The Estate writ. 2017

By Asa Montreaux, pen name Andrew James 


Fade in

Small city in the northwest, large estate, camera pans in slowly, castle like house, camera pans to the inside. Vincent inside, to the main hall of the home. He is arriving home from University, almost finished his Graduate degree. He is in a sour mood.

Vincent: (talking to himself) Well, mother, I can't say it was a terrible year. It is just that the whole year I thought of how terrible what happened was. I thought of what exactly it was that happened. It didn't make sense, and I think it drove me crazy, though I am the last person to go crazy, ever.

Matilda: (Mother) What are you saying, dear.

Vincent: What, were you hearing something? I have been making no sounds though I was about to call for you and announce my arrival.

Matilda: Yes it is nice to have you home. I have missed you very much.

Vincent: Well I am not staying for forever. You certainly know this.

Matilda: No? I suppose I only ask of you to spend time with me?

Vincent: But when does it end? You certainly haven't been lonely. This new husband of yours has surely been here all of the year. Just what is it he wants. You have two of these bloody husband men floating around.

Matilda: He wants nothing. You know he and I love each other.

Vincent: Love? Two people of your age do not love one another. I had thought you and father loved each other, but I will never believe in love again. There is no such thing.

Matilda: Don't be silly Vincent. Come now, your sister is wanting to see you. We've been anticipating you for several days.

Vincent: My sister. She is the one who only I suspect might not be a goddamn whore. Very well, take me to her.

In the dining area the sister has been having tea. Her friend accompanies her and she is attractive, receptive to a lot of information about Vincent, similarly innocent seeming, thought Vincent would not admit it, and someone who he would be interested in.

Vincent: Hello sister, I have missed you like no other woman for miles, for... planets, for galaxies.

Teresa: Hello brother, I have missed you, been doing the missing too.

Vincent: Hello May, I haven't seen you since last summer. You look very well.

May: (acting confidently, thinking of what she is saying beforehand) I remember.

Vincent pauses. Looks at her.

Vincent: Of course you do, he said.

Teresa: Vincent, you're being obvious.

Vincent: Don't say such things when I have only just arrived here. Come, there is something I have to show you.

He takes them upstairs to his private dwelling area, where there is a package waiting for him that he opens quickly.

Vincent: This is one of those things I have been working on in the grey area beyond when I am working on what I am supposed to be working on. It is an automated home defence system.

Teresa: It looks like something a terrorist would make.

Vincent: No, no, don't be silly. Although I have been feeling very, very dark. There is a bomb thrower. There only twice the size of bullets, but like little atomic bombs. Thirty feet radius of complete obliteration. Nothing survives, like nothing ever existed. There's a laser recognistion system that feeds into my tablet.

Teresa: Is there something you're worried about? They don't know who or what killed Dad.

Vincent: He is not dead. Most certainly not.

Teresa: Then why are you designing these things.

Vincent: They make me feel safer. Something happened. Something was obliterated. And I'm obssessed with it.

May: Sounds interesting. Don't obliterate me.

Vincent and Teresa look at each other.

Vincent: I'll try. It is unlikely. I'm pretty good at designing things. That work for you?

May: I trust you. You're unlikely to screw up.

Vincent: Wonderful. I'll set this up later. I think it is dinner time near abouts. I have forgotten to eat all day.

Next scene at the dinner table. Low lighting. Table is big, although it is still very tense. This is the first appearance of Rick, the new husband, who is less handsome than Vincent's Dad, hardly richer. Vincent is very suspicious of him and he cannot hide it.

Maltida: Now everyone sit. Vincent be calm. You are so anxious. That's not the Vincent I know.

The kitchen has prepared dinner and it should only be a few minutes. Rick, Vincent has just arrived home. He should be here for the summer, at least.

Vincent: I've consented to almost that much.

Rick: Hi Vincent. Nice to have you here.

Maltida: See. You get along wonderfully.

Quiet for a few moments. Then May says.

May: What kind of things do you have time to do this year outside your studies?

He doesn't want to reveal what he was working on, though May doesn't know this.

Vincent: They have just built a whole new building. There is a nice bar and restaurant. I've had time to sit there and chat about philosophy and try different brews.

Rick: Drinking is something most men do when there feeling depressed. What would be your motive?

Vincent: (looking at the kitchen, as the staff bring out the food) I wonder.

Several traits and plates placed along the table. Everyone is reasonably hungry, though Vincent has lost his appetite again.

Matilda: Eat more Vincent.

Vincent: Sorry, I'm just feeling a little unsettled.

A few moments pause again, and again May.

May: Have you been growing your hair longer.

Vincent: Who? Me.

May: You, yes.

She was staring at him admiringly.

Vincent: Oh. Yes. I haven't had it cut since Christmas. Since December. No reason. I wanted to. Didn't want to cut it. I've certainly missed you May. I had a feeling you would be here.

May: You always know these things.

Vincent: That I do.

Rick: Now aren't you seeing someone out there on the campus?

Vincent: No, no. I'm not. Not for quite some time. Right, May. You knew that, right?

May: I did know that. I heard that.

Rick: Well don't think you can hide anything from me.

Flash forward to after dinner. They are bored, it is a long night ahead, and they haven't spent time together. The three young adults go outside for a walk along the grounds. Ambling slowly together, the sun all but disappeared.

Teresa: I don't think you know what it has been like with Rick. It has been very scary. But mom denies it.

Vincent: I bet it was scary. I imagine the worst things. I'm sorry it has been this way. Truly.

Teresa: I know you don't want him to be here. You're very vocal about that.

Vincent: Yeah but he doesn't know that.

Teresa: Yes he does, you just don't like to admit it.

Vincent: I suppose. Sorry May, we don't mean to stress you out.

May: It's okay. Nothing unusual has happened.

Vincent: No. No, I suppose not.

Teresa: The one year anniversary is tommorrow.

There is a noise ahead of them. Fairly loud. Possibly heard from the house. They stop. There is a glowing light. There is something there.

Vincent: Hello?

May: What the hell!

They hesitate, but ultimately need to approach to find out what it was. There is a ghost, an ethereal appearing person. He looks severe, he looks like he has a warning to purport.

Vincent: What is it? What do you want?

Ghost: (speaking very slowly) I have come here to say to you that I have been murdered.

Vincent: What happened? How would we be able to help you?

Ghost: It is the man. It is the man inside the home that has killed me.

Vincent: I'm sorry. We will call the police.

Ghost: No. The man inside has killed me. And. He has killed your father. You must do something.

Vincent: Is he dangerous to us?

Ghost: He is very dangerous. But his past is what he wants to destroy. Come. Come quick and see. Before I have to go.

They move closer and with one hand he opens his dress shirt, on the right hand side, there is a wound, a deep knife wound, and as he shows it to them he moans silently in pain, and then disappears, into the air.

May: Oh dear!

Teresa: Let's hurry back to the house.

May: But he's in there!

Teresa: That's no matter now.

They run away. The camera stays.

They are in a room in Vincent's chamber. The room is dark and they are thinking of what to do. They discuss secretively what to do.

May: Do you think he knows that were on to him?

Teresa: No. I don't think he has any idea. He is so self-absorbed. He sits in that living room with her for hours, and thinks of nothing but himself and his comfort.

After more consideration. Vincent's head on his chin.

Vincent: No. There is no way that he knows. But we must be careful now. It is when we have something to hide that we are discovered, as has so plainly happened to Rick himself now. The Ghosts wants us to act. And yet I will not. I wonder at the happiness we could still have if we could only forget this happening. We could still achieve the things we want to achieve. But will my conscience allow me? Will I be able to allow him to kill again?

May: Maybe someone else can do something. We can't be the only ones who knows.

Vincent: (Gravely) We are the only ones who know.

May: We can do something. We have to tell Matilda. We have to get out of here

Vincent: I'm not sure you know Matilda so well. She will not listen to it. She won't believe us.

Teresa: He's right. She is far too proud. And it does sound a little crazy.

It is quiet and they are not sure what to do. They want to make a decision now but it is not easy.

May: Are we going to be able to sleep tonight?

Teresa: I won't be able to sleep given this happening.

Vincent: No. I will stay awake. You'll be able to sleep. I'll sit watch.

May: When will you sleep?

Vincent: Tomorrow. I sleep in the day. We only have to wait for him to leave.

May: Are you sure?

Vincent: Yes. This is the best thing we can do.

Lights off except for one now. They have blankets on the floor. Trying to sleep. Vincent is looking out the window at the moment, giving up his gaze on the doors to his chamber temporarily. He looks to where the ghost had been, pondering what he was, and if it was real.

May: What are you doing?

Vincent: (turns around, only a little startled.) Oh. Oh my, I lost my vigil for a moment. I was thinking of the ghost again. I'm not sure what he meant. And I am not sure if I can trust him.

May: It is hard to tell. I believe him.

She walks over and sits on the edge of the couch with him, as his body faces the window slightly still.

Vincent: Is Teresa still asleep?

May: Yes. She is. It is just me. I couldn't sleep.

Vincent: Oh. I see. And here you found me distracted by the ghost again.

May: I have. I've found you well out of yourself. You've been so irresponsible.

Vincent: I am ashamed to have been discovered, and yet how skillfully, and timidly, by you, lovely you.

May: And what will you do now?

Vincent: Funny you should ask. All I know is that I don't want anything bad to ever happen to you.

They are only so close on the couch. And they lean towards each other. His hand pulls her forward by the shoulder at the end, and then they kiss, quietly, holding there lips together, kissing again, there eyes closed.

Int. Matilda's room the next day.

Rick is pacing a little outside his awareness, moving a little quicker than he would like to be noticed doing. He is anxious about something. Matilda doesn't appear worried, doing her makeup.

