but it doesn't mean you don't have to try.

Vincent: You think no one has ever told me that before?

Morrie: Well. Have they told you that before? Like who.

Vincent: Any mentor I've ever had. Talent doesn't really give way to hard work. People say the same things about it.

Morrie: I wasn't meaning to say mean things.

Vincent: No. I know you weren't.

Morrie: That's okay I guess. I don't really know what Teresa wants t odo.

Vincent: I think that there is something she has planned. Something she wants to talk about maybe.

Morrie: Am I in trouble?

Vincent: Oh no, I don't think so. Just something to pass the time that is interesting.

Morrie: I can't read this. Maybe I'm preparing too early.

Vincent: Is that what it is? I wasn't so sure.

Morrie: Hey! Yes, that what's it is.

Vincent: Fair enough, I guess. It's weird. I'm not having any difficulty multi-tasking. Anyways, what time is it?

Morrie: I don't know. Well. My phone says it's six o'clock.

Vincent: I guess we should pack up already. Are you

Morrie: I'm ready to go. I was sort of enjoying this. I haven't read much of anything.

Vincent: That's alright. I don't anything is wrong. But I'm that unfocused.**

Morrie: I just got another text from Teresa. She says she's inside the cafe now.

Vincent: Then let's wait a minute. We don't hae to rush over anywhere now.

Morrie: Okay. Time to put the books in my bag again,

Vincent: No, walk even slower than that. Your heels are always moving so much faster than you are.
Morrie: I hadn't noticed that.

Vincent: Yep. Say, what are you ordering. Are you having dinner?

Morrie: Hmm. Yes. I think so.

Vincent: Yep. Say, what are you ordering then? Are you having dinner?

Morrie: Hmmm. Yes. I think so.

Vincent: That's pretty soon. Stay with her a while.

Morrie: What are you going to go do again?

Vincent: Not much of anything too worrisome. The assignment is on crime on the University campus. The first part is about how safe the sudents feel on the streets at night. Then it's about speaking to police officals on campus about politics.

Morrie: Is that about assaults, the ones that have been happening?

Vincent: There was a whole string of assaults a months ago. But I'm writing more about how things have been over the past few years, while current students have been on campus. Sort of a review, but there was so much written about those already I guess.

Morrie: That sounds interesting. What made you want to write about that?

Vincent: I guess I had to write about something. It came up, and just I just figured there would be a nice twist that comes out of it.
Morrie: It could be interesting. I mean it's not for the New York Times.

Vincent: No. A lot of things written could be really meaningful, if there written well.

Morrie: I like most of the things you write.

Vincent: Most? I suppose that's a good thing. Sometimes people can be so mean to writers.

Morrie: Why's that? Because your conceited?

Vincent: Me? Conceited? I suppose that could be something you could say. Writers are conceited. Sometimes there stealling from each other.

Morrie: Yea. You're not so old and bitter. Writers are like people that live in Bays and write down scandals in fishing communities.

Vincent: Sure. Some writers are like that. That's Moby dick if you think about it. Some writers are different. They live in LA. They have wives. They write things that will get optioned.

Morrie: That's you sort of I think. That's what you'll be like.

Vincent: I'll be alright then. I'm not sure I can live there long. It's kind of a crazy place.

Morrie: You're not going to be too famous if you're a writer. You'll have to sit at a typewriter all day and write all this stuff people don't want.

Vincent: I'm a good writer. People will like the stuff I write. I know they will.

Morrie: I'm just giving you shit.

Vincent: I've noticed you do that from time to time. You have quite the way with people. (Arriving to the cafe.) Which is why I'm leaving you here now. Enjoy your meal.

Morrie: Okay. I'll see you later.

Vincent: One thing though, I have to speak to Teresa for one second.

End scene.

Int. of the Cafe.

Vincent: Hey. Can we leave now?

Teresa: Sure. I guess so. What do you mean really?

Vincent: I mean can I speak with you, just out front.

Teresa: Sure. What's the matter?

Vincent: Just outside first.

Teresa: What the matter?

Vincent: There was someone in the library. They were watching us.

Teresa: What did they want? Was it the map?

Vincent: They looked strange. There following us because they didn't find it inside.

Teresa: What are they going to do?

Vincent: I'm not sure. I guess don't go anywhere where you aren't safe, or aren't visible. They might really want the answer to it.
Teresa: Maybe it was nothing.

Vincent: I know. Obviously your not one to call me oversuspicious now. But something might happen tonight. It might take longer. If you don't hear from me, call the police.

Teresa: Well it's nothing worse than usual. Just like another night of Siobhan stroking her own ego er hem.

Vincent: Yea. That's funny. I don't know if it's personal. It is in as much as the map can make people jealous.

