Screenplay 1.2

By Asa Montreaux 

Int. Zac’s bedroom within the apartment

Jackie is getting dressed, quickly putting on her jeans, though there is really nowhere to go. So she starts talking to him. 

Jackie: Anything you want to do?

Zac: No, I just want to chill. I’m going to read those scripts.

Jackie: The ones he sent over?

Zac: Yea, those ones, the ones Lars sent.

Jackie: Well, alright. I’ll just be watching tv. I assume you know it’s almost nine o’clock?

Zac: I do, I’m always on set so late.

Jackie: Me too, I was today as well. You know when you’re filming, you’re there all the time.

Zac: For sure, you’re there half the day. Takes up your life. The pays good though.

Jackie: Yea, it really is. One day they’ll give you twenty million.

Zac: Maybe they will. Hmm, they definitely may.

Jackie: Me as well?

Zac: I can’t predict the future. And you’re still early in your career.

Jackie: That’s true. One day. I hope to be where you are.

Zac: I like that. 

They look at each other, and the moment lasts for a few seconds, and by then her bra and shirt are on, and she’s starts turning to walk out of the room.

Jackie: That’ll be the day.

Zac: Mmm, for sure. Careful, though, one day you might yourself in action movie after thriller movie after action movie.

Jackie: Haha, exactly.

She exits the room.

End scene.

Int. Set for Zac’s action movie.

It’s the following day and Zac has arrived for filming that will last the whole day. He has come in the doors, and is only starting up the hallway to his dressing room. From there the set, the filming area, is just a ways past. 

Crew worker: Heya Zac.

Zac: Hey, top a the mornin to ya

2nd crew worker: Good day yesterday, Zac.

Zac: Hey, thank you, thank you.

Zac makes way along the remainder of the hall to his dressing room. There is a P.A. waiting outside his room. 

P.A.: They want you on set in ten minutes. 

Zac: Oh, okay.

Zac, opens the door, and goes to change into his outfit/costume for the next few scenes. After he’s changed, he sits down on the bed, looking through his phone until they call him on to set.

Zac: (thinking to himself) voiceover: I wonder what today’s filming will be like. There is a somewhat likely chance I can make this movie something more than half-way decent. It needs the best lines. The script was so bare. Hmm. They had needed help with it. I wrote the half it. I should try to make the other half better. Well, I guess they need me on set. 

Zac rises from the bed, and head off for the set. He leaves his dressing room, and walks down the hall which is empty, except for a few of his acting colleagues.

A minor character actor: Movie’s coming out great.

Zac: (He looks at him, and frowns, and then smiles, before speaking) Yeap, yeah, it sure it is. 

A minor character: See yea out there. 

Zac: Haha, yes, I will see you out there, filming. We have a scene together later.

Minor character actor: We do, that’s what I reached you about!

Zac: Well, okay then.

Zac walks into the filming area, and into the set area designed for the first scene they are filming that day. His co-star is there, awaiting the start of filming.

Quinn: Hey there, fella.

Zac: Hey, sweetheart. (He kisses her.)

Quinn: I’ve been missing you all morning. And I was missing you all night.

Zac: You miss me when I am not around?

Quinn: Well, of course. 

Zac: Well, good. You can see more of me.

Quinn: I only see you when you’re here. And I even sleep with you.

Zac: Maybe sometimes you could see me away from here.

Quinn: Yea, I’d like that. And suddenly I am not in a bad mood.

Zac: It’s a talent of mine, curing bad moods. 

Quinn: You ready for this scene. Sometimes I feel you’re not up to the action level of the script.

Zac: I am, of course. That rarely happens.

Quinn: Oh, for sure. You're usually very fully here, and ready to perform the scene.

Zac: Of course, hmm, the director looks ready to begin for the day. Let’s appear like we’re ready.

The director looks in their direction, and motions to the camera workers.

Director: Prepare for the scene, we’re ready to get going.

They focus their cameras on the action, and choose the right angels for their shots. Everything seems about ready, and now the director moves his attention to the actors.

Director: Actors, are you ready?

Zac: Aye, aye, (director’s name)

Quinn: We’re ready. 

Zac: Whenever you’re ready then.

Director: And action! 

Quinn: If he got away, how are we going to get him next time.

Zac: Well, he blew up a building. Consider it a fluke. Next time, we’ll get him for sure.

Quinn: But what if something goes wrong again? He’ll escape again.

Zac: Like I said, those were really lucky circumstances, otherwise, we would have caught him entirely. 

Quinn: I trust you. We can do it this time. 

Zac: Good, that’s entirely the spirit I was looking for. We just need to think of a plan.

Quinn: Well, last time he was on a heist. They stole so many works of art from the museum. 

Zac: I agree. They had no problem destroying the parking garage. I have an idea. If we just got him out of their layer, then he wouldn’t want to destroy that!

Quinn: But they’ll all be there. We run right into the heart of the chaos.

Zac: If that’s what it takes, then that’s what it takes.

Quinn: Alright, so how are we going to get in there? 

Zac: Well I don’t think there’s a secret entrance. So we’ll need to disguise ourselves.

Quinn: As who? Howe could we possibly get in there?

Zac: We’ll dress as gang members, and we’ll slide right in. We’ll just play very low members. Henchman. We’ll need masks. And wigs. And several layers of clothing. 

Quinn: Haha. Alright. I’m in it if you are.

Zac: I’m in it. Alright. Let’s do this.

Quinn: What do we need to do to be ready?

Zac: Well, the first thing is disguises. We have to decide who we’re going to dress up as. I’m thinking I’ll dress up as Gerald, and you should dress up as Bertha.

Quinn: I hate that mask!

Zac: but they won’t recognize you, and you’ll look like a henchman, or woman.

Quinn: I have to wear the fat suit?

Zac: No wear the muscle suit, and then we’ll wear thick jackets. 

Quinn: Alright, They’re not goint to recognize me at all as a little fat and totally muscled Bertha!

Zac: And they won’t recognize me at all! Alright let’s get a move on. We’ll get everything ready.

Quinn: And when will we leave? 

Zac: When it’s dark. 

Quinn: Ah, good plan. Under cover of the night, they won’t detect us sneaking in.

Zac: Exactly. Alright. Let’s get a move on.

End Scene.


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