Matilda: Is something the matter Rick?

Rick: No. I don't think anything's wrong. Do you?

Matilda: Why. No. No, I don't.

Rick has stopped pacing, but now races out of the room, his footsteps audibly stopping in the hallway.

Rick: Was there someone here?

Matilda: Why no Rick. There wasn't.

Rick: Did you hear the noises this last evening.

Matilda: Is everything alright, Rick?

Rick: Yes, yes. Sorry darling. You see, we have to tell them.

Matilda: Well I know that.

Rick: No. We have to tell them now.

Matilda: Oh I think they know.

Rick: What?

Matilda: Oh just Vincent. He heard about it.

Vincent: We must tell them tonight.

Matilda: Well alright. Sit down. Please don't be so bothered. You're worrying me.

Int. Living room

The whole family and May are assembled. They are quiet except for Rick who is still flustered. Vincent looks pale pale and disturbed by all this.

Rick: We have something to tell you now.

Matilda: Oh. No, I will do it.

Rick: Okay, okay.

Matilda: You see, we are having our ceremony a month from now.

Teresa: Wow. That's soon, don't you think? Mom?

Matilda: Well, we've thought about it, and we would both like to go ahead with it and stop worrying about it all together.

Vincent: Maybe if you are worrying about it that should tell you something.

Matilda: No you are no stranger to this news Vincent. Please be calm about this.

May: Well. That's wonderful for the two of you. I wish you the best with it.

Rick: Thank you for your approval of this, all of you. We know it is soon, but this way we will all have stability for ourselves sooner.

There is a noise in the kitchen. Something fell and broke. Rick turns around, though acts as if he is the one who didn't notice anything out of the ordinary.

Rick: We've been preparing for an announcement party this evening. Hor'douvres. Please show yourself and mingle with some of our guests. We ask you to behave yourselves and drink responsibly. Don't drink too much.

Vincent: Can we go now?

Int. Living room and entrance hall area. Camera pans through party, fairly large attendance. People talking and laughing somewhat about the engagement. Servers weaving through crowds with wine and drinks also. Then to Vincent and May.

Vincent: This is one of those moments people would say you need to smile, even if you don't feel like it.

May: What if you have never felt less like smiling.

Vincent: Yes. I sure am glad you are here, that's one thing I don't need to fake.

Slight flash forward they've walked down the stairs, started walking through the party. They need something to do and Vincent grabs a cocktail and a man is standing right next to him. It is the county judge. He is a stern though grand fatherly looking fellow.

Judge Kearnes: Hello Vincent.

Vincent: Hi Mr. Kearnes. Good to see you.

Judge Kearnes: This is a nice engagement that you're having. Glad you could be here.

Vincent: Glad I could be here too.

Judge Kearnes: You don't sound so sure of yourself.

Vincent: Well, I am happy. Miss my father you know.

Judge Kearnes: (sighs, looking directly at him.) Is everything alright? I trust your mother. I know the announcement has come quickly. I know this happened very fast. She only does things when she is sure about them.

Vincent: (looks off into the distance) Normally, that is the case. (downs rest of cocktail. May walking by.) May!

May: I think we need to stay a little longer.

Vincent: Let's get out of there. I can't be here. It's awful. Really, I don't care what this Rick says.

For all I know and hear he's a murderer. (Several heads turn. They walk through the back doors onto the lawn)

Ext. Dark, low lights. Slight buzzing sound, murmurous noises from the party.

May: There is no place we can go.

Vincent: No. We can come out here. We shouldn't go too far or we'll see that ghost again.

May: I thought you want to know more from him.

Vincent: Not anymore. No. I don't want to hear anything from him again. Forget it.

May: Tell me everything's going to be okay.

Vincent: (refuses to answer at first, then reluctant, forced, a little sarcastic enthusiasm.) Everything is going to be okay.

May: Good. I don't want to doubt your both going to be okay.

End Scene. Camera moves away. Sitting on a bench, close together, holding hands, looking somber.

Int. Several hours later, many guest have left, starting to leave. Rick and Matilda and Teresa. In Matilda's chamber.

Rick: Where is Vincent? (He is very angry, pacing in a circle.)

Matilda: (seems unbothered by his continual anger, perhaps mistaking it for the way he is.) Rick honey, he was downstairs. I am sure he is around.

Rick: He hasn't done anything respectful. He hasn't shown any of the respect for any of this he should have. What is going on? What is he thinking?

Teresa: Mom, I don't think he wants to be here. He doesn't approve of this engagement at all. He's been depressed about it the whole time he's been here.

Matilda: (lightening her expression for the very first time) I do hope he's feeling alright. Rick, honey, maybe we should push it back some. What do you think?

Rick: What? (inappropriately flustered and now worried.) No, no. It has to be now. Come on. (deliberating) We've spent time arranging all of these things.

Matilda: I don't think that matters. We can rebook everything later.

Teresa: I think that's a good idea. We all thought it was quick. Quicker than what usually happens.

Matilda: Yes I think that's a good idea.

Rick: (allows a moment for them to feel that he is going to not force them to do it now) Let's just keep going with things this way. Everyone is more or less fine with it except Vincent. He needs to pull his act together.

Int. Dining Room

All sitting at table, eating dinner quietly. Reluctant to be there, doing as Rick says. No one talking. Sound of forks and knives, quiet chewing. Then the room shakes momentarily. The lights flicker. Then they go out. The ghost appears. This time, he glares at Rick. It appears as the father.

Matilda: Jesus.

Ghost: Do you know who killed me?

Matilda: What?

Ghost: Do you know who killed me? (turns to Vincent) Do you know who killed me?

Vincent: (Can't speak) Do I know who killed you?

Ghost: (Angrily) Who killed me?

Vincent: It was, Rick.

Matilda: Vincent!

Vincent: It was Rick that killed my father.

Ghost: Yes, yes, it was. (The Ghost musters the energy to point his finger at Rick.)

Rick: That is ridiculous. I know not what you speak of. (He rises from his seat. He swats at the ghosts, who backs away and then disappears.)

Matilda: What in God's name was that?

Vincent: Everyone has seen it. Look at what was here! Look! Did you hear what he said to us?

Rick: Quiet. No one at all needs to get worked up about this. As far as I know this all must have been some sort of prank, or some short panic we all went through. No one needs to speak of this.

Teresa: No one said they were going to speak of anything.

Matilda: We have do something. Let's get out of here.

Rick: (runs over to her and as if he were about to grab here, in her face, looking into her eyes) No, no one needs to leave her right now. No one is leaving here.

Teresa: You don't need to talk to her like that.

Rick: That's enough.

Teresa: Okay, just leave her alone.

Rick: You. (He now walks towards Vincent) What have you done? You are responsible for this. I have no idea where these accusations have come from?

Vincent: What? Do you think that I think you killed my father? Don't be so quick to defend yourself, as you are beginning to sound awfully guilty.

Rick: I haven't asked for your advice. Matilda, you know I have not done this, don't you?

Matilda: (Looks at him) Of course I do not suspect you, my dear. Please calm down, and just have a seat again. We will get through this.

Teresa: Maybe that's enough Vincent.

Vincent: I have hardly done anything. He is the one with guilt written all across his face.

May: Yeah what the hell was that? Leave Vincent alone!

Matilda: Alright, so it was nothing, let's try and be normal again. (She tries to eat. Some of them do as well. Vincent is the only one who doesn't even have a bite.)

End scene

Int. Upstairs

In Vincent's chamber, he is in bed, not trying to sleep, wide awake, obviously thinking about the ghost, and what to do about Rick. He looks over and May and Teresa are both sleeping. He gets up again and goes to the washroom. He looks in the mirror, trying to feel steady.

Vincent: (to himself) The only things that is certain, is that this man means to kill us.

Int. Downstairs Matilda is being fitted for her dress by a group of tailors.

Matilda: What do you think Teresa?

Teresa: It looks lovely, Mom.

Matilda: Sweetie,... where is Rick?

Teresa: I believe he's upstairs.

Matilda: He is supposed to be down here now.

Teresa: Should I go and fetch him. He might have forgotten.

Matilda: No, no. Just stay here hun.

Teresa: Are you sure, I can just go grab him.

Matilda: Okay. Just go let him know, then come right back here, would you?

Teresa exits.

Ext. Vincent out walking again by were they saw the ghost, meandering past, looks upset, thinking its over. Stops. Camera circles. Remembering what it was that happened. A moment of surety and decision comes over him.

Int. Rick and Teresa enter.

Teresa: He came right away. He was distracted with something else I think.

Rick: Hello my darling, are you feeling quite alright?

Matilda: Yes, yes, I was just waiting for you.

Rick: Good. Is everyone here?

Matilda: Why I think so.

Rick: (suddenly worried) Where is Vincent.

Matilda: Oh don't worry hunny, I think he just went for a walk.

Rick: What! (realizes he has overreacted) Well, tell him to come in why don't you.

Teresa: (looking embarrassed, surprised, runs off to grab him) Okay, okay.

Rick: So many things that are happening. Weddings! Ha!

Matilda: Are you feeling alright, Richard?

Rick: Oh yes, yes, I am feeling alright.

Rick: He's a funny boy. Always off doing something. Always trying... to figure something out.

Ha ha.

Matilda: Oh Rick, I don't know how I feel about things?

Rick: What? I promise you everything is going to be alright.

Teresa and Vincent enter.

Rick: Ah, my boy. There you are.

Vincent: Here I am, yep. How are you?

Rick: Why I am fine. (He pauses.) But, why were you outside?

Vincent: Why? I was, I was simply catching some fresh air. It is rather stuffy in here. I have been cooped inside my office so tightly for several months now.

