poem july 4

By Asa Montreaux 

I guess you can be depressed for a long time 

It’s like something nagging behind you until it finally

Comes into your consciousness and it take it over 

And when it fades away I’ve yet to see a day when the 

Cognizance of it, that sadness that hangs over you, I still 

Wait for that to leave me. Because the experience changed me forever.

I’ve never had a person that hasn’t been depressed before understand me

Not since I’d been depressed the first time.

If there was no phrase for my loneliness it was the loneliness of depression.

Because I can’t connect with anyone now unless they’ve been depressed. Otherwise

They totally do not get it. And maybe, even now, as depression has lessened it’s grip, 

I still am jaded. Jaded from it, still a little melancholy

In temperament maybe I will be forever

And in that way all my friends have been depressed.


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