The Estate 2

By Asa Montreaux, pen name Andrew James

Vincent: I have hardly done anything. He is the one with guilt written all across his face.

May: Yeah what the hell was that? Leave Vincent alone!

Matilda: Alright, so it was nothing, let's try and be normal again. (She tries to eat. Some of them do as well. Vincent is the only one who doesn't even have a bite.)
End scene

Int. Upstairs

In Vincent's chamber, he is in bed, not trying to sleep, wide awake, obviously thinking about the ghost, and what to do about Rick. He looks over and May and Teresa are both sleeping. He gets up again and goes to the washroom. He looks in the mirror, trying to feel steady.

Vincent: (to himself) The only things that is certain, is that this man means to kill us.

Int. Downstairs Matilda is being fitted for her dress by a group of tailors.

Matilda: What do you think Teresa?

Teresa: It looks lovely, Mom.

Matilda: Sweetie,... where is Rick?

Teresa: I believe he's upstairs.

Matilda: He is supposed to be down here now.
Teresa: Should I go and fetch him. He might have forgotten.

Matilda: No, no. Just stay here hun.

Teresa: Are you sure, I can just go grab him.

Matilda: Okay. Just go let him know, then come right back here, would you?

Teresa exits.

Ext. Vincent out walking again by were they saw the ghost, meandering past, looks upset, thinking its over. Stops. Camera circles. Remembering what it was that happened. A moment of surety and decision comes over him.

You can beat it now. You can be so much more

Int. Rick and Teresa enter

Teresa: He came right away. He was distracted with something else I think.

Rick: Hello my darling, are you feeling quite alright?

Matilda: Yes, yes, I was just waiting for you.

Rick: Good. Is everyone here?

Matilda: Why I think so.

Rick: (suddenly worried) Where is Vincent.

Matilda: Oh don't worry hunny, I think he just went for a walk.

Rick: What! (realizes he has overreacted) Well, tell him to come in why don't you.

Teresa: (looking embarrassed, surprised, runs off to grab him) Okay, okay.

Rick: So many things that are happening. Weddings! Ha!

Matilda: Are you feeling alright, Richard?

Rick: Oh yes, yes, I am feeling alright.

Rick: He's a funny boy. Always off doing something. Always trying... to figure something out.
Ha ha.

Matilda: Oh Rick, I don't know how I feel about things?

Rick: What? I promise you everything is going to be alright.

Teresa and Vincent enter.

Rick: Ah, my boy. There you are.

Vincent: Here I am, yep. How are you?

Rick: Why I am fine. (He pauses.) But, why were you outside?

Vincent: Why? I was, I was simply catching some fresh air. It is rather stuffy in here. I have been cooped inside my office so tightly for several months now.
Rick: I am going to ask you to not do that. Stay inide. It is dangerous out there right now. Didn't I inform you. I want you where I can see you. I am your father now, and it is my job to look after you, not your own.
Vincent: That sounds like something I can oblige too. I won't go out without your permission.

Rick: You won't go out at all.

Vincent: I'll think about it.

Rick: You will do as I say, with no exceptions.

Matilda: Rick, your being rather harsh.

Rick: No. The boy needs all of my discipline. He's the goddamn rotten child, in all his goddamn brilliance.
Vincent: Agree to disagree. If that was all to the annoucement, maybe no one has died yet, and I'm going to go fantasize about death and depressing things in my room, and not even Mae is invited.

Rick: Vincent, where are you going? Come back here. We need to do this right away. I have not agreed to delay this

Vincent exits, end scene.

Int. Vincent's room. He is in bed again, awake. He wants to sleep, though things are to gloomy. He stares at the ceiling in exasperation, finally rising and moving swiftly to the balcony, opening the door quietly, though with little real regard for Richard, and he climbs down the balcony, to the garden floor. And walks along the edge of the gardens.

Vincent: (to self). I think I should run far away from here. If only they should come, step out here with me. And yet to leave this castle, this home of my mine, to this man who I loathe so much. No, I'd rather see him on the streets, I'd rather his face in his own puke, I'd rather we remain as we are, without him. (Walks on further).