Rick: I am going to ask you to not do that. Stay inside. It is dangerous out there right now. Didn't I inform you. I want you where I can see you. I am your father now, and it is my job to look after you, not your own.

Vincent: That sounds like something I can oblige too. I won't go out without your permission.

Rick: You won't go out at all.

Vincent: I'll think about it.

Rick: You will do as I say, with no exceptions.

Matilda: Rick, you're being rather harsh.

Rick: No. The boy needs all of my discipline. He's the goddamn rotten child, in all his goddamn brilliance.

Vincent: Agree to disagree. If that was all to the announcement, maybe no one has died yet, and I'm going to go fantasize about death and depressing things in my room, and not even Mae is invited.

Rick: Vincent, where are you going? Come back here. We need to do this right away. I have not agreed to delay this.

Vincent exits, end scene.

Int. Vincent's room. He is in bed again, awake. He wants to sleep, though things are too gloomy. He looks at the ceiling in exasperation, finally rising and moving swiftly to the balcony, opening the door quietly, though with little real regard for Richard, and he climbs down the balcony, to the garden floor. And walks along the edge of the gardens.

Vincent: (to self). I think I should run far away from here. If only they should come, step out here with me. And yet to leave this castle, this home of my mine, to this man who I loathe so much. No, I'd rather see him on the streets, I'd rather his face in his own puke, I'd rather we remain as we are, without him. (Walks on further).

Vincent: Sebastien! What are you doing here?

Sebastien: Oh. I didn't see you there. I was checking up on you. You haven't responded to my text messages.

Vincent: Well, as I told you, I'm a little busy, this Richard guy is some sort of psychotic mother raper.

Sebastien: You told me about him. Though, everyone doubts that he is seriously as bad as you depict him.

Vincent: Well, my anger begets the best poetry. What on earth are you doing in my garden.

Sebastien: I told you. I was worried about you. There was no real reason. I was a little bored. I needed to get out of the house and walk some. Are you okay, then? Is there something going on.

Vincent: This Rick man is trying to marry my mother for her money but no one is listening to me again. It's the same god damn plot over and over again.

Sebastien: You have such an overactive imagination. He just means to offer you support. He has... a sum of money to his name. Don't worry.

Vincent: I am worried. Oh, I am worried, let me tell you. There is something I have to do about this, and I am all on my own to do it.

Sebastien: Well, okay I guess. Is there someway I can help.

Vincent: Someone to help. Is there but some bizarre dream? Yes, you can help. You have to promise me to help. When I need our help, you have to be here. When we need help, when I have evidence, then you have to have the authorities here. Can you do that?

Sebastien: Sure, I think. When do you think that's going to happen. I don't think I will wait forever for that scenario.

Vincent: No, no. It will happen soon. I am sure of this. Within the week. Tomorrow even. We will meet here, if I can escape. If not, someone must go inside, and end whatever they come to find. I fear not this situation, but I fear for all of us. Go on, get out of here. I must return before someone notices I am gone. I will not sleep, but I will just need more coffee.

End Scene.

Int. In the gym

Matilda: Rick, don't work so hard. You are turning red. You are going to have a heart attack. What are you on about.

Rick: (takes him a moment to recognize her speaking to him) Nonsense. I'm not worried about anything. When did I say I was worried about anything.

Matilda: Well, alright then.

Rick: Matilda, what if Vincent continues to not respond to me. How am I going to run the company?

Matilda: Who said I was giving you the company?

Rick: (looks confused, a little stunned) No one said that. I just wanted to run it. My darling, it's your company. But with my experience and things... we will discuss things later.

Matilda: Are you sure you are alright. I haven't said anything but I am not sure of this anymore. I don't want someone who I don't know is doing this because they love me.

Rick: Matilda, darling, I love you. Nothing will change this. We just have to consider all aspects of things. It is because I love you that I want to do so much on your behalf. You see this, yes?

Matilda: You've stopped running, but your still red. I think I do. I want to believe in you, Richard. Don't let me down.

Rick: Of course not, of course not. I will be with you until the end of time, until death do us part.

Matilda: I worry about you. I don't want to do this on my own.

Rick: No, that's nothing to think about. I've got everything under control. Your future is very, very safe with me.

End Scene.

Int. Dinner Table. They are seated for family dinner again, and this time, things are much more sour. Matilda is still being very civil, though Rick, in spite of what he said is still flustered, and Vincent is very suspicious and angst about the situation. He doesn't want to eat anything.

Matilda: Vinnie, is everything alright right now?

Vinnie: Well, you tell me. Is this man going to be here for ever? Are the two of you going to bicker? Is he going to take away from my happiness, and from my liberty?

Teresa: He is a bit of a buzz kill sometimes. All this business machismo. So serious. It makes you wonder.

Matilda: Rick is a mature adult, I am not sure I can say the same for you. You've spent half this

time away from school wallowing. I think you know how I feel, that I ask of you to be better than to ask a grown man to not be himself. He is an important man.

Teresa: Not nearly as important as Dad was. Not even half as wealthy.

Matilda: Enough. What do you know about money. That is simply not true.

Vincent: One day the stars and the sky will align, everything one infinitely descending destiny.

And God will say, Richard, get the fuck out.

Suddenly, the light flickers once, and returns dimmed, yellowish. A noise groans above the dinner table, and suddenly appears a ghost. It is a female and she is staring angrily at Rick.

Mae: Oh, no. This isn't good, this isn't what we expected.

Ghost: Richard, you have forgotten me. You are dishonest. In my death, the seeds of your plans are apparent. You have already betrayed me.

Rick: What is this! Vincent, what have you done!

Ghost: My husband. My husband. My husband. My husband. You have betrayed me. You, you have betrayed me. All lies. You, you, have murdered me, taken my life.

Matilda: Richard, what is this!

Ghost: (pivots to Matilda) You, you, have taken up with my husband, with my murderer. And now I must tell you stay away from him. (Raises finger and points at Matilda) Stay away from my murderer. Your murderer!

Rick: Enough! (Lunges over dinner table at ghost)

Matilda: Richard, what are you doing, oh my God!

Richard collapses over the table, and the ghost disappears as he tries to grasp it, around the neck area.

He lands on the table, a fairly loud crash. The table cloth is displaced by his body. He remains there for a few seconds, embarrassed, feeling caught in a compromising situation.

Matilda: Children, to bed, now!

Vincent: Hang on, let's play this out. We need to talk about this now. (He walks over and grabs Vincent by the hair, before he can move, sprawled on the table still.) You are a murderer. Your past is dark and muddy, and you are trespassing. What are your plans!

Matilda: Vincent, let him down, oh dear.

Vincent: Just one more minute, dear mother. Mr. Man from nowhere, do you, or do you intend to kill Matilda?

Richard: No, I don't know what that thing was talking about. It wasn't real. Your are caught in a spasm Vincent. It was nothing. I have no idea what it was. It was all lies.

Vincent: Well it spoke truth to me, and by the power invested in me, I'm going to drag you out just like this.

Matilda: Vincent, put him down! We will settle this some other way. He already said it wasn't real.

Vincent: And you will eat the crap that comes from his mouth? Mother, he has lied to you and he will lie more, and we must not let his greater crimes come between us and rift and rip apart our destiny.

Mae: Tell the freak to go fuck himself!

Teresa: Mae, this is my mother's husband.

Vincent: (calm again, showing morality) No, not yet he isn't. (releases his hair) Very well, mother. Let's finish our dinner. (He pauses, and thinks briefly) As he says, perhaps, it was nothing. She did speak somewhat crazy, like a jealous ex-wife. (He resets his dinner jacket, and seats himself at the table, even lifting his knife and fork)

Matilda: (stares at him rather astonished) Do as Vincent says. We will finish dinner and then everyone will return to there chambers. And Rick and I will discuss this privately.

Mae: Pretty much that was the weirdest thing I've ever seen.

Teresa: That was strange. I don't really know what happened.

Vincent: (trying to sound resolved) Don't speak of it now. We will have many evenings to recount this lovely tale if we don't spoil its goodness this night.

Mae: That will settle things. I think that sounds like a good idea to me, Vincent.

Vincent: Thank you, Mae.

Mae: Your welcome.

Silent, very hesitant eating.

End scene.

Int. Upstairs. Vincent is in his chamber. Wide awake. There are shouts from downstairs.

Vincent: (sighs audibly. Sounds below increase in volume.) What to do, what to do. (He sits up and frowns, thinking of the things he is hearing. The very loud shouts are stopping. And he begins to wait for them to stop.)

Skip forward, Vincent is still waiting, and finally the sound has stopped, for ten, fifteen minutes. He leaps from bed, and heads to his closet.

He climbs down the stares gently. And looks around in the open area rooms for Rick and Matilda. They are in bed. He moves slowly through the hallways, stopping around the corner from there chamber, protruding the side of his head, to listen if they are still awake. There are no sounds. He listens for any change. There is none. He moves forward. The camera is on his face and upper torso. It is mostly dark in the hallway. They should have been in bed long ago. He opens the door without making it squeak, and moves through. He can then see them in bed, at the far end of the room. He walks right to the edge of the bed, and he can hear his mother's slow breaths. Richard is turned over in bed. He is a little emotional. He raises the weapon, reaches across the bed, and with two hands, plunges the sword into Richard's body. Suddenly the man wreaths in pain, dying, he is turned around and nearly jumps upwards from his bed. It is not Richard. Vincent is horrified. Suddenly the screams are heard and he hears Richards voice from another chamber. His mother has awaken and screams.

Matilda: Vincent, what have you done?

Vincent: I killed the bastard. As if I was going to let someone that unstable go on living her, let alone walk another walk, breath any further breath.

Matilda: But you fucking killed him.

Vincent: Yes, I did.

