Morrie 1

More battling ensues. They are matching evenly, thought Valeri is very tricky.

Vincent: How much longer can you last doing this. You look so old. You must be getting tired.

Valeri: One doesn't age in this world. I have all the energy you think you have. I've lived for many more years than you think. I know so many thigns that you won't be able to fight through.

Vincent: If you're still training you must not have been very good to begin with.

Valeri: That's not a bad point. Though I have found great things.

Beam changes colour and almost strikes Vincent. But it misses and the creature is wearing down. He slows, and eventually he is losing the battle.

Vincent: So ready to show me were the map is now?

Valeri: I am not going to give you the map. While I live it won't be accessible to you.

Vincent: You're lying.

Valeri: I may be. But I'm not lying about this. I won't let you have it while I'm alive.

They struggle. Valeri falls to the ground, and Vincent has him pinned with his sword at his neck.

Vincent: Tell us how to get the map to the next world.

Valeri: I was not lying to you. If I am alive, it will not reveal itself to you.
Vincent: Teresa. Go check the wall. See if it opens.

Teresa walks to where the chest is.

Teresa: It doesn't seem to be opening. It's not really like a combo or something. It's magic.

Vincent: Keep trying.

Teresa: Maybe. No. I can't get it open. [Ah! Blue sparks fly.]

Vincent turns around and continues to hold Valeri down.

Vincent: Are you okay?

Teresa: I think so. That was scary.

Valeri is trying to break free and Vincent has to turn back around. Valeri swipes at him with his saber, but it misses Vincent, and then Vincent swipes his head off with the sword, and it tumbles away on the ground.

Teresa: Oh my. Why did he try that.

Vincent: I'm not sure. He just wouldn't let us have the map. And it happened so quickly then.

Teresa: He didn't want to help us. Or cooperate.

Vincent: Look. There's something happening. It's liquifying.

Teresa: I can see something inside. Maybe he wasn't lying.

Vincent: That's the unfortuante bit. At least there's no code I suppose.

Teresa: Because we wouldn't be getting that now.

Vincent: That's what I mean.
Teresa: It's pretty big. It looks like it's a bit of a walk.

Vincent: We have to go through those parts of the forest. [Looking at the map.] From there it's not far. It looks like it's at the edges.

Teresa: This is going to work, isn't it? I think it will. It should work.

Vincent: Perfect. It will work perfectly. I hope.

End scene.

Int. In the forest

Teresa: We've been walking for a while. But it looks like it did in the map.

Vincent: It's a good sign. Obviously the map is accurate. But this edges things sounds strange. I hope there isn't a booby of some kind. We have to be careful.

Teresa: Valeri could be coming after us in death.

Vinent: Perhaps he'll keep coming after us, until we do something about it. For real.

Teresa: When you say it like that, he can't come our way now.
Vincent: Huh?

Teresa: I mean he's dead. We don't need to be scared of much.

Vincent: Just these other animals. And forces. Keep the map tight.

Teresa: Will do. It's getting really really dark.

Vincent: I think at night it gets twice as dark as the normal world. And things change. They shift and they become volatile. So we need to get through the forest portion quickly. We seem to be on track.

Teresa: Going fast as I can.

Vincent: Did you feel that?

Teresa: The ground quivered. And it flashed amberish.

Vincent: The opening is up ahead. Almost there.
Ends scene.

Ext. Next World.

Teresa: It is not nearly as dark out here.

Vincent: Yea. Good thing we're getting there. I think the dragon thing is gone now.

Teresa: Is it going to come for us?

Vincent: I don't know if something's going to come for us. Like I said. Keep moving quickly.

Teresa: There's nothing out here. Why is the exit out here?

Vincent: There must be something magical about. Dark, dark magic I mean. Like that place where you don't go except if you really need something.

Teresa: Maybe we should stay inside here.

Vincent: This world. You and me?

Teresa: It doesn't sound very safe going back.

Vincent: I don't know if I like you like that, darling.

The whole world still is getting darker. There are peculiar noises, constant swooshing wind sounds, but there path seems to be relatively unperturbed, though somewhat uncertain and undirected.

Vincent: I think we're almost there. There should be a narrowing of perception.

Teresa: What?

Vincent: It's on the map. You'll see it.

Teresa: Is that the exit. The reality is shifting.
Vincent: I think I see another world through it.

Teresa: It's flat like a wall.

Vincent: Wherever we are, it ends here. The map doesn't have any more info, we just have to go through like the platform you know.

Teresa: If you're ready. I don't know if I can go through. It might hurt. It might, we might not live.

Vincent: You will. Just go through, with me. Hold my hand, and we will go through.

Teresa: Okay. Give me a second though. Maybe you should see what happens. Put your hand through, something to test it.