Vincent: Sebastien! What are you doing here?

Sebastien: Oh. I didn't see you there. I was checking up on you. You haven't responded to my text messages.

Vincent: Well, as I told you, I'm a little busy, this Richard guy is some sort of pyschotic mother raper.

Sebastien: You told me about him. Though, everyone doubts that he is seriously as bad as you depict him.
Vincent: Well, my anger begets the best poetry. What on earth are you doing in my garden.

Sebastien: I told you. I was worried about you. There was no real reason. I was a little bored. I needed to get out of the house and walk some. Are you okay, then? Is there something going on.

Vincent: This Rick man is trying to marry my mother for her money but no one is listening to me again. It's the same god damn plot over and over again.

Sebastien: You have such an overactive imagination. He just means to offer you support. He has... a some of money to his name. Don't worry.

Vincent: I am worried. Oh, I am worried, let me tell you. There is somehting I have to do about this, and I am all on my own to do it.
Sebastien: Well, okay I guess. Is there someway I can help.

Vincent: Someone to help. Is there but some bizarre dream? Yes, you can help. You have to promise me to help. When I need our help, you have to be here. When we need help, when I have evidence, then you have to have the authorities here. Can you do that?

Sebastien: Sure, I think. When do you think that's going to happen. I don't think I will wait forever for that scenario.

Vincent: No, no. It will happen soon. I am sure of this. Within the week. Tomorrow even. We will meet here, if I can escape. If not, someone must go inside, and end wahtever they come to find. I fear not this situation, but I fear for all of us. Go on, get out of here. I must return before someone notices I am gone. I will not sleep, but Iwill just need more coffee.

End Scene.

Int. In the gym

Matilda: Rick, don't work so hard. You are turning red. You are going to have a heart attack. What are you on about.

Rick: (takes him a moment to recognize her speaking to him) Nonsense. I'm not worried about anything. When did I say I was worried about anything.

Matilda: Well, alright then.

Rick: Matilda, what if vincent continues to not respond to me. How am I going to run the company?
Matilda: Who said I was giving you the company?

Rick: (looks confused, a little stunned) No one said that. I just wanted to run it. My darling, it's your company. But with my experience and things... we will discuss things later.

Matilda: Are you sure you are alright. I haven't said anything but I am not sure of this anymore. I don't want someone who I don't know is doing this because they love me.
Rick: Matilda, darling, I love you. Nothing will change this. We just have to consider all aspects of things. It is because I love you that I want to do so much on your behalf. You see this, yes?

Matilda: You've stopped running, but your still red. I think I do. I want to belive in you, Richard. Don't let me down.
Rick: Of course not, of course not. I will be with you until the end of time, until death do us part.

Matilda: I worry about you. I don't want to do this on my own.

Rick: No, that's nothing to think about. I've got everything under control. Your future is very, very safe with me.
End Scene.

Int. Dinner Table. They are seated for family dinner again, and this time, things are much more sour. Matilida is still beign very civil, though Rick, in spite of what he said is still flustered, and Vincent is very suspicous and angsty about the situtation. He doesn't want to eat anything.

Matilda: Vinnie, is everything alright right now?

Vinnie: Well, you tell me. Is this man going to be here for ever? Are the two of you going to bicker? Is he going to take away from my happiness, and from my liberty?

Teresa: He is a bit of a buzz kill sometimes. All this businness machismo. So serious. It makes you wonder.

Matilda: Rick is a mature adult, I am not sure I can say the same for you. You've spent half this
time away from school wallowing. I think you know how I feel, that I ask of you to be better than to ask a grown man to not be himself. He is an important man.

Teresa: Not nearly as important as Dad was. Not even half as wealthy.

Matilda: Enough. What do you know about money. That is simply not true.

Vincent: One day the stars and the sky will align, everything one infinitely descending destiny.
And God will say, Richard, get the fuck out.

Suddenly, the light flickers once, and returns dimmed, yellowish. A noise groans above the dinner table, and suddenly appears a ghost. It is a female and she is staring angrily at Rick.