Matilda: Who is it? Look!

Vincent: It looks like effing Mae's Dad. Don't tell me it's her Dad.

Matilda: No, it's the Butler.

Vincent: Oh. Oops.

Richard runs in, face red with anger, already.

Richard: You maniac you, what I would do, if I weren't a controlled, calm man. What I would I do if I weren't the controlled, calm man. You, you maniac. Look, you have killed him, now for everyone to see, it is you who is quite so unstable.

Vincent: I don't think so. You didn't really think you would get away with this, did you. Listen to yourself, you are still lying, still blathering on, until the very bitter end. Is nothing ever enough for you to admit that you were wrong?

Matilda: Richard, what is going on, really?

Vincent: Yes, Richard, do tell us, what is it, that is going on?

Richard: I want to be the best husband for you, the father to these, these children and young adults. This marriage means everything to me. Please, darling, I would never kill them. Let's just forget about this. Dispose of that body, and let's move on.

Vincent: You want just to get rid of it? What was the butler doing in your place. You have put another man in bed with my mother!

Richard: I have done no such thing. A man learns to take caution with volatile minds like yours.

Vincent: The real question is what will happen next. (Vincent is still holding his sword. He points it at Richard, extending his arm.) The real question, King Richard, is what kind of man will you prove to be, after you have proven not to be one, and will I regret not killing you here, now.

Matilda: Vincent, don't kill him.

Vincent: Nonsense! The police will not listen. With all of those delinquents out there, no one will take my word, take the truth as anything more than a version. Taking action, that is the only way to end this.

Matilda: No Vincent. We hear you. I will listen. You just need to make sense, son.

Vincent: (He is still pointing the sword at Richard's chest.) Very well. So we will do this the gentlemanly way. We will give you one more chance. But let this be your warning. Don't let me down.

Richard: As you say, master Vincent, this is almost over.

Vincent: I need you to promise to me, that it is over. Can you promise to me that it is over?

Richard: I promise you Vincent, that it is over. Now, will you the put the god damned sword down, please.

Vincent: I'll think about it. But first, back out of her, ass first, and make yourself some coffee. You look like a complete wreck.

Richard: Very well. I will make some coffee.

Vincent: Hey, don't turn around, ass first.

Richard: Are you sure you aren't this father I hear about. Vincent Sr. and goddamn Vincent senior.

Vincent: Now's that the time for any wisecracks. You're on your last plank walk.

Richard: Fair enough.

End Scene.

Int. Upstairs, Vincent's room.

Vincent is getting into bed, putting on a pajama top. He places his phone by the bedside, and pulls the covers tight. Richard has the house cold still. He looks at his messages. He thinks it's a good idea to compose a new one.

Vincent: (writing) Hey Sebastien, still don't have Richard gone. Getting pretty bizarre. Might need some help. Will you be around?

He waits for the message. For a while, but eventually it doesn't come, so from the first time in two days, he falls asleep.

There must have been another noise, or just a bad feeling, because he wakes up quickly. He sits up and looks out the window, and it's still mostly dark outside. He looks at his phone, and there is also still no message returned. He looks concerned. Gets up and leaves his room again, more cautiously in case Richard is listening, but there is no one upstairs, in any of the room. He thinks about going back to sleep, but instead, looking at the clock, it's about four, and he decides just to go for a run, and say he was anticipating his alarm.

When he gets back, there is commotion again, though not shouting, very early in the morning, but he just goes back upstairs, still there is no text message. He wondered about help, who might believe him, this time, and he thought of one person. And suddenly he remembered, she was on her way today.

Int. Kitchen area

Mae: Do they really leave all these bagels around for you all the time.

Vincent: Yep. They do. Eat at your own risk. There just so good.

Mae: So many different flavors. This one is sesame seed.

Vincent: Mhmm. It's a bit abusive the way they cook dinner for us though. You don't really have a choice.

Mae: (Looks at him sideways a little, smirks) I hadn't noticed that. Maybe they want to give you more of something that you're not thinking about.

Vincent: What, like poison.

Mae: No, not poison. Something else other than that.

Vincent: Maybe, I have no hint as to what other thing that might be. Something meant to harm something related to me. Nothing I've stuck my chin out about.

Mae: You're in the middle of a vast conspiracy.

Vincent: You think so? It might be more the case that this really is a domestic kind of dispute.

Mae: Best to keep things discrete?

Vincent: Yea. Nothing that has anything to do with anything else. Nothing that makes us look good, whatever happens.

Mae: No one going crazy or anything.

Vincent: No. Unless you count Rick.

Mae: But that's between us. That's a secret too.

Vincent: I guess so yeah. I don't want people to know much more about it I guess. Then I'd have to explain my Mom actually likes him, maybe, I think.

Teresa enters

Teresa: What have you been discussing?

Vincent: You of course, and how keenly interested you are, you nosy little thing.

Teresa: Really?

Vincent: Not really. I mean, we weren't discussing it.

Teresa: Okay I guess. What's really going on?

Vincent: I don't know. Have you noticed something particular out of the ordinary?

Teresa: Not really. Just some ghosts and things.

Vincent: Then there is nothing going on.

Teresa: Vincent, you barely see your mother. Who on earth would know? You're gone almost the whole year. And lately you have your vacations somewhere else. You said you don't even find it relaxing here.

Vincent: I haven't said that lately. I haven't said anything bad about Rick, or even about my mother's choice in men.

Teresa: Yea, only since you resolved to get him out of here forever. You killed the butler you were so resolved not to show your true face about this.

Vincent: I know not what you speak of, Teresa.

Teresa: Alright, fine then. Just between you and me then. You know what then, I hate his fucking guts.

Enter Matilda.

Matilda: W-what?

Teresa: Oh. Hello we were just talking about the butler. No, no, it's sad he, he...

Vincent: He died. Sad he died. Really, truly, we should contact the family. Don't just get rid of him. We were saying Rick should even be at the funeral. A private gathering of course.

Matilda: Oh, I don't know anymore. Rick has been so worried. He was awake the whole night.

Teresa: Where is he now?

Matilda: Why he is in bed. I was just waking up when I hear him come in. He wouldn't not sleep. That's why he was in the other room the other night.

Vincent: I'm sure there is a good reason for that. A good businessman must be fresh, and not run only on coffee.

Matilda: No, he'll only have two or three cups.

Vincent: (Suddenly a little more intent) Does he have any heart problems you think. Heart burn even.

Matilda: No, he doesn't.

Vincent: Not even heart burn!?

Matilda: Well, he had a prescription a while ago. A beta blocker.

Vincent: Well that's interesting. Did he say what it was.

Matilda: No, he didn't want to say much of anything about it. I thought maybe it went away.

Vincent: How old is he again?

Matilda: He's 50. 53.

Vincent: I remember that. I thought I had 55 before though.

Mae: Is he really older?

Matilda: I don't think so. Why would he lie.

Vincent: Yes, yes, he knows you love him. I'm sure he wouldn't lie, Vincent said.

Matilda: He does know that I love him. He is a part of our family.

Vincent: A part of our family is exactly what Richard is. We are one big happy, happy family.

Teresa: Your overdoing it Vincent.

Vincent: Overdoing what? You know very well I am trying very hard to get over my difficulties with Richard.

Matilda: Thank you Vincent, I am going to go and get changed. I had some meetings across town with the caterers before lunch time. Behave yourselves while I am out, please.

Teresa: Will do, mother.

Vincent: Bye, now, for now, mother.

End scene

Ext. The grounds to the estate.

Vincent decided to take a walk because Richard's commands were effectively quite reversed. There was lots of things to think about, though nothing was happening out in the gardens. He walked around a few times, pensively, his intensity grew, because he thought of a way to make Richard go away. He was hoping for something, for some help. But, Sebastien wasn't around again. This was the kind of time that he needed his help, but he hadn't responded because he was on his way, and there was nothing that delayed his coming here.

Eventually though, stopping to sit on the bench for a while, thinking a little of his times in Zurich, looking at the bowers of the trees, hearing all of the noises, sometimes hearing things from the house, a rhythm of life nonetheless, even with Richard. He thought of the time. Denise said he wouldn't have to pick her up. She was probably on her way now. He decided to wait some outside. If he met her out here, then he would have a lot more control of the situation, and be able to explain things to her before he brings her inside, introduces her, and has to show her to her room.

Denise approached in a cab she had called. There were more things with her than I thought. They weren't in the trunk, but in the back. The cab pulled right up to the gate, to about where I was, and she saw me right away. The driver was the one that unloaded all the bags, and he carried them to the doors.

Vincent: Okay, I'll take one bag.

He walked with her up the path to the house.

Denise: So what was it you were telling me before you left?

Vincent: Right. Richard met Mike Gillis out for coffee.

Denise: And he didn't know why that happened.

Richard: No.

Denise: And you looked into it when it made sense.

Richard: Yea. He was trying to meet me. The Canucks were going to draft me. They were interested anyways. It doesn't matter now.

Denise: The drafts over now.

Richard: Yep. Jamie got jealous. He gets embarrassed he told me to work so hard and stuff.

Denise: But you are growing and do need to make money sometimes.

Richard: Exactly.

Denise: And what's the other thing.

Richard: He's been telling people around there's two of me. So something's going to happen and people are going to not be able to recognize and think I'm away her for a particular time.

Denise: Why?

Richard: Probably because someone contacted him and told him I was not going some other place or something.

Denise: And no one know he's not you Dad.

Richard: I guess.

Denise: And he's been saying this more often because they put the pressure on.

Ricard: Yep.

Denise: And you changed your appearance and there going to say your the out of shape evil one and stuff, and that's the reason you haven't put on a pound and stuff, even though your a hockey player.