Vincent: It's a vaccum. It will suck me through. Then you'll be all alone, and you might not come through. How do we know it will even send us to the same place if you come through?

Teresa: It doens't even say on the map. That it's a vaccum.

Vincent: I can tell.

Teresa: Oh. I don't know.

Vincent: Come on. On the count of three. One...

Teresa: Okay. Together then. My eyes are closed.

Vincent: Two... (He pulls her through and they are swept into the real world in an unknown location.)

Ext. A field on a cliff.

Teresa: What the heak. Where are we? Why was that so quick?

Vincent: I don't have an explanation. Just keep moving with me and we'll get home. It feels like Earth.

Teresa: We were on Earth weren't we.

Vincent: I think so. Maybe.

Teresa: What city is that?

Vincent: I don't know. Looks like where in Switzerland. Zurich maybe.

Teresa: Are we going to need passports to get home.

Vincent: I don't think so. Come on. Let's get moving. They speak English here.

End scene.

Int. Airport

Vincent: See. We got everything sorted. We just said we were lost. We didn't have to tell them anything. I don't think we'll have to go back there.

Teresa: But he said we'd have to go back.

Vincent: But we killed Valeri.

Teresa: I think he knew we'd have to kill Valeri.

Vincent: Maybe not. There's no reason for us to go back. Don't believe them that they need us there. We're not chosen. I mean not this time.

Teresa: I guess your right.

Vincent: Let's go sit in the coffee shop there for a second. Now and we have lots of time. You can see the city.
Teresa: Do you like it here?

Vincent: I do. It's a very rational city. Joyce really liked it. I don't think he needed to be here. He didn't need to be in exile.

Teresa: What does that have to do with being a writer?

Vincent: Playing God. Looking down on everyone. A lot of long walks. Like Nietzshe before he had syphillis.
Teresa: Oh my. I suppose that's true.

Vincent: That could kill you you should hear.

Teresa: I figured you'd point as much out.

Vincent: Anything for you. Erhmm. The sky is green.

Teresa: I hadn't notice that.

Vincent: Not so much pollution.

Teresa: Maybe we could visit here longer.

Vincent: We should really get home. We don't want people to ask questions.

Teresa: Maybe. But I don't want to be worried.

Vincent: I know. As soon as we're in the city we'll have nowhere to go right away.

Teresa: That makes sense I suppose.

Vincent: Just rest your mind until we have to fly.

End scene.

Int. airport in Vancouver

Vincent: Let's move quickly.

Teresa: Is anyone going to recognize us here?

Vincent: I don't think so. Keep you're head down.
Teresa: What about on the train.

Vincent: No, no. We'll take a taxi. Come on.

Teresa: Over here.

Vincent: [They get inside] To the UBC campus.

Teresa: What?

Vincent: Don't worry. We'll stay in my apartment. We'll say we we there.

Teresa: Okay. That would work. Good thinking.

Vincent: Did you notice anything strange in there?

Teresa: Maybe. There was someone staring but I didn't recognize the person. They didn't look nice.

Vincent: That's what I mean.

Teresa: Maybe someone knows. Maybe we will have to go back.

Vincent: It's possible. I guess we'll have to watch out, and stick together.

Teresa: I'd say.

Vincent: I don't know who they were.

Teresa: Do you think someone else knows? About this world?

Vincent: I'm not sure. If they do, there probably just curious. Don't try to tell anyone things. Don't give in without a fight. I mean if it comes to that.

Teresa: I'm sad it's come to this. I didn't want to go into the next world. I'd throw away everything about it, everything we discovered.

Vincent: I know. What can one do?

End scene.

Int. Entering apartment with key.
Vincent: So, a few days here. Let's just lay low here. Keep an eye out for those strange people. Let's think of things that we've been doing over the past two days. Alibi's.

Teresa: Jamie was fired in Montreal when he was nineteen and will say it's someone else every time.

Vincent: That explains everything. That's an alibi.

Teresa: It seems he's had some meltdown.

Vincent: Seriously though, about this issue specifically. You had an essay. You needed to use the library until late, and you didn't have it done the night previous.

Teresa: There's a whole family temporaily living in your house.

Vincent: Haha. That's enough.

Teresa: Yea, seriously, that should be enough. Let's just not go back there.

Vincent: Agreed. You tired?

Teresa: Very tired.

Vincent: Good thing. The bed's set up for you. If I'm still alive in the morning let's go for brunch. Avoid Siobhan, her not so funny harrassment... She's a bit of just another stalker. She can't even spell her name properly any more.

End scene.

Int. condo.

Teresa: What happened?

Vincent: Someone taking pictures of me all the time... Jamie's annoying, taking photos.
Teresa: Is that why there's such an ungodly number of them?

