The Estate 3

By Asa Montreaux, pen name Andrew James

Int. Kitchen area

Mae: Do they really leave all these bagels around for you all the time.

Vincent: Yep. They do. Eat at your own risk. They're just so good.

Mae: So many different flavours. This one is sesame seed.

Vincent: Mhmm. It's a bit abusive the way they cook dinner for us though. You don't really have a choice.

Mae: (Looks at him sideways a little, smirks) I hadn't noticed that. Maybe they want to give you more of something that you're not thinking about.

Vincent: What, like poison.

Mae: No, not poision. Something else other than that.

Vincent: Maybe, I have no hint as to what other thing that might be. Something meant to harm something related to me. Nothing I've stuck my chin out about.

Mae: You're in the middle of a vast conspiracy.

Vincent: You think so? It might be more the case that this really is a domestic kind of dispute.
Mae: Best to keep things discrete?

Vincent: Yea. Nothing that has anything to do with anything else. Nothing that makes us look good, whatever happens.

Mae: No one going crazy or anything.

Vincent: No. Unless you count Rick.

Mae: But that's between us. That's a secret too.

Vincent: I guess so yeah. I don't want people to know much more about it I guess. Then I'd have to explain my Mom actually likes him, maybe, I think.

Teresa enters

Teresa: What have you been discussing?

Vincent: You of course, and how keenly interested you are, you nosy little thing.

Teresa: Really?

Vincent: Not really. I mean, we weren't discussing it.

Teresa: Okay I guess. What's really going on?

Vincent: I don't know. Have you noticed something particular out of the ordinary?

Teresa: Not really. Just some ghosts and things.
Vincent: Then there is nothing going on.

Teresa: Vincent, you barely see your mother. Who on earth would know? You're gone almost the whole year. And lately you have your vacations somewhere else. You said you don't even find it relaxing here.
Vincent: I haven't said that lately. I haven't said anything bad about Rick, or even about my mother's choice in men.

Teresa: Yea, only since you resolved to get him out of here forever. You killed the butler you were so resolved not to show your true face about this.

Vincent: I know not what you speak of, Teresa.

Teresa: Alright, fine then. Just between you and me then. You know what then, I hate his fucking guts.

Enter Matilda.

Matilda: W-what?

Teresa: Oh. Hello we were just talking about the butler. No, no, it's sad he, he...

Vincent: He died. Sad he died. Really, truly, we should contact the family. Don't just get rid of him. We were saying Rick should even be at the funeral. A private gathering of course.

Matilda: Oh, I don't know anymore. Rick has been so worried. He was awake the whole night.

Teresa: Where is he now?

Matilda: Why he is in bed. I was just waking up when I hear him come in. He wouldn't not sleep. That's why he was in the other room the other night.

Vincent: I'm sure there is a good reason for that. A good businessman must be fresh, and not run only on coffee.

Matilda: No, he'll only have two or three cups.

Vincent: (Suddenly a little more intent) Does he have any heart problems you think. Heart burn even.

Matilda: No, he doesn't.

Vincent: Not even heart burn!?
Matilda: Well, he had a prescription a while ago. A beta blocker.

Vincent: Well that's interesting. Did he say what it was.

Matilda: No, he didn't want to say much of anything about it. I thought maybe it went away.

Vincent: How old is he again?

Matilda: He's 50. 53.

Vincent: I remember that. I thought I had 55 before though.

Mae: Is he really older?
Matilda: I don't think so. Why would he lie.

Vincent: Yes, yes, he knows you love him. I'm sure he wouldn't lie, Vincent said.

Matilda: He does know that I love him. He is a part of our family.

Vincent: A part of our family is exactly what Richard is. We are on big happy, happy family.

Teresa: Your overdoing it Vincent.

Vincent: Overdoing what? You know very well I am trying very hard to get over my difficulties with Richard.

Matilda: Thank you Vincent, I am going to go and get changed. I had some meetings across town with the caterers before lunch time. Behave yourselves while I am out, please.

Teresa: Will do, mother.

Vincent: Bye, now, for now, mother.

End scene

Ext. The grounds to the estate.

Vincent decided to take a walk because Richard's commands were effectively quite reversed. There was lots of things to think about, though nothing was happening out in the gardens. He walked around a few times, pensively, his intensity grew, because he thought of a way to make Richard go away. He was hoping for something, for some help. But, Sebastien wasn't around again. This was the kind of time that he needed his help, but he hadn't reponded because he was on his way, and there was nothing that delayed his coming here.