Richard: Yep, just playing into it. A pound at most. I hope that Mae and Teresa don't think I've lost my look or something, then when it comes back they'll think it's someone else even longer.

Denise: But you've been dying your hair different colors and doing different styles and stuff your whole life.

Richard: Yep.

Denise: But they don't know that.

Richard: No, not really know.

Denise: Wait you don't have blackouts.

Richard: Oh. No. Just Jamie.

Denise: Good to know.

Richard: Why is that?

Denise: I don't know. Oh, never mind.

Richard: Okay. Anything that might be on your mind, other than that?

Denise: You and Joey fought all the time, right.

Richard: Yep.

Denise: That's what I thought.

Richard: Well, this is the estate. Just up here. (He opens the door for himself). Through here and up the stairs.

Matilda has returned and is in the dining area chattering with a caterer who has returned with her.

Denise: Vincent, did you get retakes on your graduation photos again.

Vincent: Of course. People rarely get things right the first time around.

Denise: Hi there, Vincent! You didn't tell me you had a guest coming.

Vincent: No, there's space for her. I believe I do need a plus one for the wedding. Which is taking place, as far as I know. This is her.

Matilda: A girl. Why of course. I'm almost done setting this up with the caterer. Why don't you come back down in a short while and we will talk more then. So please, show her her quarters.

Vincent: As you wish, dear mother.

Denise: Well then.

He motions to the stairs, and they walk away, up the stairs, and out of the scene.

Int. In Denise's chamber.

Vincent: So here we are.

Denise: We are. Thank you for everything. I'm happy to be here. It's not for the wedding, is it?

Vincent: No, oh no, of course not.

Denise: Good. Very well, then. One other thing. Did you ever burn a script.

Vincent: No. I burned some journals. My journals. They were all in code so I was thinking someone my might think I'd, gone batty, and the Nanny is always trying to investigate if people are going batty. There were some short stories in it. Several, and some notes for shorts stories. More

than the ones I kept.

Denise: Someone read those, were there about personal things.

Vincent: Kind of. The ones I kept were about my early childhood. Memories almost.

Denise: Like stuff in a house with you parents and your aunt and uncle and trauma.

Vincent: Yea, sort of. Pretty much. Practice stories. Considering them almost real. Anyways. I suppose you'll have to meet Richard soon. He's a real piece of work. I accidentally killed the butler because of him.

Denise: (She giggles) What? You're kidding.

Vincent: I don't think so. Unless he wasn't the butler either.

Denise: Haven't seen him before.

Vincent: There's more than one butler.

Denise: I see.

Vincent: Yea. So between you and me, there trying to do several things.

Denise: Did someone edit the photos the first time.

Vincent: Yes. Actually they made them lighter.

Denise: The second time.

Vincent: They made it lighter again. A lot lighter. And they made my forehead look bigger.

Denise: Oh.

Vincent: Weird, right?

Denise: Yea. Did someone make you look fat in photos as a kid.

Vincent: Yea, in pretty much everyone. That's why the photos look different the video.

Denise: What happens in the video?

Vincent: The camera follows me around and calls me names because my hair was still growing out. I was a baby.

Denise: That's funny.

Vincent: I guess so. Did you need anything else right now?

Denise: Oh. No, thank you. There's nothing that I need. But you'd get it for me if I need it?

Vincent: Of course. So I'm going to go wash up. I believe we're having afternoon tea. It's likely Richard will be there.

End scene.

Int. Downstairs, sitting room. Servant pouring tea. Matilda is already seated and holding her tea cup above the saucer.

Matilda: Vincent, darling, come and sit here with me. Have your tea. Don't drink half of it again, I know it's almost three now. A lot of things to do after the past few days. Thank you for coming down Denise. You are very lovely looking, how nice of Vincent to have you here.

Denise: Thank you. I'm happy to be here with you.

Matilda: Well I'll have you know Vincent has had several girlfriends now. When he was younger we didn't know what to think. Of course I said he was gay because so many people noticed how handsome he is.

Denise: I hadn't noticed that, she said.

Matilda: Yes, he is so. All the same, I didn't like to say. I don't mind what he does anymore, it doesn't have to be anything particularly manly. The world is much different now.

Denise: Then when you were growing up?

Matilda: Well, sure. From a few decades ago, or a couple. From when all the great books were written. It's quite different.

Vincent: Yes, I've noticed that. Sex isn't so important in today's world. There's lots women can do. Say, will Richard be joining us, perhaps on the subject.

Matilda: Oh, yes I believe Richard is just in the other room actually. I would intone to him but that would be quite rude.

Vincent: Not that there is any rush. It certainly is lovely to be chatting with you. I still have half a saucer of tea left.

Matilda: You mean of your cup.

Vincent: Well no. Surely you don't expect me to drink all of it? Please, I am on pins and needles with this Richard man around. I mean, what you're getting married, to him, and all.

Denise: That looks like him coming now.

Richard enters.

Vincent: Well, Richard, lovely to see you. Please, come sit, we were just discussing my girlfriends.

Matilda: So Denise, he had five girlfriends last year.

Vincent: Five? I had four.

Richard: I believe he had four.

Matilda: Well alright then. They certainly weren't at the same time then?

Vincent: No.

Matilda: Whatever things people were saying, you managed to do the right thing and all.

Vincent: Yea. Let people talk kind of thing. They never stop.

Matilda: Well, isn't that something. How many have you had all together.

Vincent: I don't know. There all not really girlfriends. These are just people I've dated. I won't be ready to be married for another thirty years. I'm certainly no rake.

Matilda: Well I had never said you were. Nor had Richard, and doesn't he like to have fun.

Richard: No, I hadn't said that.

Matilda: Sorry, Richard, this is Denise, Vincent's friend. She'll be joining us for the wedding.

Richard: I'm delighted. Glad to have you here.

Denise: How long have you been engaged?

Matilda: We have been engaged three months as of this past week.

Denise: That's quite a while. Though people don't usually get married for about six months at least.

Matilda: Certainly. No one said you have to wait, nor to do it right away. There are different circumstances, and it comes down to how sure you are about the person you love.

Denise: It's nice to hear you love each other.

Vincent: Yes. It is wonderful.

Richard: Are you two getting tired? Perhaps you should head back to your chambers, and get a bit of rest and quiet time.

Vincent: I'm not so tired. But perhaps we should do that. What do you think Denise, my equivalent in gender and opportunity?

Denise: Thank you for the tea. I could use some time to recover from my flight. It wasn't long but you know. How jet lag is. Waking up early for a flight and such.

Matilda: I know all too well, the feeling of jet lag. Perhaps you should join us again a little before dinner. We certainly don't have anymore business discussing to do, after this busy morning. Not that I can handle anyways.

Vincent and Denise rise and return upstairs.

Int. in Denise's chamber. Vincent making sure she's comfortable on her own.

Denise: Richard, have people been yelling things at you inside accidentally because they don't know that you study film and read all the time.

Vincent: Yea.

Denise: They think it's the nanny?

Vincent: Yea.

Denise: But the Nanny does that because she just does a lot of stuff that you do? And she thought it was a competition, and she didn't see anything wrong with competing with you when you were a child?

Vincent: Yea.

Denise: And they don't even use names when they say these things because they haven't really considered the alternative, even though people see you do these things, and they know your not suddenly going to stop?

Vincent: Yea

Denise: Oh. Actually there is one other thing. Do friends need to look similar.

Vincent: No. Of course not. Those are called families. That's genetics.

Denise: Oh. That makes sense. So you never chose your friends that way, and never told anyone to organize friends that way.

Vincent: Nope.

Denise: Did the Nanny woman tell you to get fat again, and even though you said no, and said you have an extremely high metabolism like usual, she told everyone you had an affair, and that you were going to have a breakdown about it, and the result was you were going to get fat?

Vincent: Yea

Denise: But you've never had an affair, you've never been married, in fact you were a child at the time when she said this happened. She's not your friend, or your confident, and what she meant to say you is that you did... get adopted.

Vincent: Yea

Denise: And you weren't even seeing anyone seriously at the time she said this happened, and it is said to involve by her a boyfriend, but you're not gay, and have never told anyone your gay.

Vincent: Yep.

Denise: Is she a virgin.

Vincent: I think so actually.

Denise: Oh.

Vincent: Yea.

Denise: You're allergic to all the morphine that Nanny gave you, right.

Richard: Oh yea.

Denise: That allergy never went away did it?

Richard: Oh. No. Why?

Denise: No reason. The nanny has something to do with the Richard man, I mean she might have caused it.

Vincent: Yea.

Denise: The Nanny admitted to serious drug use the other day right, over a long period of time.

Vincent: Yea.

Denise: She has never revealed that she has a serious insomnia problem?

Vincent: No.

Denise: Does she have a habit of saying people are fired from things they stepped back from?

Vincent: Yea.

Denise: Did she admit to poisoning your food.

Vincent: Yea.

Denise: Did someone die as a result of poisoned food on your first birthday?

Vincent: Yea.

Denise: Did she lie about it to cover it up.

Vincent: Yea.

Denise: Did you almost die of a morphine overdose because you had ingested it unbeknownst and also received a morphine injection because they suspected you had the flu?

Vincent: Yea.

Denise: Oh. Did she say she was going to try to murder you a few days ago?

Vincent: Yea.

Denise: Has she been asked to leave by your father's estate?

Vincent: Yes.

Denise: Did she make an attempt.

Vincent: At least three times. In the night.

Denise: That's not good.

Vincent: She had a full psychotic breakdown, and is highly dangerous. She is still in the middle of it. That's why she is so obstinate.

Denise: No one else is likely even remotely psychotic.

Vincent: No. I mean Richard is dangerous. But we haven't known him long.