Teresa: If Morrie gets upset or asks questions, just tell her nothing's wrong. Don't let her go on and on. Then she gets anxious.

End scene.

Int. Library
Vincent isn't sure where the men are now. But he thinks they might still be in the building. He goes back to where they were sitting and looks for anything weird. There doesn't seem to be anything abnormal. There seems someone in the distance around the corner and he thinks it would be a lead to go over there. He walks quickly, not trying to draw attention, but not overconcerned.
There are two men sitting in a room with coffee cups talking very seriously. He hides and observes them for a moment. There gesturing towards camera. They get up to leave quickly. He moves towards them as much as he can without being seen. They walk fast and he observes go out the back door and there is a car outside. They loiter before they drive off. He watches where they go, and after he can't see them, he follows them off, figuring there checking other buildings, rather than leaving the campus. He looks at the cameras. There just normal cameras. Though there is a sign that says there recording.

Hurrying outside there is no one around. People seem to have hurried inside, hurried home. It's not too dark, but following them is dangerous. There is a car parked up ahead suspciously, but it's not the one he's looking for.

Farther up ahead, there is something happening again. He can identify there vehicle now. They aren't up to something. One is in the building and the other is more uncertain. He is waiting right outside. Vincent isn't sure if he should approach them.

They seemed to be doing nothing good. There not right outside anymore but they've been through the building. He feels he needs to do something. He goes in through a different door. They've been casing the place, looking for him, for objects.

Vincent: What is it you want?

Map seeker 1: So we've found you now.

Vincent: I've presented myself to you. Why are you following me?

Map seeker 1: There isn't any reason. We actually only wanted to talk with you. You're Vincent, I guess.

Vincent: That's me, if you're not out for me.

Map seeker 1: No, no. Is there something you've been working on lately?

Vincent: I don't think so. Nothing particularly. If you're looking for something, I don't think I've found it either.
Map Seeker 1: We were thinking maybe you were on to something politcally worthy. Have you experienced anything strange lately?
Vincent: No. I don't think I have. I'd love to tell you about it, but unfortunately I haven't.

Map seeker 1: Have you been to any strange places, heard any weird noises.

Vincent: No. I'm not sure why you're asking. Did you hear anything?

Map seeker 1: Recently I haven't heard anything. We were just inquiring about this place. I think you know of it.

Vincent: I am afraid I have no idea what you're talking about.

Map Seeker 1: I think you surely do. In fact I think you've been there. We need to go there. You're going to tell us about it.

Vincent: Your delusional. There's nothing out there, there isn't a special world.

Map seeker 1: I think there is. I know you know about it. And let's be honest, if you don't give it to me, were going to kidnap you, and torture you.

Vincent: Really? Well take it from me now. I don't have the map. You're wrong. It's just not there.
Map seeker 1: It's not about finding it right away. It's about you telling the truth. Joining our side. You won't know what to do with what you have, without us.

Vincent: The only persons that have said something like that to me before are liars, and killers, and there was no in between.
Map seeker 1: The golden rule is follow the group, you can't escape what is about to happen. So trust me, come over to this side, let go.

Vincent: How could you take such a positive phrase, and make it so sinsister?

Map seeker: Just do what I say. We can't give you any more time to decide.

Vincent: Here's my decision. Fuck you. [Vincent turns and runs away from them.]

He moves quickly through the building. The other map seeker is in front of him. He keeps running but turns a corner before coming to the door. He sees he's being pursued. He speeds up more. The next exit is a way he can probably get away from them. The first pursuer is far behind. He barrels through the door. He runs back to the main part of the campus, looping around the other from which he came. He hides out in an alley between Science buildings, before feeling that he's lost them well enough, and he goes to find Teresa and Morrie, so he can talk about it with her, and figure out what to do not just to get away from them, but to beat them.
End scene.

Int. Cafe
Vincents walks in thinking to hide his worry, having to pause and look for where they were exactly. They are in the same place, they have finished eating and are reading over something together.
Vincent: (to Teresa) I think we need to go somewhere else.

Teresa: Alright. I think were ready to go now.

Morrie: Why? What's going on. Even if you don't look distressed there seems to be something going on.

Teresa: I don't think it's anything. We just have a lot of things to do.

Vincent: Something came up. I have to leave the two of you again. You can just go home.

Morrie: That's not a problem. But are you going to be okay?

Teresa: No. I don't think so. We'll be fine. I think Vincent can take care of himself.

Morrie: Are you going to come home with me.

Vincent: Actually she's going to come with me. But we'll go with you so far.

End scene.

Ext. Walking to Teresa's home.

Vincent: I remember it's not this house but on the next street. They look identical.

Teresa: Did they try to kill you?

Vincent: Yes, they tried to kill me there. They were after the map from the beginning. It's some kind of terrorist plot.