Eventually though, stopping to sit on the bench for a while, thinking a little of his times in Zurich, looking at the bowers of the trees, hearing all of the noises, sometimes hearing things from the house, a rythym of life nonetheless, even with Richard. He thought of the time. Denise said he wouldn't have to pick her up. She was probably on her way now. He decided to wait some outside. If he met her out here, then he would have a lot more control of the situation, and be able to explain things to her before he brings her inside, introduces her, and has to show her to her room.

Denise approached in a cab she had called. There were more things with her than I thought. They weren't in the trunk, but in the back. The cab pulled right up to the gate, to about where I was, and she saw me right away. The driver was the one that unloaded all the bags, and he carried them to the doors.

Vincent: Okay, I'll take one bag.

He walked with her up the path to the house.

Denise: So what was it you were telling me before you left?

Vincent: Right. Richard met Mike Gillis out for coffee.

Denise: And he didn't know why that happened.

Richard: No.

Denise: And you looked into it when it made sense.

Richard: Yea. He was trying to meet me. The Canucks were going to draft me. They were interested anyways. It doesn't matter now.

Denise: The drafts over now.

Richard: Yep. Jamie got jealous. He gets embarassed he told me to work so hard and stuff.

Denise: But you are growing and do need to make money sometimes.

Ricahrd: Exactly.

Denise: And what's the other thing.

Richard: He's been telling people around there's two of me. So something's going to happen and people are going to not be able to recognize and think I'm away her for a particular time.

Denise: Why?

Richard: Probably because someone contacted him and told him I was not going some other place or something.

Denise: And no one know he's not you Dad.
Richard: I guess.

Denise: And he's been saying this more often because they put the pressure on.

Ricard: Yep.

Denise: And you changed your appearance and there going to say your the out of shape evil one and stuff, and that's the reason you haven't put on a pound and stuff, even though your a hockey player.

Ricahrd: Yep, just playing into it. A pound at most. I hope that Mae and Teresa don't think I've lost my look or something, then when it comes back they'll think it's someone else even longer.
Denise: But you've been dying your hair different colours and doing different styles and stuff your whole life.

Richard: Yep.

Denise: But they don't know that.

Richard: No, not really know.

Denise: Wait you don't have blackouts.

Richard: Oh. No. Just Jamie.

Denise: Good to know.

Richard: Why is that?

Denise: I don't know. Oh, nevermind.

Richard: Okay. Anything that might be on your mind, other than that?

Denise: You and Joey fought all the time, right.

Ricahrd: Yep.

Denise: That's what I thought.

Richard: Well, this is the estate. Just up here. (He opens the door for himself). Through here and up the stairs.

Matilda has returned and is in the dining area chattering with a caterer who has returned with her.

Denise: Vincent, did you get retakes on your graduation photos again.

Vincent: Of course. People rarely get things right the first time around.

Denise: Hi there, Vincent! You didn't tell me you had a guest coming.

Vincent: No, there's space for her. I believe I do need a plus one for the wedding. Which is taking place, as far as I know. This is her.

Matilda: A girl. Why of course. I'm almost done setting this up with the caterer. Why don't you come back down in a short while and we will talk more then. So please, show her her quarters.

Vincent: As you wish, dear mother.

Denise: Well then.

He motions to the stairs, and they walk away, up the stairs, and out of the scene.

Int. In Denise's chamber.

Vincent: So here we are.

Denise: We are. Thank you for everything. I'm happy to be here. It's not for the wedding, is it?

Vincent: No, oh no, of course not.

Denise: Good. Very well, then. One other thing. Did you ever burn a script.

Vincent: No. I burned some journals. My journals. They were all in code so I was thinking someone my ight think I', gone batty, and the Nanny is always trying to investigate if people are going batty. There were some short stories in it. Several, and some notes for shorts stories. More
than the ones I kept.

Denise: Someone read those, were there about personal things.

Vincent: Kind of. The ones I kept were about my early childhood. Memories almost.

Denise: Like stuff in a house with you parents and your aunt and uncle and trauma.

Vincent: Yea, sort of. Pretty much. Practice stories. Considering them almost real. Anyways. I suppose you'll have to meet Richard soon. He's a real piece of work. I accidentally killed the butler because of him.

Denise: (She giggles) What? You're kidding.

Vincent: I don't think so. Unless he wasn't the butler either.
Denise: Haven't seen him before.

Vincent: There's more than one butler.
Denise: I see.

Vincent: Yea. So between you and me, there trying to do several things.