A break in the scene. They are sitting on the bed together, slight flash forward.

Denise: When you were a kid you asked if there was an actor named Nicholas Hoult right?

Vincent: Yea. I was trying to create screennames.

Denise: And later on you wrote it down three times on a piece of paper that you left in the office?

Vincent: Yea. I looked it up online and there was no actor under that name. I wrote it three different times with three different spellings to see which one looks better.

Denise: Oh. And it wasn't a signature for anything?

Vincent: Nope.

Vincent: Something else you think might be relevant to all this?

Denise: Did you walk and take the bus all the way to your aunt's house because the nanny was

trying to cut your hair in your sleep, but she does a terrible job, and she was also thinking about killing you?

Vincent: Yea. I needed somewhere to stay for a few days. Apparently they were home.

Denise: Is that why she went and stayed with your aunt last week, to hurt your feelings.

Vincent: Yea, pretty much.

Denise: Did you buy some things with vitamin d in them so you wouldn't get sick because you were hiking so much?

Vincent: Yea.

Denise: Was your hair a bit greasy because the Nanny was trying to make you get a haircut, but you have to look nice before you can go in, so hay way you don't have to?

Vincent: Yea yea.

Denise: Your aunt heard about that.

Vincent: Yea yea, probably.

Denise: How many days did you not shower.

Vincent: Oh no no. I showered three times. I just didn't shampoo. Then that would defeat all the work I did to not get sick so I could graduate as quickly as possible. Four or five days without shampooing. Hot water will get rid of most of the oil. I don't like getting my haircut even half as much as the Nanny said too. People go bald from overstyling. The nanny obviously is trying to make me go bald.

Denise: Oh. Is that a tough circumstance for you?

Vincent: Yea.

Denise: That is too bad actually. What is it?

Vincent: It's a three on top and a two on the sides.

Denise: It's real.

Vincent: Oh, yea. Just a good shampoo and stuff. No product.

Denise: And when you saw your aunt you weren't looking for a new laptop.

Vincent: No I was at my councilor's office who I went to see because I was feeling depressed.

Denise: She's not some new mom woman.

Vincent: Nope. Why?

Denise: No reason.

Vincent: Yep. There you have it.

Denise: Did you bend your nose purposely in that photo.

Vincent: Yep. The nanny likes it if they look that way. No one else does though.

Denise: So you've never had a nose job?

Vincent: No. Richard's had three. They really worked two.

Denise: I didn't know that

Vincent: Now you know.

End scene.

Ext. Grounds

Thematic music. A dark and ominous change is coming. A composite of the grounds. It is cloudy and empty around. The camera pans through all areas. Then to Vincent, who is on the grounds, around the back of the house, watching some of the weather, moving quickly, turning, out of the scene, resolved about what to do. Then back to inside, before Vincent has returned inside.

Int. Hallway.

Denise: I was just chatting with Richard earlier. I went down to look for Vincent, though he wasn't around, and then Richard came in. He was very polite with me. He told me he loves Matilda a lot.

Mae: Yea. He says that a lot. What else did he say?

Denise: Nothing really. He stared at me a lot. He smiled at me, and he said okay.

Mae: Really? Then what did he do after that?

Denise: He smiled again. He lingered for a while, and then eventually he just walked out and left me alone in there.

Mae: You'd think he'd want to chat or something. And where was Matilda?

Denise: I don't know. I haven't seen her since tea.

Mae: She is usually very alert to people around the home, especially downstairs.

Denise: Well. I think I'll just start getting ready for bed early.

Mae: Okay. That one is your chamber right.

Denise: Yep.

Mae: We're just over there. Hey, you were talking with Vincent right.

Denise: Yea. Just catching up on some things he was telling me about. He can really talk sometimes.

Mae: Nothing happened when he was in Europe right?

Denise: Nope. Nothing happened. Didn't do anything remotely illegal. Just had fun. He went purely for the exchange.

Mae: That's what everyone thinks. But Richard wants to say that he was up to something.

Denise: He's usually up to nothing. Except trying to get rid of Richard.

Mae: That does sound like Vincent.

End Scene.

Int. Denise's chamber

Denise shut the lights off, and was able to shrug off any bad feeling enough to fall asleep. She'd been asleep for twenty minutes when Richard came upstairs. Her door is unlocked, and Richard opens it surreptitiously, so as not to wake her, and approaches her. He is not armed.

He stands by her, and observes her. He smiles, and it begins to look sick and twisted. His eyes look at the next pillow. His look turns sinister, and he grabs it and muffles her violently. She struggles, trying to scream. He lets go one hand and uses it to try and take her pants down. He is successful after a few moments, at which points the pillow moves off her mouth slightly and her scream is heard for a split second at it's highest pitch.

Vincent is awake in his room. He came in from outside leisurely, and was brushing his teeth, changing, and was sitting awake with the news on. He is listening to a story when he hears the quick scream. He says what and rises himself and runs to Denise's room to check on her. When he arrives they are still struggling and he can't help but stop at the door.

Vincent: He moves like a ghost.

Richard: What in God's name. Go away.

Vincent approaches them and tries to push him off of her. It take a few pushes and then he is off of him. He attacks Vincent, and they scruffle. Security is in tow and they come to Vincent's rescue and grab hold of and subdue Richard.

Denise: Oh my God. What a freak. Never in my life.

Vincent: Who is this man! Get him out of here!

Security: Sorry Vincent, I am just paging the police now. They will be right here and this man will be apprehended.

Matilda enters.

Matilda: What is going on in here!

Vincent: Mother. Richard tried to rape this woman.

Matilda: He did not. What happened, security, explain this to me.

Security: Ma'am, I'm afraid Vincent is right. We found Richard on top of Denise trying to have sex with her forcefully. Vincent pushed him off and then we did the rest.

Suddenly Richard tries to break free. He fights mightily, embarrassed that he has been caught in front of Matilda. He breaks free for a moment.

Matted: (screams) Stop that man.

Denise: Someone do something.

Vincent moves to block the door. But before he has to do anything, the Security guard raises his weapon and shoots Vincent in the head. His blood splatters, he made a good run for the door, and it is on the floor and on the walls. He dies instantly.

Vincent: Well I suppose the wedding is off.

End scene.

Int. House

Vincent: What do we do with the body? What an... animal. What an act he has committed.

Matilda: Now Vincent. Oh. Let's get rid of it. Don't bury it here.

Vincent: In death even his wife to be will not spare him sympathy. Security. Him up and away from her. You have heard it. We care not were.

Security: Yes, Sir. (They lift the body and carry him out of the room and away from them).

Vincent: Well, I am no scientist. Though I always wanted to be one. Perhaps that's why I had to study something else. Ever the reveler of science, what say ye is the cause of death? Stupidity?

Mae: Is he dead or is this some kind of trick and he's going to come back.

Denise: No. They shot him in the back of the head. He's dead.

Mae: Oh, I see. I see. So my parents said I can go home whatever actually. Though I might stay longer if the crazy one is gone.

Teresa: That will be fine. I suppose I don't have anywhere to go right away either.

Vincent: Then it is settled. It will be all of us, and suddenly I can handle this prospects. How funny. How quaint and how charming.

Mae: Why did he have to do that before he went and died?

Vincent: (pausing) Perhaps that is who he was, we could just not see it yet. Perhaps we didn't have enough compassion for our mother yet. Perhaps that was why she spoke so crazy.

Matilda: You said yesterday you love him!

Vincent: Well, not really. I never thought any one would do the favor for me.

Matilda: Ha! Ha ha! How wrong he is. How wrong you are!

Vincent: Don't drag us all down with him. I am but a pawn in a long line of events that we will never fully understand. Look. I didn't even have to shoot him in the head. It was like a pre set.

Teresa: Vincent now is not the time to make those jokes.

Vincent: Grief is like a cow and you have to slaughter it and fucking eat it.

Teresa: You're still kidding.

Vincent: I'm a vegetarian.

Teresa: I noticed that.

Vincent: Hence the supplements and drinks, you know?

Teresa: I suppose. I haven't seen anyone as scientific about life as you.

Vincent: That's what I was going for. Neat.

Teresa: I wonder where they are taking the body.

Vincent: I had a place in mind. I hadn't decided right when they left though. Perhaps I should call them and inform there where to place the body.

Teresa: I'd thought of that. No. It's better that we don't know. What I really want is closer. I only didn't say how scary that man was.

Matilda: What? (A little lost for words)

Denise: It's hard to tell what someone is like. For love people will do all kinds of things. They will say thins even they never thought they'd say.

Vincent: I like what she said. What she said.

Denise: Perhaps we should not notify his family. Obviously we don't want to remember his death.

Mae: No. But maybe we should do something. Maybe we should have a gathering. To remember what he was like. To learn from it. There is so much we could learn.

Vincent: I suppose. I would like to say some things. Sometimes you need a chance to repeat yourself. Like the fact that six one is perfect. Perfection is perfection. Excess is only excess.

Mae: Yea. Of course you won't say that specifically.

Vincent: No, no.

Mae: Just about death. About new beginnings.

Vincent: O, o, o.

Mae: What?

Vincent: I don't know. Not about love anyways. Or about Aristotle.

Mae: Please no. About something else. I can't wait to hear what you'll say. About something else. It will be monumental. People will hear about it. We aren't going to not talk about it eventually.

Vincent: (sighs) I suppose I could figure as much. Very well. A week from now. There. In the back. Far away. By the pit. The end of things. The start of us, the start of real entities.

Mae: Denise do you want to stay in our chamber.

Matilda: Maybe that's a good idea.

Denise: Okay. Sure, I'll stay in yours.

Vincent: Wonderful. I'll be by myself while the next husband comes in on the loose.

End scene.

Ext. back grounds.

