Song Oct. 31

By Asa Montreaux 

It wasn’t the first time

And I needed one thing from you

They always thought they could be you

Now they want me just to crop them in

I’m the right size, and maybe that seemed

A little too real, 

And it was only a thin veneer

I ain’t gone lovin’ you like that

Could it be they thought I’d want to do that?

Could it be you could push me past that point?

When love wasn’t love and we’d only been pretending a long time.

When you were already gone and it’d be me

All alone

In the end she pushed her,

Like they always do.

And it was the end, the end of things.

Did she say she was me,

She ain’t me.

Could it be you weren’t right for me?

I’ve felt the vacuity the whole time.

He wasn’t that short;

And it wasn’t really the way it would be

Could it be I was not unhappy?

Could it be they said I couldn’t be there,

And so I wasn’t there.

This is all to say she’ll be somewhere away from us

Someday soon


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