Mae: Oh, no. This isn't good, this isn't what we expected.

Ghost: Richard, you have forgotten me. You are dishonest. In my death, the seeds of your plans are apparent. You have already betrayed me.

Rick: What is this! Vincent, what have you done!

Ghost: My husband. My husband. My husband. My husband. You have betrayed me. You, you have betrayed me. All lies. You, you, have murdered me, taken my life.

Matilda: Richard, what is this!

Ghost: (pivots to Matilda) You, you, have taken up with my husband, with my murderer. And now I must tell you stay away from him. (Raisies finger and points at Matilda) Stay away from my murderer. Your murderer!

Rick: Enough! (Lunges over dinner table at ghost)

Matilda: Richard, what are you doing, oh my God!

Richard collapses over the table, and the ghost disappears as he tries to grasp it, around the neck area.
He lands on the table, a fairly loud crash. The table cloth is displaced by his body. He remains there for a few seconds, embarassed, feeling caught in a compromising situation.

Matilda: Children, to bed, now!

Vincent: Hang on, let's play this out. We need to talk about this now. (He walks over and grabs Vincet by the hair, before he can move, sprawled on the table still.) You are a murderer. Your past is dark and muddy, and you are trespassing. What are your plans!

Matilda: Vincent, let him down, oh dear.
Vincent: Just one more minute, dear mother. Mr. Man from nowhere, do you, or do you intend to kill Matilda?

Richard: No, I don't know what that thing was talking about. It wasn't real. Your are caught in a spasm Vincent. It was nothing. I have no idea what it was. It was all lies.

Vincent: Well it spoke truth to me, and by the power invested in me, I'm going to drag you out just like this.

Matilda: Vincent, put him down! We will settle this some other way. He already said it wasn't real.
Vincent: And you will eat the crap that comes from his mouth? Mother, he has lied to you and he will lie more, and we must not let his greater crimes come between us and rift and rip apart our destiny.

Mae: Tell the freak to go fuck himself!

Teresa: Mae, this is my mother's husband.

Vincent: (calm again, showing morality) No, not yet he isn't. (releases his hair) Very well, mother. Let's finish our dinner. (He pauses, and thinks briefly) As he says, perhaps, it was nothing. She did speak somewhat crazy, like a jealous ex-wife. (He resets his dinner jacket, and seat himself at the table, even lifting his knife and fork)
Matilda: (stares at him rather astonished) Do as Vincent says. We will finish dinner and then everyone will return to there chambers. And Rick and I will discuss this privately.

Mae: Pretty much that was the weirdest thing I've ever seen.

Teresa: That was strange. I don't really know what happened.

Vincent: (trying to sound resolved) Don't speak of it now. We will have many evenings to recount this lovely tale if we don't spoil its goodiness this night.
Mae: That will settle things. I think that sounds like a good idea to me, Vincent.

Vincent: Thank you, Mae.

Mae: Your welcome.

Silent, very hesitant eating.

End scene.

Int. Upstairs. Vincent is in his chamber. Wide awake. There are shouts from downstairs.

Vincent: (sighs audibly. Sounds below increase in volume.) What to do, what to do. (He sits up and frowns, thinking of the things he is hearing. The very loud shouts are stopping. And he begins to wait for them to stop.)

Skip forward, Vincent is still waiting, and finally the sound has stopped, for ten, fifteen minutes. He leaps from bed, and heads to his closet.

He climbs down the stares gently. And looks around in the open area rooms for Rick and Matilda. They are in bed. He moves slowly through the hallways, stopping around the corner from there chamber, protruding the side of his head, to listen if they are still awake. There are no sounds. He listens for any change. There is none. He moves forward. The camera is on his face and upper torso. It is mostly dark in the hallway. They should have been in bed long ago. He opens the door without making it squeak, and moves through. He can then see them in bed, at the far end of the room. He walks right to the edge of the bed, and he can hear his mother's slow breaths. Richard is turned over in bed. He is a little emotional. He raises the weapon, reaches across the bed, and with two hands, plunges the sword into Richard's body. Suddenly the man wreaths in pain, dying, he is turned around and nearly jumps upwards from his bed. It is not Richard. Vincent is horrified. Suddenly the screams are heard and he hears Richards voice from another chamber. His mother has awaken and screams.

