screenplay 1.3

By Asa Montreaux 

Int. The Film Studio, the set room is designed in the style of Zac and the Female co-stars base.

Zac: Alright, ready to go?

Female co-star: Of course, I’m ready to do this.

Zac: Me too, I have a good feeling about this. They won’t see us coming. 

Female co-star: Then let’s be on our way. 

Zac: Follow me.

End scene. 

Ext. Set is designed as outside the hideout of the bad guys.

They are walking along the street near the building where the gang hides out. They stop up a few buildings away.

Zac: Okay, stop up here. We need to cut down this side street, to the alley, so we can go in the backway. That’s our best chance of escaping notice.

Female co-star: Alright, you lead the way. 

Zac: Then this way. 

They walk down the side street, going a little bit of a slower pace, keeping an eye out for any gang members. No one is about on the street, and they make it to the alleyway. In the alleyway they are similarly careful. Though there are no interruptions and they make it to the back entrance of the building. 

Ext. Set designed as the entrance to the gang hideout. 

Zac: Alright, you ready to go in. We’ll just escape notice, and then we’ll filter in the back of one of the groups of gang members.

Female co-star: Okay.

They proceed cautiously through the door, and then they speedily make their way through the hallway, until they see a group taking instruction from a leader in the gang. Zac scoots up behind the last row of gang members, and the female co-star scoots up right beside him.

Zac: Alright, so keep our mouths hushed up.

Female co-star: Alright. That sounds like a plan. 

Zac: Let’s find where (the bad guy) is.

Female co-star: Okay. Listen, I think they’re talking about it now. 

Zac: Yea, something about the secret look-out upstairs. 

Gang leader: And they’re planning everything up there. And meanwhile, they can see what you’re all doing down here. 

Zac: So they’re in a room on the very top floor. Look for a room in the sky, or a window from near the ceiling.

Female co-star: Yea, okay.

Zac: Now they are talking about something else. Let’s go. Let’s have a look for the room. That’s where we’ll find them.

Female co-star: Okay, let’s go.

They surreptitiously leave the group and then trot quickly away looking for the main part of the building. From there, they’ll look up to the ceiling for a room. They reach an entrance to a central area, where the ceiling is visible. They stop short of the door, just outside the entrance. They hide behind the doorway.

Zac: Now if we look up there, we’ll be able to tell how it is we can get up there. 

Female co-star: Okay, you have a bit of a better view, though.

They both peak around the doorway, maybe just slightly visible from the other side. There are men inside, standing around talking, some of them workshopping weapons or cars. Zac is positioned right behind the entrance, and Quinn is right behind him.

Zac: It looks like just a room, or a set of rooms, as opposed to a floor.

Quinn: I think your right. Do you see the stairs up there?

Zac: No. So they’re probably behind, in a stairwell. Excellent. We should be able to get up there undetected. 

Quinn: Excellent, let’s looks around for the stairwell.

Zac: Alright. I think we have to get over to the other side of the building.

They walk briskly through the hallway, taking another corner, proceeding all the way up the hallway, and then taking another corner. There are two doors up ahead, spaced a little bit apart, and Zac tries the first one, finding nothing behind it, and then the next one, and he sees the stairwell.

Zac: Come on, it’s up here. 

They go through, and then up the stairs. It’s four flights up to the top room, and there are no more stairs. They tip toe quietly up the last set of stairs, and then they hide next to the doorway, and listen inside for what is happening inside. 

Zac: Listen.

Quinn: Okay.

Zac: I think I hear three people. What do you think?

Quinn: I think I hear three people too. But there might be four people.

Zac: Me too. Okay, let’s listen for a second longer. 

Quinn: Maybe just three, but it’s hard to tell.

Zac: Well, either way, we can take them. You ready?

Quinn: I’m ready.

Zac: When I say go, we take out all of them, and get the bad boss man out of there, and then we hightail it out of here. Alright on three.

Quinn: Start it.

Zac: Three.

They zoom ahead through the door, the men inside turn then, looking genuinely confused. And before they can really ready themselves for a battle, Zac and Quinn overtake them. They each take one man first. Zac subdues the man by getting his flailing punches under control, and then putting them to sleep by squeezing his neck. Quinn holds the second man down, while Zac takes on the third henchman. He’s the biggest. And he fights off jakes attempts to grab hold of him and subdue him. They are tangled in a fight for a while. Zac avoids all the man’s crushing blows. And eventually he gets him on the floor, and then he uses some rope from his belt to tie the man’s wrists. And then he ties one of his feet to a desk table. 

Zac: Well, (to the bad guy) are you ready to come with us. Looks like this has all ended for you.

(bad guy): Maybe. But good luck getting back out of here.

Zac: Well good luck to me, and we’ll be getting you out of here too.

Zac takes the wrist cuff off the table leg, and then uses it the lead the evil gangster out of the building. Quinn follows behind him, and they head out of the building, and at the top of the stairs, Zac pauses, and gives instructions to Quinn.

Zac: While we come around the corner at the bottom the stairs. You look left, I look right. The best way out is if we go right. But either way, we’ll probably make it. 

Quinn: Then let’s make our way down.

They move down the stairs, at a slightly cautious pace. Zac stop on the second step, and the n peaks around the right corner. At the same time, Quinn peaks around the left corner.

Zac: The coast is definitely not clear this way. How about your way?

Quinn: Hardly clear. A little clear.

Zac: Well then left it is. Let's go. (to the evil gangster) You, let’s go.

They make their way down the hallway, despite the fact there are two gangsters standing in the way a little distance ahead. When they see Zac and Quinn, one shouts hey!, and then they begin to try to stop Zac and Quinn from getting away. The evil henchmen throw their weight around, and try to grab Zac and Quinn, but to no avail. Zac sidearms one of them, and he backs off significantly. Then Quinn takes them both out, with karate chops. Then the two are free to move along, around the corner into another hallway, and closer to the exit.


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