Vincent: One day they'll stop blaming me for what they did with my rough drafts and research.

Denise: What?

Vincent: Nothing.

Denise: Why are we here?

Vincent: To be together. I think because we are all here, truly, together. It had nothing to with Richard. It makes no difference to anyone how it ended.

Denise: Have you thought of what you are to say?

Vincent: What?

Denise: Have you thought of what you are to say?

Vincent: I've thought it. A lot of things. But I haven't written anything. Haven't prepared anything. I am too preoccupied with other things.

Denise: I'm glad I'm here. It's nice her. You didn't make them.

Vincent: I know. I didn't, right?

Denise: That woman thought you were only skinny from anxiety right?

Vincent: Well, I didn't tell her how hard I work. I'm not anxious. I'm certainly thoughtful though. I hope people will accept me for who I am right now, not whatever they thought I might be come, in a negative sense. This is who I am, whoever they are, whatever they think wrongly about changeability, whatever they misunderstand about the fluidity of identity, and just how ignorant they are of how insignificant most things are.

Denise: Very deep. I am so impressed, look at how impressed I am.

Vincent: Yea, yea.

End scene.

Crowd gathered now. The whole staff of the house, and all of the family and friends previously present.

Vincent: Thank you all for gathering here, with us. (He pauses.)

I guess you know that I didn't particularly want to speak for Richard. Though as you know, I do want to speak for us. We want this occasion to be for all of you, not for Richard. In recognizing his passing, all of our passings are recognized, and we are the forefront of what is going on. We are what is important.

Sometimes, something happens that threatens our feeling of safety, and makes us wonder deep down whether we are as in control as we think we are. This is called shock. I, the youth, are more prone to this. I think that was actually the scariest I've been, when it was just me and Richard were fighting. He was red in his eyes. He wasn't high. He was just crazy. He didn't care if I saw right then. Only one of us was going to make it through.

I think I knew security would be there. Thank you Paul and Frank. It felt like forever, but truly, you made good time. I am sorry Matilda, but they were able to see how crazed he was. This time, I had no one to prove to. They saw for themselves what the situation was. I want to say let not derision pull us apart, but give us strength. My family, I am thankful for you, so please stay strong when I am here, in my absence, through my lows, through the good times, through my leadership, and through my disdain for everything. If anyone else would like to say anything, we have all night.

Vincent walks from the peremptory stage and heads off towards the woods.

Denise: You'll be there to put the bullet in the head, right?

Vincent: What?

Denise: Nevermind. Don't go in there.

Vincent: No. I'm not a fucking dog.

Denise: I can see that.

Vincent: Look at me. I'm a beautiful man. Never mind. Don't answer to that.

Denise: Haha. Okay.

Vincent: If the woods are so scary, what are you doing over her with me?

Denise: Oh. I wanted to talk to you. After what you said, you're okay and everything?

Vincent: I didn't say half of what I'd been thinking. It could have been more hateful. Did anyone else want to speak?

Denise: No, not then.

Vincent: That's good, I mean it's probably a good sign.

Denise: I suppose so.

Vincent: Do you know what I wanted to say?

Denise: What's that?

Vincent: The real murderer's are the one's that cannot sleep.

Denise: I hadn't noticed that.

End scene.

They are back near the pit, where everyone is still gathered.

Matilda: Vincent, where have you been?

Vincent: No where, I have been just fixing things up, around the property.

Matilda: What?

Vincent: Oh nothing. We were just walking together. We were not talking of anything, especially of nothing derisive.

Denise: Yep that's pretty much it.

Matilda: I see this one seems to be your partner in whatever your up to, your crime, I suppose.

Vincent: Nowhere approaching that of the deceased, with respect to you, the only loving person during his life present.

Matilda: I see.

Vincent: No disrespect meant. Of course I am very happy to be here. See, I'm not even drunk?

Matilda: If you stumble, I'm going to lose it.

Vincent: Duly noted. (Walks away to a different part of the party.)

Teresa is sitting by herself. Vincent sits beside her.

Vincent: Hey, how are you doing.

Teresa: Fine.

Vincent: It's not so bad. Have you ever had anything so terrible happen to you, you thought it was a nightmare?

Teresa: No. I don't think so.

Vincent: Do you know what was wrong? When I was twelve I found out my blood type. But it wasn't what I thought. It wasn't what they told me.

Teresa: What was it?

Vincent: It was A. It meant Jamie wasn't my father. I was crushed.

Teresa: Oh. I hope your okay now.

Vincent: Yea. But it meant it wasn't my mom too. She wouldn't tell me her blood yet, but there was no other man. I already had looked into it.

Teresa: What did it mean?

Vincent: It meant a lot of things. It. It meant I had a whole different story. A whole different set

of possibilities, of genetic traits, and I had to work so hard to realize those, for the first time.

Teresa: That's a tough thing to learn.

Vincent: Yea. It's good sometimes thought. Have you seen how bald Jamie is? It's hard to not feel your going bald just being in a room with him.

Teresa: I felt that too.

Vincent: See what I mean! Nothing is wholly good or bad.

Teresa: Like a haircut. Getting a color treatment and they pull at your hair but then it's a nice color.

Vincent: No, not like that. Much more poignant. Much bigger.

Teresa: Ah. So you didn't find out you had cancer.

Vincent: No. Not yet. Haha. Only stage one.

Teresa: What!

Vincent: Hah. See, not that bad. The blood tests were just about my heart condition. My hormones seem to have been a little high, through no fault of my own.

Teresa: So you don't have that anymore.

Vincent: No, it's all better. You know; about the concussions? It's all made up.

Teresa: Really?

Vincent: Really. The first Nanny had been calling the academy. Complaining about how it's unsafe. About how I was having anxiety flashback symptoms. All the time.

Teresa: Were you?

Vincent: Nope.

Teresa: That's funny.

Vincent: Well. It depends what funny is. But the point is. It's not so bad. I am here for you as my sister. Be honest. Say when something's bothering you. And maybe you'll be here for me too.

Teresa: Sounds good. I can do that.

Vincent: I hope so. We can be a good team, now and again. And don't say that.

Teresa: What's that?

Vincent: Don't talk about my marks on tv anymore. I was never deceptive. That woman isn't my mom. She's just upset because she was so rude without thinking about what was going on right in front of her. Please do not do that. Don't mistake yourself into thinking I'm proud. Passing isn't good enough. I don't know why those engineers are failing, but it has nothing to do with me.

Teresa: I never thought about it. Of course I can stop. I haven't talked to you about that in years. I haven't been in a class of yours ever.

Vincent: That's what I've been saying.

Teresa: Okay.

Vincent: I'll be over her.

Teresa: Sounds good.

Vincent gets up, and goes over and joins Mae and some of the kitchen staff.

Vincent: With all of the staff that we have, we could so have had so many guests. So many parties here.

Mae: That is something that I would so be here for. Who'd have thought we could do things differently.

Vincent: Another King has passed. Perhaps only a king to be. Now we know just how

tyrannical, and unfun he was. My it's nice not to have him here.

Mae: Feel free to say that all you want. It doesn't bother me if you say that.

Vincent: It doesn't bother me, that's for sure.

Mae: Indeed.

Vincent: I'm imagining I'm going to see my professors around. It almost feels like a party. My mind is already been back at Uni. It has been a pleasure, Mae.

Mae: Yes. It has, certainly, will I be seeing you again soon.

Vincent: Certainly. I think of you sometimes. I'll think of you more now. I'll never forgot the good and the bad events of our holiday now. Thanks to all of you. I quite enjoyed your cooking, despite the unease in my body.(The kitchen staff are cordially thankful).

Mae: Will you be there for me after this? Maybe we haven't been as close before.

Vincent: Of course. Sometimes I feel I am not your number one man. The competition for you is strong. I'm not sure if you noticed that. People are always going for friends. And friends of friends. So complicated. Conscience thus does make cowards of us all.

Mae: I hadn't really noticed that. It makes me feel better. I want to be noticed.

Vincent: I know that. And that is why I am always letting you go and winning you over again. Who knows how long my charm will last with you.

Mae: Haha.

Enter Denise

Denise: Hey!

Vincent: Hey you. Mind your enthusiasm. Remember the somberness of the occasion.

Denise: What is there to remember. (She kisses Vincent.)

Mae: Mghmm.

Denise: Oh. Sorry. (Laughs)

Vincent: There is nothing to be done. An honest mistake. And look at me, cast between two stones, be angry not at me.

Denise: I'm not angry at you.

Vincent: That makes me happier than you know.

Mae: I hate myself.

Vincent: I noticed that. Get over it.

Mae: Yea I'm not you I guess.

Vincent: Oh don't go and take it so personal.

Mae: Why would I?

Vincent: I don't know. Why would you?

Denise: This is not my favorite part. Vincent. Come along. Your mother wants to see you before she goes off to bed.

Vincent: Is it that late already?

They move over to where Denise is, waiting alone for them.

Vincent: Hi Matilda. How are you doing.

Matilda: I'm doing fine. Thank you for making a speech. You could have been a little more respectful.

Vincent: Well I venture you know the things I thought of saying.

Matilda: I suppose. You seem to have all the things to say and listen to none of what people have to say to you.

Vincent: Look. I am sorry Grandpa said the things he did. People don't understand. It's me. I have some things. But that doesn't mean I don't work hard. Gifts are responsibilities, and that's why they continue to be recognized, because of my hard work, not in spite of results. And if I could make people see that. This would all stop.

Teresa: I just thought your sister was smart. She said she worked so hard.

Vincent: Well she just thought that was what we were doing. We were in the sand box one day, we were in the pool one day, we were getting into the same chair in law another year, it didn't really make sense, but that's how she saw it. Please don't tell me I don't listen. Please don't tell me that I have a tragic flaw. I am not overconfident. I am not overconfident, and nervous. No. Keep him away from me, always. Am I making myself clear?