Teresa: In the world there are objects that can destroy things.

Vincent: There's a substance. I noticed it inside. Everywhere, they were trying to get it's power. They don't mean any good to anyone anywhere.
Teresa: You can't run from them for very long.

Vincent: Maybe I can try. I think if I say I have the map, they'll come after me, and they might leave you out of this.
Teresa: Where are you going to go.

Vincent: I don't know. Not far. I'm going to get a cabin in the interior.

Teresa: Do they think they'll find you there?

Vincent: I really don't think so. It's too vast. There's too many ways. And I could be going anywhere.

End scene.
Int. Vincent's condo.

He looks out the windows first to see if there is anyone watching. There isn't anyone watching. It seems people might have noticed a disturbance though because it's quiter than usual. He packs two bags, that he can haul at once into the car in the parkade without attracting much attention from people watching.
It takes him a few minutes, deciding what is essential, what outfits won't get him noticed, how cold it will be. Heading out the door he was the weird feeling that there would be someone in the hallway, that someone was following him presently, but it didn't change how he needed to leave out of there right away.
Ext. Driving on highway one
He felt a little shaken as he drove the vehicle. There was nothing on the radio that was relevant, or particularly strange. It was another hour before he got to the location a hundred kilometres from Kelowna. He thought about texting Teresa and Morrie and seeing how they were doing, but he thought better of it.

He's close now. Suddenly there are people approaching. There is a big truck that has big flood lights beamed on him. It hover ten metres behind him, and he starts to change lanes but they follow the cars movements. Then the vehicle speeds up to try to crash into his but he swerves at the last second. They are still driving away very quickly and disappear.
He continues on to where he was going, trying to take a bit of a different route. When he arrives the attendant gives him the keys and he goes to the cabin and listens closely to see if he is safe.

There are some people talking. But the cabins are far away. There is no one outside. One of the vehicles is parked too close but it was before he took this cabin. It's by the path so it is one of the safer ones in terms of exiting and getting away.

He's sitting at the desk, not quite tired yet, making notes as to what to do if something happens. The sun goes down. He goes and lies in the bed, eventually getting in the covers. There are some shouts outside but it's not the same people. He set the alarm very early and eventually drifts off to sleep.
When he awakes the next morning, he's a little surprised that he's okay. There's some things to eat at a buffet in the common area over at the office and he goes there, keeping to himself while he grabs things but seeing who is staying there. Nothing seems to be wrong.

It's a few days later. He's been on some walks through the woods, though he's really lying low with the map. Rarely even studying to find out what they are after. It's then that it happens. He's thinking about whats on the map when he hears a large vehicle on the gravel. The blinds are closed but there is a small peak. The men exit the vehicle and it can be seen that they have miltary style artillery, looks stolen or purchased in a different part of the world.

There isn't much time to escape, though there is a back exit. The car is parked in front though. He might have with the things. He has an emergency bag still packed. It doesn't take long to see he doesn't have a chance to confront them, and not much time because of how powerful the weapons are. He closed the door quietly and runs off, thinking they were probably coming around to get all the sides quickly. He thought if they pursue in the vehicle, they could find his position. Maybe if he hitches into town he could get a cab somewhere else from there. The map was in his bag.
After a few tries, he's able to hitch with a man. The man asks where he's going and he answers that, he is only going in to town. The man agrees.

Driver: Why are you hitching? You don't look so poor.

Vincent: I was just out on my own. Took the bus.

Driver: Oh yea. Everything okay.

Vincent: Why yes. I believe so. Looks like we're making good time.

Driver: I heard there might be traffic here but maybe not. Something we should be worried about.
Vincent: Oh no. I don't think so. I don't think there is anything to be worried about.

Driver: Alright then kid.

They drive and eventually reach the town. He has him drop him at the bus station, and from there he gets the cab, and is on even further, into the mountains.

End scene.
Int. Hotel in Banff.

Hotel reception: Banff is a long ways from home son. What are you doing here?

Vincent: I'm just on vacation. My father has cancer. Need some time to think. Some mountains to stare at.

Hotel reception: If that's what you say, that's what you say.

Vincent: It's like I say. Just with the room key. Top floor.

Hotel reception: We have that.

Vincent: Credit card. Here. In my hands.

Hotel reception: Wonderful. I'll put the nights down.

Vincent: Okay. Thanks. Anything I need to know?

Hotel reception: No sir, of course not.

Vincent walks away to elevator.

Vincent: Good night sir.

End scene.

Int. hotel room

Vincent looks through the windows, the curtains open and the city lay before him. It is active and there are people about, things normal and buy, the mountains way above it's seasonal hustle and bustle.

   Vincent takes out his notebook. He writes: They won't come this far. I'm safe here. They won't come this far. I'm safe here.


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