Denise: Did someone edit the photos the first time.

Vincent: Yes. Actually they made them lighter.

Denise: The second time.

Vincent: They made it lighter again. A lot lighter. And they made my forehead look bigger.

Denise: Oh.

Vincent: Weird, right?

Denise: Yea. Did someone make you look fat in photos as a kid.

Vincent: Yea, in pretty much everyone. That's why the photos look different the video.

Denise: What happens in the video?

Vincent: The camera follows me around and calls me names because my hair was still growing out. I was a baby.

Denise: That's funny.

Vincent: I guess so. Did you need anything else right now?
Denise: Oh. No, thank you. There's nothing that I need. But you'd get it for me if I need it?

Vincent: Of course. So I'm going to go wash up. I believe we're having afternoon tea. It's likely Richard will be there.

End scene.

Int. Downstairs, sitting room. Servant pouring tea. Matilda is already seated and holding her tea cup above the saucer.

Matilda: Vincent, darling, come and sit here with me. Have your tea. Don't drink half of it again, I know it's almost three now. A lot of things to do after the past few days. Thank you for coming down Denise. You are very lovely looking, how nice of Vincent to have you here.

Denise: Thank you. I'm happy to be here with you.

Matilda: Well I'll have you know Vincent has had several girlfriends now. When he was younger we didn't know what to think. Of course I said he was gay because so many people noticed how handsome he is.

Denise: I hadn't noticed that, she said.

Matilda: Yes, he is so. All the same, I didn't like to say. I don't mind what he does anymore, it doesn't have to be anything particularly manly. The world is much different now.

Denise: Then when you were growing up?

Matilda: Well, sure. From a few decades ago, or a couple. From when all the great books were written. It's quite different.

Vincent: Yes, I've noticed that. Sex isn't so important in today's world. There's lots women can do. Say, will Richard be joining us, perhaps on the subject.

Matilda: Oh, yes I believe Richard is just in the other room actually. I would intone to him but that would be quite rude.

Vincent: Not that there is any rush. It certainly is lovely to be chatting with you. I still have half a saucer of tea left.

Matilda: You mean of your cup.

Vincent: Well no. Surely you don't expect me to drink all of it? Please, I am on pins and needles with this Richard man around. I mean, what you're getting married, to him, and all.

Denise: That looks like him coming now.

Richard enters.

Vincent: Well, Richard, lovely to see you. Please, come sit, we were just discussing my girlfriends.

Matilda: So Denise, he had five girlfriends last year.

Vincent: Five? I had four.

Richard: I believe he had four.

Matilda: Well alright then. They certainly weren't at the same time then?

Vincent: No.

Matilda: Whatever things people were saying, you managed to do the right thing and all.

Vincent: Yea. Let people talk kind of thing. They never stop.

Matilda: Well, isn't that something. How many have you had all together.

Vincent: I don't know. There all not really girlfriends. These are just people I've dated. I won't be ready to be married for another thirty years. I'm certainly no rake.

Matilda: Well I had never said you were. Nor had Richard, and doesn't he like to have fun.

Richard: No, I hadn't said that.

Matilda: Sorry, Richard, this is Denise, Vincent's friend. She'll be joining us for the wedding.

Richard: I'm delighted. Glad to have you here.

Denise: How long have you been engaged?

Matilda: We have been engaged three months as of this past week.
Denise: That's quite a while. Though people don't usually get married for about six months at least.

Matilda: Certainly. No one said you have to wait, nor to do it right away. There are different circumstances, and it comes down to how sure you are about the person you love.

Denise: It's nice to hear you love each other.

Vincent: Yes. It is wonderful.

Richard: Are you two getting tired? Perhaps you should head back to your chambers, and get a bit of rest and quiet time.

Vincent: I'm not so tired. But perhaps we should do that. What do you think Denise, my equivalent in gender and opportunity?

Denise: Thank you for the tea. I could use some time to recover from my flight. It wasn't long but you know. How jet lag is. Waking up early for a flight and such.

Matilda: I know all too well, the feeling of jet lag. Perhaps you should join us again a little before dinner. We certianly don't have anymore business discussing to do, after this busy morning. Not that I can handle anyways.

Vincent and Denise rise and return upstairs.

Int. in Denise's chamber. Vincent making sure she's comfortable on her own.

Denise: Richard, have people been yelling things at you inside accidentally because they don't know that you study film and read all the time.

Vincent: Yea.
Denise: They think it's the nanny?

Vincent: Yea.

