Lens Section 3

Lens Section 3

By: Asa Montreaux

Chapter 5

The white league was sitting around in their mansion of a hideout, discussing casually what was going to happen this time, what was going to be different than last time, and how really where they going to defeat the guards. And were they going to be able to defeat Orlo?’

‘There won’t be any more of them. We just have to pick the right moment,’ Zola said.

‘Yes, will be able to. I’ve been tracking them for weeks.’ Zyphries was on it this time.

‘But we had them spotted in the Northeast, and now we think they are even nearer the Mid-West. The spread of this group does not seem to make any sense.’

‘Well they are planning something, Zyphries said. ‘And at the same times, they don’t want us to find them. Unfortunately, for them, I have found them.’

‘Well, then we can do this. Zyphries is going to pick the exact right moment,’ Frederick said.

‘Lens,’ Juniper began. ‘Zyphries can see the future. If he tries very hard.’

‘That’s really interesting. So what’s going to happen.’

‘We are going to get the three of them alone,’ Zyphries said.

‘Excellent,’ Frederick said.

‘That’s great,’ Lola said.

Everyone seemed happy about this. Though Lens still had one question.

‘What happens in the end, though?’ Lens asked.

‘He looked around the room, then he said, ‘We win.’

‘Woo!’ Frederick said.

‘For sure,’ Lola said.

‘I am quite sure,’ Zyphries said. ‘I am quite sure.’

‘Cool,’ Lens said.


When the time for the last battle came, everyone was prepared. When Lens looked at each member of the white league, he saw the look of calm readiness on each of their faces. And if he could see his own face, he would see one less sure, but still exhibiting some of the admirable readiness of the rest of the group.

They set out as a group, flying as always. Zyphries had taught Lens some basic propulsion techniques, so they moved faster through the air than the previous times. 

It was twenty minutes they were in flight before Lens saw geography he could recognize from the maps they were looking at. They were nearing the location were Orlo and the guards were stationed. Right now, they were supposed walking towards their military base a mile away, through a dense forest. The black league had cut a past through the forest, though the tree foliage had remained intact. The path was not visible from the sky. They hoped to escape notice while travelling back and forth between the two.

Zyphries planned for their descent to be in exactly the location they were beneath the foliage. The guards were approximately twenty feet ahead of Orlo, keeping a look out. The degree of precision was quite high for Zyphries’ calculations, but it was possible they could offshoot the guards by up to five feet. Landing a little ahead of them, or behind them, could create a lot of extra issues. A little ahead, and the guards would surely see them too soon. A little behind, and then they would have to face Orlo at the same time. 

They were approaching the exact spot they were supposed to land, and it was nearly the time when they were supposed to reach the ground as well. 

‘Alright, ready yourselves!’ Zyphries shouted.

They descended in roughly a half circle, to land precisely in front of the guards, in order to take them out as quickly as possible.

They were hovering right above the foliage. Zyphries was estimating exactly the time they needed to drop down to the floor of the forest to meet the guards with exactitude. They could not see the floor of the forest, but they knew were it was given Zyphries spatial vision. He could see anywhere in the world exactly as if he were there. Though predicting the future was harder.

‘Alright,’ Zyphries said. ‘On my command. One, two, and three.’

They dropped to the floor in the instant, Lens being pulled down mightily and found himself having to brace for the landing, and then quickly ready for battle.

They had landed too close to the guards. They wanted to be slightly farther off to have time to start their spells. Now there was no time at all. All of them aside from Zyphries readied beams and shot them at the guards. All of them were blocked. Meanwhile, Zyphries stepped back, and ready a spell against the guards.

In a few moments, the guards were encapsulated by a cocoon made by Zyphries. Though they had landed too close, Zyphries quick thinking allowed them to carry out the plan in a modified way. He was able to use the spell he wanted. And quickly, the two guards felt themselves being constricted inside the cocoon.