Matilda: Vincent, what have you done?

Vincent: I killed the bastard. As if I was going to let someone that unstable go on living her, let alone walk another walk, breath any further breath.

Matilda: But you fucking killed him.

Vincent: Yes, I did.

Matilda: Who is it? Look!

Vincent: It looks like effing Mae's Dad. Don't tell me it's her Dad.

Matilda: No, it's the Butler.

Vincent: Oh. Oops.

Richard runs in, face red with anger, already.

Richard: You maniac you, what I would do, if I weren't a controlled, calm man. What I would do if I weren't the controlled, calm man. You, you maniac. Look, you have killed him, no for everyone to see, it is you who is quite so unstable.

Vincent: I don't think so. You didn't really think you would get away with this, did you. Listen to yourself, you are still lying, still blathering on, until the very bitter end. Is nothing ever enough for you to admit that you were wrong?

Matilda: Richard, what is going on, really?

Vincent: Yes, Richard, do tell us, what is it, that is going on?

Richard: I want to be the best husband for you, the father to these, these children and young adults. This marriage means everything to me. Please, darling, I would never kill them. Let's just forget about this. Dispose of that body, and let's move on.

Vincent: You want just to get rid of it? What was the butler doing in your place. You have put another man in bed with my mother!

Richard: I have done no such thing. A man learns to take caution with volatile minds like yours.

Vincent: The real question is what will happen next. (Vincent is still holding his sword. He points it at Richard, extending his arm.) The real question, King Richard, is what kind of man will you prove to be, after you have proven not to be one, and will I regret not killing you here, now.

Matilda: Vincent, don't kill him.

Vincent: Nonsense! The police will not listen. With all of those delinquents out there, no one will take my word, take the truth as anything more than a version. Taking action, that is the only way to end this.

Matilda: No Vincent. We hear you. I will listen. You just need to make sense, son.

Vincent: (He is still pointing the sword at Richard's chest.) Very well. So we will do this the gentlemanly way. We will give you one more chance. But let this be your warning. Don't let me down.

Richard: As you say, master Vincent, this is almost over.

Vincent: I need you to promise to me, that it is over. Can you promise to me that it is over?

Richard: I promise you Vincent, that it is over. Now, will you the put the god damned sword down, please.

Vincent: I'll think about it. But first, back out of her, ass first, and make yourself some coffee. You look like a complete wreck.

Richard: Very well. I will make some coffee.

Vincent: Hey, don't turn around, ass first.

Richard: Are you sure aren't this father I hear about. Vincent Sr. and goddamn Vincent senior.

Vincent: Now's that the time for any wisecracks. Your on your last plank walk.

Richard: Fair enough.

End Scene.

Int. Upstairs, Vincent's room.

Vincent is getting into bed, putting on a pajama top. He puts his phone in by the bedside, and pulls the covers tight. Richard has the house cold still. He looks at his messages. He thinks it's a good idea to compose a new one.

Vincent: (writing) Hey Sebastien, still don't have Richard gone. Getting pretty bizarre. Might need some help. Will you be around?

He waits for the message. For a while, but eventually it doesn't come, so fro the first time in tow days, he falls asleep.

There must have been another noise, or just a bad feeling, because he wakes up quickly. He sits up and looks out the window, and it's still mostly dark outside. He looks at his phone, and there is also still no message returned. He looks concerned. Gets up and leaves his room again, more cautiously in case Richard is listening, but there is no one upstairs, in any of the room. He thinks about going back to sleep, but instead, looking at the clock, it's about four, and he decides just to go for a run, and say he was anticipating his alarm.

When he gets back, there is commotion again, though not shouting, very early in the morning, but he just goes back upstairs, still there is no text message. He wondered about help, who might believe him, this time, and he though of one person. And suddenly he remembered, she was on her way today.


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