Denise: But the Nanny does that because she just does a lot of stuff that you do? And she thought it was a competition, and she didn't see anything wrong with competing with you when you were a child?

Vincent: Yea.

Denise: And they don't even use names when they say these things because they haven't really considered the alternative, even though people see you do these things, and they know your not suddenly going to stop?

Vincent: Yea

Denise: Oh. Actually there is one other thing. Do friends need to look similar.

Vincent: No. Of course not. Those are called families. That's genetics.

Denise: Oh. That makes sense. So you never chose your friends that way, and never told anyone to organize friends that way.

Vincent: Nope.

Denise: Did the Nanny woman tell you to get fat again, and even though you said no, and said you have an extremely high metabloism like usual, she told everyone you had an affair, and that you were going to have a breakdown about it, and the result was you were going to get fat?

Vincent: Yea

Denise: But you've never had an affair, you've never been married, in fact you were a child at the time when she said this happened. She's not your friend, or your confident, and what she meant to say you is that you did... get adopted.
Vincent: Yea

Denise: And you weren't even seeing anyone seriously at the time she said this happened, and it is said to involve by her a boyfriend, but you're not gay, and have never told anyone your gay.

Vincent: Yep.

Denise: Is she a virgin.

Vincent: I think so actually.

Denise: Oh.

Vincent: Yea.

Denise: You're allergic to all the morphine that Nanny gave you, right.
Richard: Oh yea.

Denise: That allergy never went away did it?

Richard: Oh. No. Why?

Denise: No reason. The nanny has something to do with the Richard man, I mean she might have caused it.

Vincent: Yea.

Denise: The Nanny admitted to serious drug use the other day right, over a long period of time.

Vincent: Yea.

Denise: She has never revealed that she has a serious insomnia problem?

Vincent: No.

Denise: Does she have a habit of saying people are fired from things they stepped back from?

Vincent: Yea.

Denise: Did she admit to poisioning your food.
Vincent: Yea.

Denise: Did someone die as a result of poisoned food on your first birthday?

Vincent: Yea.

Denise: Did she lie about it to cover it up.

Vincent: Yea.

Denise: Did you almost die of a morphine overdose because you had ingested it unbeknowst and also recieved a morphine injection because they suspected you had the flu?

Vincent: Yea.

Denise: Oh. Did she say she was going to try to murder you a few days ago?

Vincent: Yea.

Denise: Has she been asked to leave by your father's estate?

Vincent: Yes.

Denise: Did she make an attempt.

Vincent: At least three times. In the night.

Denise: That's not good.

Vincent: She had a full psychotic breakdown, and is highly dangerous. She is still in the middle of it. That's why she is so obstinate.

Denise: No one else is likely even remotely pyschotic.

Vincent: No. I mean Richard is dangreous. But we haven't known him long.

A break in the scene. They are sitting on the bed together, slight flash forward.

Denise: When you were a kid you asked if there was an actor named Nicholas Hoult right?

Vincent: Yea. I was trying to create screennames.

Denise: And later on you wrote it down three times on a piece of paper that you left in the office?

Vincent: Yea. I looked it up online and there was no actor under that name. I wrote it three different times with three different spellings to see which one looks better.

Denise: Oh. And it wasn't a signature for anything?

Vincent: Nope.

Vincent: Something else you think might be relevant to all this?
Denise: Did you walk and take the bus all the way to your aunt's house because the nanny was trying to cut your hair in your sleep, but she does a terrible job, and she was also thinking about killling you?

Vincent: Yea. I needed somewhere to stay for a few days. Apparently they were home.

Denise: Is that why she went and stayed with your aunt last week, to hurt your feelings.

Vincent: Yea, pretty much.

Denise: Did you buy some things with vitmain d in them so you wouldn't get sick because you were hiking so much?

Vincent: Yea.

Denise: Was your hair a bit greasy because the Nanny was trying to make you get a haircut, but you have to look nice before you can go in, so thay way you don't have to?

Vincent: Yea yea.

Denise: Your aunt heard about that.

Vincent: Yea yea, probably.

Denise: How many days did you not shower.

Vincent: Oh no no. I showered three timies. I just didn't shampoo. Then that would defeat all the work I did to not get sick so I could graduate as quickly as possible. Four or five days without shampooing. Hot water will get rid of most of the oil. I don't like getting my haircut even half as much as the Nanny said too. People go bald from overstyling. The nanny obviously is trying to make me go bald.

Denise: Oh. Is that a tough circumstance for you?

Vincent: Yea.

Denise: That is too bad actually. What is it?

