Catcher in the Rye 2 s 1

By Asa Montreaux 

You wouldn’t have known how long it was there. It was longer than I would have liked. There was a million places I would have rather been. But I was stuck there, over and over I waited through the days. It seemed like, to me, they wanted me to be there because I was crazy, but it seemed I was going crazy from being there. 

The doctors would continue to talk with me. But nothing they were saying seemed to be quite true. Like really, true. They were all damned bores, to tell you the truth. They would often tell me they don’t know what’s wrong with me. And then they would squint their eyes at me, and place there hand on their chin, and probably think I was quite a messed up teenager. It was no matter. After a while, I thought I would do anything to get out of there. 

I was scared sometimes, to tell you the truth. Like maybe they’d think I was crazy forever. I had a lot of time to sit around, and lay around, and think. I could think of a million ways to get out of there. And I tried everyone. No one worked. But one day I started journaling and I was really started to put my thoughts together, I swear. I really thought I gotta show this to the doc after a while. It was really great stuff.

Meetings with happened at 11 am and I was all worked up. I had to tell him I was better. I walked into his office and I took a nice relaxed posture in the chair with one foot up, ready to tell him all about the things I’d come up.

‘Holden, you need to start telling the truth. For your own sake.’

‘That’s really besides the point. And really, I just need to tell you about the things I’ve been writing. It’s really changed my life, doc. Promise.'

‘Holden I don’t want to hear about what you’ve been doing. I care to know how you are improving.’

‘Oh I really am. I’m doing better everyday, because of the diaries I’m writing see. I get all of my thoughts down on paper. Then from there I think about how it relates to my life. See they were just these stories. Kind of like my life, but not really my life. Like adventures. Through all of the different places on Earth and different worlds. It’s like my life but as if it was lived all over.’

‘Holden, you cannot be indulging you're fantasies. You need to ground yourself in reality. This is not a healthy use of your time. These stories are going to get mixed up with your real life. You are supposed to be using it to gather yourself together.’

‘It really is okay, I feel much better. The stories help me see my life from a different lens, you know. Then everything isn’t so boring and crap, and things go better. I just need to make my life more interesting, I need to include all of these different worlds in my life.’


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