Poem Jul 13

By Asa Montreaux

I want with all my heart to

Find the love that will be truer

Than any love that ever existed 

In books, there must be a love out there that will

Make me feel complete, with a person that

Completes the missing part of my soul.

But when you say okay, I don’t know how to say no

While my heart stops. Everything I ever wrote was so 

We wouldn’t just match, and try to live a life at a little table in

A little kitchen in a little house, but one we would always have.

Life was meant to be full of joy and passion, and not restricted to complacency,

And filled with anger. 

I don’t want to live my life feeling unfulfilled, and I know

they were wrong for me when I hadn’t searched at all, and they were only right there. 

So maybe my heart wasn’t available, when I was only dreaming of the adventure for true love.


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