New novel p. 3


Salazar’s office sat at the back of the law firm he had inherited from his father. The firm was quieter now, it was late at night. Past eleven. Salazar was still there, and Holden was visiting him now. The two of them sat at the desk, discussing in the most in depth detail possible the sighting of the stalker and his flight, and every related element of the case. There was a definite chance they could identify the stalker now. They knew details about his behaviours throughout the entire day at this point, and they now had a description.

“He was tall?”

“He was 5’ 10’’ or so, he looked fairly big.”

“Was he not good looking?”

“I’m not sure. He was sort of far away. It was hard to tell. He looked good maybe, but it was too hard to tell.”

“He looked good?”

“You know what I mean.”

“I do. Well, alright.” Salazar moved his hands over to a nearby document. He moved it to the center of the table, and motioned to it with his finger.

“These are all the locations we have seen him around the city. We had found he followed your girlfriend after the two of you were at a coffee shop, and from there we found that he is in fact stalking her as well. I am sorry.”

“I understand,” Holden said. “It is okay.”

“Right now we have located him outside of her apartment, we have located him outside grocery stores she visits, salons she visits. Unfortunately, as of right now, we haven’t been able t trace him after he has stopped following her. He disappears.” 

“You can’t find his apartment, where he lives, is work.”

“Unfortunately, we cannot. Though, based on just how much time he has spent stalking the two of you, I think it is safe to say he doesn’t work.”

“How much time?”

“Well, as you know, he has spent a significant amount of time stalking you. You have noticed him a lot of times so you know about the exact amount already. I’m afraid he is stalking her the same exact amount of time.”

“To be honest I had a feeling he was.”

“He is indeed. Yes, in fact it has almost been the whole day he has watched the two of you. One or the other. As if he was part of your relationship. But as you know, he is not. Sometimes he has been outside your house in the night. While you were having sex, as if he knew about it ahead of time. Though, both day and night, he has slipped away without us being able to identify him.”

“I am shocked. He’s been watching all hours of the day, snd he slips away without notice? What the?”

“Yes any time of day he could be there. Or outside Fionae’s place. I have a question.”


“When you were at Roverio’s Italian, you slipped out the back I believe. You saw him following you?”

“Yes, Fionaee and I had a quickie in the hallway, so we slipped out.”

“I am afraid he was watching you. He was inside. He could see you.”

“What? No!”

You will have to be more careful. He could be able to see you at any time. Especially in public.”

“We were just trying to keep things exciting. And he’d been at her home, I didn’t want him watching outside…”

“I know. It’s alright. But just skip that in the future. Until this is over. But the question…”


“When you saw him outside, which way did he turn?”

“I am not sure.”

“Did he turn to the right?”

“I really couldn’t say. He disappeared.”

Salazar was ready to note down what Holden said, but when there was no definitive answer, he slammed his pen down. 

“Did you see what side of the street he was on? Left or right?”

“Well, I’m pretty sure he was on the right. That’s where I noticed him. I can’t say which he went though.”

“Okay, that’s helpful anyways.” He noted this down. Anything had mattered. Then he reached to the far left side of his desk, and picked up another document. 

“Now this one,” he said. “ It may frighten you. “Do you remember this?” 

He could recognize the audio. “What the? My wife was only blowing me in the bathroom. You said the cameras in the hallway had to be there… there’s only some many times you can do it in the bedroom. But why?”

“I don’t know. You see the mirror. He’s slipped this device under the door. And he is jacking off uncontrollably, I have never seen someone beat off that hard ever. He is even bleeding. He just a towel ready.”

“I could not see the mirror at all. No… I completely missed it.”

“It is okay. He knew you wouldn’t look.”

It was obvious he knew that Holden wouldn’t look. “Unbelievable. He was in the apartment. I was just out of the shower… and he was watching like he was right there.” 

“I’m afraid that’s right, Holden. So now that could be the case. Someone could be watching everything. You may feel very uncomfortable.”

“Alright. I’ll be ready.”  


I know how you thought I would be going right now. Like oh fuck yeah, oh fuck yeah? I am. Oh fucking yeah. Oh mother fucking fuck yea. Wooo! Let get this right in the ajar mouth. Oh fuck yeah. I grabbed this bod a fucking month ago but because its been in the freezer its brand new. Yea all over teeth and the gums and everything. Ahh ill still got a boner left got get it right in the vag. Lady hold still hahahahahaha. Ohh fuck yea. 

Lady’s not alive and she doesn’t know it but her legs are wrapped right around me, and I’m on a knee pounded her with one else closed the other sneaking at a peek at her half blue body. Those tits are perky from the freezer, oh there are great things even in death. I think I have some tremors. Right inside and nothing is gonna happen. There. No little me running around killing everyone around. I never killed the people closes to me that’s why I was never caught. Then again by now. I fucking have!!! I lied!!! Jesus I need a fucking bat.

Beat that but. Agghhh. Beat it. Beat it. Is there any blood yet? Yea. Now fuck it. Oh that shits warm. Ahh I barely have a hard on. Ahh but I want it so bad. Keep going baby, keep going. Aggh. That’s almost enough until later.

I can’t wait until fucking later. You may not think this but I’ll be back for you a fucking 30 minutes. I’ll wait this time. And I’ll be so fucking rock hard you’re not going to know what happened.

You never saw it fucking coming chilling at fucking Disney Land, with your goddamn boyfriend. You find the only god damn bar in the place. You trusted me enough to go in that maze with me, see what happens, then all of the sudden I am in your ass and you’re actually not that scared. Then I broke your fucking neck, you don’t feel anything. And I fucking you so hard I broke your fucking pelvis. Probably half you vertebrae too and you don’t make a fucking noise. So one half hour, I’ll just skip to remembering that because I want such a big one. I couldn’t get off the bak of mind, otherwise I’d be beating right now and speed walking to your body. You’re fucking mine for an eternity. 


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