Vincent: Probably. Everyone thought it was about a love obsession. I mean maybe. He is gay.

Teresa: I didn't know that.

Vincent: Gay as Dumbledore. Just like him.

Teresa: You learn something new every day.

Vincent: He'd hate me for telling you that.

Teresa: Well now I know.

Vincent: Now you know.

Teresa: How did we get here?

Vincent: I don't know. I think Valeri was watching us here.

Teresa: How many people are watching us?

Vincent: A lot of people. They still don't know what's going on though. There weren't as many before.

Teresa: When did it start.

Vincent: I don't know. The last time I really went travelling, I was studying in London. I had to get part-time jobs because Kathy wouldn't stop yelling about how Jamie used to work. So I tried to do that. They didn't really understand me. I didn't tell them about my heart problems. When I would tell them I quit they would just look at me stunned. At the dinery one they didn't know what was going on. I was so polite about everything. It was actually hard to explain I didn't want to be there. The rest of the time I didn't work and just tried to get better and find some clear head space.
Teresa: That's weird.

Vincent: It was the same thing at the bar here. They were like why? I was trying to tell them how Jamie got fired, and how I sort of got the Katelyn woman fired because of how mean she was, but it wasn't really something appropriate. Everyone was really interested to see me doing those things though. I really just tried to hang out at the bar, but the one going by Kathy Lyn kept telling me to work, work more. I didn't know why. Not for sure.
Teresa: That's interesting. That's very funny. These aren't very serious things.

Vincent: I know right. Filming the movies was easy. They built the scripts out of my life, out of my material.

Teresa: I think that's what people are being weird about. Aside from how they think your doing things because you weren't suited for normailty.

Vincent: I hate normailty.

Teresa: It's funny because that's obvious.

Vincent: I really try to be there for those two. I'm not sure people see that.

End scene.

Int. Restaurant

Vincent: You should eat more quickly. We don't want to look like we're loitering out here.
Teresa: Yea I'm trying not to draw attention to us.

Vincent: It's weird we haven't seen Morrie out here yet, isn't it?

Teresa: It is very weird. She's not around.

Vincent: Maybe she's not the person that's going to ask questions.
Teresa: I think she likes the story of love interest more so.

Vincent: Who's been making things up then?
Teresa: I dont know. (laughs.) It could be Chantelle. She's a little more confident.

Vincent: That's a frightening thought.

Teresa: The way she's been, she's been more vicious than scared. You can't really trust her right now. She's probably up to something.
Vincent: She is obsessed though you know, without me having really said anything.

Teresa: I noticed something like that. Don't mention anything to her. We're not going back right?

Vincent: No. Definitely not.

End scene.

Int. Hallways of classroom building

Vincent: As I was saying we were just studying over the weekend.

Morrie: But I didn't hear from you.

Vincent: I didn't have my phone.

Morrie: At no point you had your phone?

Vincent: No, at no point ever.

Morrie: What were you doing?

Vincent: I was just studying.

Morrie: Who were you with.

Vincent: Teresa. Some by myself.

Morrie: Which one is it?

Vincent: What do you mean. You don't think I've been studying. Most people work harder than you. You're lazy.

Morrie: I just want to know who you were with.

Vincent: With no one. That's about it. You're a jealous girlfriend.

Morrie: Well I just want to know if you're telling the truth.

Vincent: Hang on. I have a phone call.

Teresa: Hey. Something happened.

Vincent: What's wrong?

Teresa: There was someone inside. The balcony was open. They took things out of the drawers.

Vincent: Is everything alirght.

Teresa: I'm not sure. There's someone screaming out there.

Vincent: A man.

Teresa: A man. Maybe a woman too.

Vincent: Okay.

Teresa: What happened?

Vincent: Not sure.

Teresa: Is someone following us?

Vincent: Maybe.

Teresa: What do I do?

Vincent: Okay.

Teresa: Your going to come here now?

Vincent: Yes.

Teresa: Are we being mean? Are we in trouble?

Vincent: No. I don't think so.

Teresa: Like you didn't ever want to say those things out loud about Jamie.

Vincent: Of course not.

Teresa: I'm scared.

Vincent: I'm comng now.

Teresa: Bye.

Vincent: Bye. (To Morrie) I have to go. I'll catch up with you later.

Morrie: What! You have to come with me.

Vincent: There's always something. I don't think you understand the gravity of this. I'm sorry.

Morrie: What are you saying.

Vincent: It's nothing. Just stay safe here. Don't trust anyone that's not me. Don't trust a liar.

Morrie: You can't leave me alone.

Vincent: You can be alone for another little while. Think Revolutionary road. Good book. This is all not real. I know you were in a soap opera, but just trust me for a second. Don't do stupid shit and I'll be back in a while.

End scene.


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