New novel p. 4

Holden is a little late coming over. But he had said he was just finishing something up with his agent, so I was totally not mad. He only occasionally makes me wait. There was never anything to worry about. He is super loyal. And he always has a solution to everything. I think that is him now.

I did notice him knocking lightly as now he has text me that he is outside. Sometimes he does that, he only knocks lightly, so as not to draw attention to us before we fuck our brains out. We obviously are going to right now. I open the door to the hallway and he is there. ‘Hey, babe.’ He comes inside and says, ‘I am sorry I’m a little late.’

‘I hardly noticed,’ I said. And then I put my hands and his jaw and stuck my tongue down his fucking throat. 

A couple licks of his esophageal sphincter and then I wrap both my legs around him. Next I under his button, and his zipper, on his pant, and then I have his dick out and I’m jacking it off. He’s getting hard for me and he is at six inches already. I want him inside already but I want the dick in my mouth first. I slide down him and I turn my head sideways, and I take the whole dick in my mouth at once. My hands never leave his waste. Now he’s getting really hard and I can hear him deep in my throat in my ears, going back and forth. A couple minutes later and I’m so fucking hard myself I turn around, pull my panties down, and tell him, drill me in the ass, hun.

He’s penetrating now and I like it so fucking much I’m feeling delirious. ‘Fuck yea, baby,’ I said. ‘Fuck yea.’

It’s been a while and I don’t need to feel we’re making love at all anymore. ‘Harder,’ I say. “Fuck me so fucking hard.’

He’s fucking me hard now. I start twirling my clit, and I feel ready to come almost. I feel it all the way down my legs and I let him see me shutter. I moan like I’m in a fucking dream, and I’m getting fucked by God.

We need to take this to my bedroom, and I let him carry me with my eyes closed, my mouth on his nipple like he’s the chick. I don’t bite, but as soon as we land and bed I thrust his head down into my pussy. I press him down little so he really eats it. And I tell him to bite it a little, because it’s that on my mind. 

It’s been five minutes, and that’s enough I need his d again. Groaning I go bring it up her. I just give it some blow, fucking quick as I can, so he’s ready to get in my pussy and completely destroy it. At this point I even thought to myself I don’t need it my pussy. I feel it stiff and I spit it out, and say to him, ‘Destroy me.’

All of the sudden I am in the greatest place on Earth. I just kept going fuck me harder, and I just said harder, and harder. By the end I am in heaven, just me and fucking him, and no one else made it. I am gonna come now and the truth is I want to do it all on his face. 

I felt like I might become even like a slinky for a bit. Then I went hunny, hunny, I’m going to come. 

He’s out of me a bit, I twirl the shit out of it, looking for it fly sky high. It comes and a sec, and then I have him licking it up. After a minute I have him all in my mouth while I’m jacking him so hard I think he might bleed. I can tell he’s ready so I open my fucking lips, and I just pull the thing as hard as I can, like its all stuck in there. Bam, it’s all over my lips, and in my mouth, and I actually love it. He fucking loves me, and it was all worth it for that cum I had. I lick up every bit and then I swallow it like its part of a jelly sandwich and then were all done and ready to get back to whatever we were doing. Maybe we weren’t doing anything yet, but I have never felt so good and whatever we do is gonna be so much better. 


They don’t fucking see me. They don’t fucking see me at all. I’m the ghost of the mother fucking century. Earlier I took a shit and got all the shitty shit over my hands. I put all in that dead bods pussy and fucked it like she was coming dead while I thought of her as alive. I talked to her and answered back for her. How are you sweetie? I’m good. Are your ready to fucking die? I that am, who is this. Then Bam! Even fucking harder. She’s coming back shit all over the place. Ah I’m slamming it so hard. I think it’as even in my eyes now. Oh shit mother fucking yes. Oh holy fucking holy fucking holy fucking anal fucking holy anal fuckey fucking ho-ly. Oh my goddddd. 

My favourite game is just to slap with my dick. I slapped her with is so many times I got to the point where it suddenly just burst open with blood flying everywhere, as if it was split in half of ever. But it wasn’t and I stitched it up myself and just went over annihilating the dead bod over and fucking over.

Ahh they’re getting to the bedroom I have to move a bit. She’s gonna be getting some head I can feel it. In fact I’m gonna get up on the balcony for this one. Oh they’re about to go for it. She’s pushing his head down. He’s moving with her. Now he’s eating her pussy. Agh agh agh. I am tugging it right in front of the window. Agh, agh, agh. Yea you’re not looking hahahahaha! Tug, tug, oh yes!!! We’ve got some blood. Now I’ll tug even harder, harder. Oh fuck yes!

Now they’re switching it up. She’s putting his dick in her mouth. I know exactly what the shit it is. She want him hard as a rock so she can cum really fucking hard. Yea. Hmm this part isn’t as interesting. Now his dick is in her mouth. Oooh I’d like that mouth dead. Damn. Uh agh aghaghaghaghagh. My eyes are rolling back in my head at this point. How fast is she going? I look and see she’s going really fucking fast. OH shit, the fucker see’s me. The dude is looking right at me, but he’s looking away now. He’s like thinking about, he’s gonna try and over it up to her now. Hahahahahahaha. Oh fuck yeaaa. Tug tug tug tug tug. Squeeze. Aghhhhhhh. Oh fuck yea!!!!!!!!

Now I am going to have to kill you Holden!!!! Of course that was already I the plan so no worries!!!!!!!

They’re finishing up. Cum shot! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaow. Ahhhhhhh. Oh fuck yea. I’m gonna ah ave one myself. Hahahahaha Holden you’re having sex with a guy. Oh fuck yeaaaa.

What’s happening now, oh he’s cumming. Oh her it comes oh. Oh I fall to my knees hard. On the concrete. Blood. Of fuckkk yessss. Aghggh. All of the sudden I slap my dick on the concrete like I’m a wrestinlign referee. Once more so God damnhard. I don’t even care if someone hears it. Yeaaaaaaaaa. The stitched break and everything. Red waterfall. Yes baby. The greatest thing on earth. Uhaghaghaghaghaghaghagh.

Oh my god. Am I okay? I am hahahahahahah. 

I can see they’re done. I’d better run away. I think I’ll just jack the entire time I am running hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.


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