Vincent: It's a three on top and a two on the sides.

Denise: It's real.

Vincent: Oh, yea. Just a good shampoo and stuff. No product.

Denise: And when you saw your aunt you weren't looking for a new laptop.

Vincent: No I was at my councilor's office who I went to see because I was feeling depressed.

Denise: She's not some new mom woman.

Vincent: Nope. Why?

Denise: No reason.

Vincent: Yep. There you have it.

Denise: Did you bend your nose purposely in that photo.

Vincent: Yep. The nanny likes it if they look that way. No one else does though.

Denise: So you've never had a nose job?

Vincent: No. Richard's had three. They really worked two.
Denise: I didn't know that

Vincent: Now you know.

End scene.

Ext. Grounds

Thematic music. A dark and ominous change is coming. A composite of the grounds. It is cloudy and empty around. The camera pans through all areas. Then to Vincent, who is on the grounds, around the back of the house, watching some of the weather, moving quickly, turning, out of the scene, resolved about what to do. Then back to inside, before Vincent has returned inside.

Int. Hallway.

Denise: I was just chatting with Richard earlier. I went down to look for Vincent, though he wasn't around, and then Richard came in. He was very polite with me. He told me he loves Matilda a lot.

Mae: Yea. He says that a lot. What else did he say?

Denise: Nothing really. He stared at me a lot. He smiled at me, and he said okay.

Mae: Really? Then what did he do after that?

Denise: He smiled again. He lingered for a while, and then eventually he just walked out and left me alone in there.

Mae: You'd think he'd want to chat or something. And where was Matilda?

Denise: I don't know. I haven't seen her since tea.

Mae: She is usually very alert to people around the home, especially downstairs.

Denise: Well. I think I'll just start getting ready for bed early.
Mae: Okay. That one is your chamber right.

Denise: Yep.

Mae: We're just over there. Hey, you were talking with Vincent right.

Denise: Yea. Just catching up on some things he was telling me about. He can really talk sometimes.

Mae: Nothing happened when he was in Europe right?

Denise: Nope. Nothing happened. Didn't do anything remotely illegal. Just had fun. He went purely for the exchange.
Mae: That's what everyone thinks. But Richard wants to say that he was up to something.

Denise: He's usually up to nothing. Except trying to get rid of Richard.

Mae: That does sound like Vincent.

End Scene.

Int. Denise's chamber

Denise shut the lights off, and was able to shrug off any bad feeling enough to fall asleep. She'd been asleep for twenty mintues when Richard came upstairs. Her door is unlocked, and Richard opens it surreptitiously, so as not to wake her, and approaches her. He is not armed.

He stands by her, and observes her. He smiles, and it begins to look sick and twisted. His eyes look at the next pillow. His look turns sinister, and he grabs it and muffles her violently. She struggles, trying to scream. He lets go one hand and uses it to try and take her pants down. He is succesful after a few moments, at which points the pillow moves off her mouth slightly and her scream is heard for a split second at it's highest pitch.

Vincent is awake in his room. He came in from outside leisurely, and was brushing his teeth, changnig, and was sitting awake with the news on. He is listening to a story when he hears the quick scream. He says what and rises himself and runs to Denise's room to check on her. When he arrives they are still struggling and he can't help but stop at the door.

Vincent: He moves like a ghost.

Richard: What in God's name. Go away.

Vincent approaches them and tries to push him off of her. It take a few pushes and then he is off of him. He attacks Vincent, and they scruffle. Security is in tow and they come to Vincent's rescue and grab hold of and subdue Richard.

Denise: Oh my God. What a freak. Never in my life.

Vincent: Who is this man! Get him out of here!

Security: Sorry Vincent, I am just paging the police now. They will be right here and this man will be apprehended.

Matilda enters.

Matilda: What is going on in here!

Vincent: Mother. Richard tried to rape this woman.

Matilda: He did not. What happened, security, explain this to me.

Security: Ma'am, I'm afraid Vincent is right. We found Richard on top of Denise trying to have sex with her forcefully. Vincent pushed him off and then we did the rest.

Suddenly Richard tries to break free. He fights mightily, embarassed that he has been caught in front of Matilda. He breaks free for a moment.

Matida: (screams) Stop that man.

Denise: Someone do something.

Vincent moves to block the door. But before he has to do anything, the Security guard raises his weapon and shoots Vincent in the head. His blood splatters, he made a good run for the door, and it is on the floor and on the walls. He dies instantly.

Vincent: Well I suppose the wedding is off.

End scene.


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