It wasn’t all so easy though. And one of them shot a beam with one hand, which broke a whole in the cocoon, and he started to wrestle free from it. He sent a spell from the one hand once it was free enough. He unleashed a spell on Frederick that hit him from back and front with large wall like beams. 

Frederick was unprepared and he went down in merely an instant. He was hurt badly, and he was unable to help the white league anymore. The rest of the team scrambled to get the cocoon rebuilt. There needed to be some looseness for the guards to unleashed a beam or any kind of spell. So the sooner it was tightened, the quicker they were under control.

Lola and Juniper shot beams at the guard until he ceased struggling for a moment. Zyphries came back to the group, then shot a spell at the already vulnerable guard that paralyzed him. He went slack and then Juniper was able to finish and tighten up the cocoon with one spell.

With the guards as of then rendered null, it was time for the final test: the defeat of the great dark wizard, Orlo. 

Zyphries, hurried to Frederick, knowing they would need him for this battle. He revived him, using a spell to give out healing energy through his hands. As he did so, he glanced over to see Orlo beginning to race at them. He was coming towards them quickly, taking levitating steps as he ran. Each step brough him forward the pace of four or five steps.

As soon as Frederick was healed, he said, ‘Get up.’ Frederick got up, and steadied himself as he got to his feet. Then right away, Zyphries issued a command. ‘Alright, white league. Attack!’

The team raced forward to meet Orlo’s approach. They were in for a large mele. He was a very dangerous wizard. 

It seemed as if they would run into each other and fight nearly with their fists, but once they were near, Zyphries ordered they stop up. ‘Halt,’ he said. And they all stopped up. Orlo stopped approaching as well. All of the White League, and Orlo, readied spells. 

The team knew what spell they wanted to run, but first they needed to distract Orlo. He needed to be injured or stunned for them to have time to make the spell work. 

The whole group unleashed beams on Orlo at the same time, but he blocked all of them seemingly in one motion. Then they were hit with the spell he cast, which slowed them all down to almost a stop.

It seemed they were out of luck, and would not only not be able to cast the spell that they wanted, but that they might lose altogether. But Zyphries had seen the attack coming, and before the attack was sent, he made a protection spell. After a couple seconds, the time stoppage they experienced had reversed, and they were free again. Though by the time they were free, Orlo had issued powerful beams at them, and they knocked out Juniper and Lola. 

So Zyphries, Frederick, and Lens were the ones left to defeat him. Quickly Frederick issued a spell directed at Orlo. It hit him successfully, and injured him. He seemed to have lost most of the ability in one of his arms. 

Zyphries then issued a spell aimed at his other arm. It was blocked by Orlo, but he experienced some injury from it to his chest and abdomen. In anger, he shot a beam, a very strong beam, at Zyprhies. Zyphries blocked it, though Orlo, in his anger, had already unleashed a very dark spell, that began to melt Zyphries skin, and in fact every organ of his body. 

Frederick stunned, though deeply angered, immediately unleashed the most powerful beam he could at Orlo, and it connected, sending Orlo hurling backwards. He knew how to stop the spell Orlo had sent and he set to work stopping it while Orlo tried to recoup himself.

Slowly the spell began to cease its action, and Zyphries ceased moaning and began to feel more and more alright. 

Though there was a problem brewing as Orlo was preparing a massive beam. Zyphries had warned him about this. This was Orlo’s favorite move. To super load a beam, and take his opponent out in one go.

Frederick was unaware of this while he was focused on helping Zyphries, the one person that could win this for them, with the ability to cast the spell to defeat Orlo. 

There was nothing they could do. Orlo was about to unleash the spell, and Frederick’s attention was still on Zyprhies. In a moment, Orlo had released the super beam, and it was on its way towards Zyphries and Frederick.

Lens realized something all of the sudden. It was only him that could get in between this beam and his friends. It was a more powerful beam than he had ever seen. But blocking had been the thing he had worked on the most other than actually making beams. And he had noticed something while practicing. It was while he was making the gator spell.

