Screenplay Oct 1.1

By Asa Montreaux 

Setting: Parking garage, downtown la

Leo(Zac): Hang on baby, we have one more minute. 

He drops the bomb device, and runs back to Quinn. He takes her hand and they run out of the parking garage, into the stairwell. They head down the stairs to the exit.

As they exit to the first level, Gregorivic is there and blocks them off. He has a gun in hand. 

Gregorivic: Stop there, Leo. You were too close to getting away. For comfort.

Leo(Zac): No we have to make it out of here. There’s no time.

Gregorivic: You’re not going anywhere. Not on my watch.

Leo(Zac): But we have to get out of her. That’s bombs gonna go. Please. Come with us.

Gregorivic: Nope. It’s other me, or you. And it’s gonna be me. (He points the gun right at Leo’schest.)

Leo:  Come on now, let’s talk this through. We just gotta get out of here.

Gregorivic: It was too late when you decided to save her.

He fires the gun at Leo chest. Leo dives and grabs Quinn and they duck and roll out of the way. When the bullets been fired, they get up quickly and start running for the exit.

Leo(Zac): Come one baby, we still got time.

They run for the exit, and as they are approaching. The bomb suddenly goes off. The parking garage is engulfed in flames. The flames start billowing towards them, and as they reach the exit, they dive out of the parking lot, as the inside is completely covered in flames. They land just outside the parking lot, barely escaping the flames, and the smoke billowing out, covering them. Leo pulls her up and stumble away out of the smoke. When they can breathe, and see each other, he asks her, are you okay?

Quinn: I’m fine. Are you.

Leo: Yea. Yea, I’m great. 

And they kiss passionately. She puts her arms around his neck, as they sit on the concrete. They continue kissing.

Director: And cut! Great works guys. That was alright. Okay, we’ll go with that one. Break for fifteen then we’ll go on to the scene by the wata. (just says wata not water)

Leo pulls away from the kiss and gets up. The actress gets up as well, and brushes off her lips. 

Quinn: Not bad. See yea.

Leo(Zac): See ya. 

He heads off to his dressing room, where he finds it quiet and private, and takes his jacket off. He sits down, and feeling stressed still, places his hand on his forehead, hanging his head a little. 

Zac: (To himself) All of this, what is it for?

There’s a knock on the door, and he says hello. It’s Wynona and he gets up let her in.

Immediately she kisses him. Her arms all the way around his head, and she starts walking into the room, and he backs into it. She shut the door and locks it. Then she turns him, and makes out with him passionately on the wall. She starts taking his clothes off.

Cut to next shot where they are banging on the dressing room table.

Then their lying on the bed next to each other, both looking at the ceiling. 

Wynona: I didn’t get the part.

Zac: No?

Wynona: No, I got the other one though.

Zac: Not the one you wanted quite.

Wynona: Yea, I got the other one.

Zac: Well, that’s still good.

Wynona: Not good enough.

Zac: Well I gotta get back to set. 

Wynona: Oh, alright.

Leo: See you. You can’t stay in here, you know?

Wynona: I didn’t know that. Are you sure I can’t stay.

Leo: It’s fine by me. But don’t let them see you.

Wynona: Who?

Leo: The producers.

Wynona: Oh, of course. I’ll be careful.

Leo: I’m sure you will. Okay, bye.

He leaves, and she watches him with only a small amount of interest, and then lies back against the bead’s head, tilting her head, sighing deeply.

End scene.

Int. Zac’s apartment

As Zac arrives Jackie comes out to see who’s at the door. Obviously, it’s him and she is relieved it’s him, and not someone else, so she smiles with satisfaction. 

Jackie: I wasn’t expecting you back for a while.

Zac: We finished up with set early. All the takes went well. And we’re not sure how to write the last scene.

Jackie: You’re referring to the fact it’s just an action movie.

Zac: Yea, of course. We were trying to make it more gripping. Maybe we should have bothered.

Jackie: Yea, next time, don’t.

Zac: Well, alright. We really just wanted to offset the action with some more intimate moments.

Jackie: Is that necessary.

Zac: No, you know. I just want to show my acting chops.

Jackie: This really isn’t the movie.

Zac: And I’m starting to wonder, when is it? Nowadays, it’s popcorn movie after popcorn movie.

Jackie: That’s what people like, thriller, action, you know, exciting movies.

Zac: Yea, thriller, action, thriller, action. I understand what you are arguing.

Jackie: It really is only an argument, maybe people like crap.

Zac: Like in their mouths?

Jackie: Not exactly. I mean, on the whole, probably not.

Zac: I can’t say I am a fan of that. I’ll need the money, but maybe I am dreaming about being able to take a break from formula movies. I won’t have the time.

Jackie: Oh well. Well, it is that time. You ready for our sex appointment?

Zac: Well, yea. Of course. I’m not in that bad of a mood.

Jackie: Let’s go then I’m ready. All I’ll have to do is undress.

Zac: I’m gonna get it you know.

Jackie: You’re definitely at the top of the list.

Zac: You always say that, and yet you always cast me.

Jackie: I like a guy that knows what I like.

Zac: But am I right for this one?

Jackie: Zac, we’re just gonna have sex.

Zac: Haha. Alright.

End scene.


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