It was that, though his powers would fail eventually when he made a larger spell than he could pull off. It could take form for a little while, even a minute or so, before it disappeared. Thus, he just had to create a big enough shield to defend against the beam, and while it would disintegrate maybe even halfway through. The buffer would save Zyphries and Frederick. And maybe give them time to defend themselves.

With all of his might, Lens tried to muster a forcefield that would save Zyphries and Frederick. He tried to imagine himself in a dark space, void of everything, and tried to focus absolutely all of his attention on making the shield, like it was the only thing that existed.

It went up. And the beam hit it with strong intensity. It crashed into the forcefield, rattling it, and making Lens have to dig into the ground with all his might. 

The beam was destroying the shield, and after a couple seconds, it was already starting to break through. Zyphries, dazed, and not quite himself. Was coming around to the idea that he needed to block it himself. While Frederick seemed panicked as he looked up at what Zyphries was seeing, and didn’t know what to do.

Soon the forefield was almost gone. Zyphries had come to just a little. He was just preparing a shield, surely a special one, one specific to this situation, though just as he was about to issue the spell, the forcefield Lens was holding up broke. And Zyphries and Frederick were now unprotected.

While the super beam broke through the shield, Lens could just barely see, the spell Zyphries made issuing from his hands, but the beam had already hit them, by about the time he had seen it. It had had just a fraction of a second to work its magic.

There was nothing Lens could do as he watched the beam blow through them. It lasted an eternity it seemed to him, and when it was over, there was smoke everywhere in the air, so he could not see what happened. He waited anxiously for it to clear.

When he could see again, Zyphries was standing, though Frederick had fallen to the earth, seemingly dead. He was down again, and Zyphries was not doing so well either. He was scorched from head to toe as if by flames, and his clothes were tattered and burnt up in places. He seemed even woozier now than he had just before the beam had hit them.

Lens wasn’t sure if Zyphries had it in him to continue fighting, but they would continue anyways, there was no choice they had. Zyprhies still knew that he was in a fight. Even a less of himself, he was the best wizard their was, and the wisest. Orlo was the strongest wizard other than Zyrhries, Lens figured. But Zyphries was the strongest. 

Orlo was evil, and he didn’t waste time with his next attack. Zyphries didn’t have time to recover, or become more in the fight mentally. And suddenly he was hit by a quick blast from Orlo. 

He was thrown back five feet, and landed on his back. He knew it was important he not be down in the fight. So despite his injuries, he tried to get up immediately. Orlo was already throwing a quick beam, and there was nothing Zyphries could do.

Lens knew he wasn’t really ready to block. But he had done so well to block the super beam, maybe he could block this quick beam. Without much time to mentally prepare, Lens threw the strongest shield he could as the beam approached Zyphries. 

As the beam struck the shield, the shield held. It held for the majority of the time the beam rushed at Zyphries. He was still getting to his feet. And by the time Lens’ shield gave in, Zyphries was able to stand up and create a block of his own.

With all the dampening Lens’ shield had done, he was ready afterwards to even make an attack of his own. 

Orlo was confused that Zyphries had been able to survive this attack. And he stood their calculating for a moment.

Suddenly Zyphries shouted a command. ‘Lens, hit him with a beam. The strongest beam you can!’ 

Lens turned his attention to Orlo, and tried to throw strongest beam he ever had. His technique was improving with every attempt, and this could possibly be the strongest blast he had ever unleashed. 

Lens unleashed the beam, he kept trying to make it as powerful as possible as the entire beam issued from his hands. Orlo’s attention was focused on Zyphries, waiting for his next move, and he only noticed this beam as he heard it unleashing, and now it was zooming towards him. 

He turned to defend himself against it. Now, Zyphries had the time he had wanted to unleash his attack. Zyphries didn’t prepare to shoot a beam-like spell at Orlo, he looked up to the sky. He began to say an incantation. ‘Celecestius, moleculas. Celecestiu, moleculas.’

He said it a few times, and then the spell began to work. The sky opened up above them. A circle formed in the clouds, with Orlo in the center of it. As his beam hit Orlo’s to defend against it, he was unaware of the gushes of air above him. Suddenly, he was whipped up into the air, and his body went slack. He was unable to move his arms and legs.

The spell was issued, though Zyphries still had his hands in the air pointed towards the center of the circle above them. He was still working on the execution of the spell. Still Orlo was not able to move, it seemed he was losing consciousness as well, as his eyes began to shut. 

Then bit by bit, the spell began to make his body dissipate. First his hands began to disappear. Then his arms, and his legs. Soon his whole body was disappearing, leaving nothing left at all. 

Soon, Orlo was no longer there. Lens looked on in amazement. The evil wizard, who had threatened his life, put a hit on his head, that had even tried to kill him, was gone. He looked at Zyphries. He nearly collapsed to the earth in relief that the ordeal was over. 

Before time ran out, he said, ‘Lens, come over here. Support me, please. Hurry.’

Lens ran over to Zyphries side. He started to support him by wrapping Zyphries arms around him and holding him up.

‘Quick,’ Zyprhries said. ‘Bring me to Frederick.’ Lens did as he said, and led him over to Frederick, who was still unconscious on the ground… Lens helped Zyphries bend down, and once again, he revived Frederick.

As Frederick came to, seemingly alright, Zyphries seemed ready to pass out. Once Frederick was healed, at least as much as he could be right then, Zyphries began to stand back up. He seemed to feel faint, and then he slowly passed out, and Lens gently set down on the ground.

Frederick, sitting up now, said: ‘Don’t worry about him. He’ll just need some rest at the moment. Come on. Let’s go revive Juniper and Lola.’

Chapter 6

Back at the base camp, the White League sat around in their familiar space, discussing how the latest battle went. Now, the Black League was in tatters. This made it different than occasions previously, when it wasn’t for certain when the fighting would even end. With Orlo, the leader of the Black League, gone for ever, the end of the war seemed inevitable. 

And as for Lens, he was happy about the end of the war. But also, for him it meant the end to the pursuit after him by the evil wizard Orlo. He was now free from harm, and everything was going to be okay.

‘So, Lens,’ Zyphries said. ‘Are you going to return home to your house, with your family, and return to school with your friends, or do you think you’ll choose the life of a wizard now? And devote your life to the study of magic?’

Lens thought about what Zyphries said to him. Then he said, ‘Part of me wants to go home, and be with my family. But part of me wants to train to be a wizard. It was the best feeling. And maybe it is what I’m meant to do. I mean obviously.’

Zyphries nodded his head reassuringly. ‘Yes, absolutely Lens. You were born to be a wizard. Eventually, whenever you choose, you will be a great wizard. Though, do not wait for ever. In fact, I have an offer for you.’

Zyphries looked around the room, at all of the group. ‘We have an offer for you,’ he said. ‘We would like you to stay with us, and train with us, from now on. We will be the ones to educate you as a wizard. In fact, we are so impressed with you that, from now on, I would be the one to lead your training.’ 

Lens was taken back by the immensity of the offer. ‘Wow, I don’t know what to say,’ he said. ‘I’d have to think about it for a minute.’

‘That’s more than allowed,’ Zyphries said.

Lens considered it. He thought back on how much fun all of the training had been. How much fun all of the action had been. And he thought of how dangerous it had been. He considered how much he liked the White League, and how much he would miss his family. 

The answer occurred to him, and it seemed like it had been the right idea all along, he was just waiting for the moment to arise. ‘I think,’ he started. ‘I would like to stay, and be part of the White League, if that’s okay.’

‘Brilliant,’ Zyphries said. ‘You’re in!’

All of the group stood, and Frederick shook Lens’ hand, and Zyphries shook Lens’ hand. And then Juniper and Lola hugged Lens. And that was it. Lens was now in the White League.

He would train now. And he would help save the world with the White League. And one day, one day soon, maybe he would be the world’s greatest Wizard.


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