Matilda: Alright. I'll think of all these other things as well tonight. Don't expect too much from me.

Vincent: Very well.

Matilda: Good night, son.

Vincent: Good night, mother.

Matilda exits.

Vincent: Shall I give another speech?

Teresa: Maybe not. You might have said enough for now.

Vincent: That so? Very well. Come.

He takes her to the centre of things.

Vincent: To all of you. (He pronounces.) Thanks for coming. I love all of you. Thank goodness for you, and to this world of ours, beautiful, scared by the few that have turned to madness and treacherous villainy, a toast. (They drink.)

Teresa: I see then. That was preferable to a speech.

Vincent: And wasn't it? Come on. Let's return to the castle.

End scene.

Int. Inside the castle. In the sitting room. They are walking.

Vincent: It seems quite here. They seemed to be nervous together in there chatter. They were so anxious about it.

Teresa: I hadn't noticed that before. I hear it now. I hope there are no more ghost.

Vincent: So you believe that it's real now?

Teresa: Oh. Yea. I see what you are saying about that.

Vincent: That's funny. It's reassuring. But sometimes things have cycles of reoccurrence. It might come again that something seems so crazy, and it will be up to me solve it over again, and that is what I grow so weary of, explaining things to adults over and over.

Teresa: Over and over again. This time I could tell you were trying to break the cycle.

Vincent: I know. I guess sometimes there is nothing to say about it. It's one of those things that people throw at you, cover you up, with all of the things they were going to tell you, say nice things about you, but never actually did.

Teresa: I know what you mean. It's tough what Richard was like. He really was the one who had no idea what he was doing.

Vincent: I think so. It's very scary.

Teresa: What are the headphones for?

Vincent: What? It's just music. There's no one on the phone.

Teresa: You like music?

Vincent: What?

Teresa: You know what I mean.

Vincent: No there's no one on the phone. There's no one I'm leaving out. It's just music. It's what you thought.

Teresa: Why did anyone think that.

Vincent: I'm not sure. It doesn't really make sense.

Teresa: Are you okay right now?

Vincent: I think so. Tell Leslie if she was trying to speak through the big woman, it's not working. Tell her she knows I respect her, and would only ever listen to her.

End scene.

Int. The University upstate (?). Vincent and Denise have returned to classes. They are in class listening to a lecture together.

Denise: (quietly) We have two classes together.

Vincent: My schedule is better than last year. You picked good courses.

Denise: Well you were in them.

Vincent: I remember something about that. There just classes. I didn't think we were there though.

Denise: I can't take a course with you right outside my major because I want to? We're friends before we have to become something else.

Vincent: So you're sure that wasn't your class around the corner?

Denise: Pretty sure.

Vincent: Ah.

Denise: Who was that you were talking to?

Vincent: When?

Denise: In the hallway.

Vincent: Oh. I didn't realize the hallway was a time. Just my friend.

Denise: Just your friend?

Vincent: Just my friend, certainly.

Denise: And who was the other person?

Vincent: What other person? I didn't see any other person.

Denise: There was another person. Nevermind.

Vincent: See? Nobody else. What are you doing later?

Denise: Nothing. I'll just be studying.

Vincent: Are you coming over after?

Denise: I guess so. Sure. It will be kind of late though.

Vincent: You cannot come earlier?

Denise: I don't think so. I'm really busy tonight.

Vincent: With studying. Yes yes. But aren't you studying a little too much? Overdoing it.

Denise: Maybe. I just want to do well. I have to get everything done. This year is really hard. I don't want to fall behind.

Vincent: You don't want to lose. You are another woman, and you are just too competitive. You really should just stop. Let's leave class now.

Denise: You wouldn't do that?

Vincent: No? I wouldn't do that for you? You are like me in sheepskin. Driven to create retribution for the crimes I never committed, for the hurts I never caused, for the things I never said.

Denise: That sounds like someone else. I'll see you later. I'll try to be done earlier.

End scene.

Int. male dorms

Vincent: This is early?

Denise: What did you expect? You get what you thought you would.

Vincent: Is it what I thought I would get? I expect many things. You don't know the half of them. You promise so little but I am like a woman. I expected to turn you into many things against your simple wills.

Denise: What's that supposed to mean?

Vincent: Well I make this time for you. I have the same kind of schedule. I have other things to do. I make it work. I fit you in. I need for you to fit me in.

Denise: Being needy isn't very attractive.

Vincent: How about being melodramatic. You know what I mean.

Denise: Perhaps. Perhaps I do. Perhaps I do.

Vincent: Who's to say that I find you attractive? I thought we were intellectual minds together.

Denise: And I thought you were gullible. You want you want. I just try to make you think I'm going to give it to you.

Vincent: Uh huh. Is that what you do? I didn't realize there was a plan in place behind the sort of unconfident haphazard ways you go about your business. I never felt quite so tricked about anything.

Denise: I know. You wouldn't. I'm just that good.

Vincent: I imagine that you are, just that good. When's the point that you seduce me? Is that now?

Denise: No. I was making you wait for that. It's not coming yet.

Vincent: How long must I wait this time. I won't get so impatient. Is that something you want. You should know I thought of that.

Denise: Maybe. Well, not really I guess. Sometimes, I think I'll be so mean. I think that people have it coming.

Vincent: It happens when you think about yourself all the damn time.

Denise: I know right? I mean, yea yea. I don't mean to hurt you that much. Don't go kill yourself.

Vincent: I never thought of such things. With what I have, and what you have, will make it through this without warring for too long.

Denise: That sounds like something I've heard.

Vincent: Of course it does. Of course you've never heard it. That's all you need to think about. Hey, look, over there. There's someone else in here.

Denise: There is?

Vincent: No. There isn't.

Denise: I see. Wait. Actually there is something. Look. In the window.

Vincent: There is nothing in the window.

Denise: No. Not now. Look. Watch there is something out there.

Vincent: (turns around) I can't see anything.

Denise: It's gone now. They know I saw them. I saw what they were doing. Look out. Look down there.

Vincent: What is it?

Denise: It's nothing. There's nothing there. You have to look down.

Vincent: (cranes down) Oh. Yea there is something down there.

Denise: What? What do you see?

Vincent: There's people down there. A van again.

Denise: Do they look dangerous.

Vincent: More or less. It's funny you should notice something and say it's suspicious and not me. I think we'll be in here for now. There dressed in black and they have long hair. Like a gang. But I think were safe for now.

Denise: What are they doing out there?

Vincent: Doesn't look like there up to any good. They look like organized criminals. Maybe drugs or something. Who knows what else?

Denise: Can I stay here tonight? I don't want to be alone then.

Vincent: You won't.

Denise: You know what I mean though.

Vincent: Well yes. But it is against the rules. Even in the dorms we'll give ya the kick around two or three. But just this time.

Denise: It would help me sleep. A lot I think, to go to sleep.

Vincent: I'm not one to say no, you know. Everything should be fine I think.

End scene.

Int. Still in the dorms.

Things are silent and they are sleeping. But something is happening. There is a noise. Then there are series of noises, a crash, and eventually someone is at the door. They are waking up, and then they are fearful. Vincent rises to try and stop the door from being open.

Denise: Who's there!

Vincent: I don't know. Stop. You can't come in. I mean it. Go away! There's nothing here!

Denise: Oh my! I knew something might happen. What do they want?

Vincent: I've seen that man before. He is one of Richard's gang.

Denise: Richard had a gang?

Vincent: I'll explain later.

Denise: Good idea. Bar the door. Move the couch! Don't let them in!

Vincent: I'm not sure how long I can hold them up. Here come with me. There's a rope out the window.

Denise: You have a rope out the window?

Vincent: Sometimes we would need to leave in the middle of the night. No time to explain that now. Come come.

Denise: Okay. Out the window. Can they hear us?

Vincent: There too stolid to hear themselves. Just how loudly are they trying to break in?

They descend and are running across the grounds, through the wooded campus, towards security.

Denise: Where are we going?

Vincent: To security. I figure we'll try and turn them in. Call the police. Say Vincent's after us in his grave.

Denise: Maybe we shouldn't go in to talk. Maybe it's not safe.

Vincent: Huh? Unless you know something I don't. If we had more time to know what to say.

Denise: Yea. Then we can make sure they don't come for us again.

Vincent: Oh. We'll better go report the break in and then we'll follow up with more later. We have to find somewhere else to go and be with someone tonight anyways. Look behind you. Is there anyone in the distance?

Denise: No. I don't see anyone.

Vincent: Okay. Sounds good.

Denise: Why did they come for us?

Vincent: I don't know. And the whole group of them. As if Cameron was still around and we were still going everywhere together. She never forgets anything, never mind forgetting to spoil anything.

Denise: Mhmm. Did you recognize them?

Vincent: No. A group of four I counted though. Maybe there angry about how he died. It didn't take them long to hear. I didn't really suspect all of what he was up to until he did that.

Denise: Before he died.

Vincent: Whatever he was doing. Yes. Come. Let's go stop in and say were here and safe and things.

Denise: You okay?

Vincent: Yep.

In the security office.

Vincent: Hi. We've just been through an attempted kidnapping. An attack. They broke into the building and we're almost through the door. Call the authorities. I think I can describe them. We think it is related to an incident that occurred a couple weeks ago.

Security officer: Good. Well I hope you are alright. So you know why this happened?

Vincent: Well I'm not sure if I would say that. I don't know what they want. It's a retribution thing. There not at terms with what happened. I don't think they'll come around without a fight.

Security officer: What did they try to do?

Vincent: I don't know. I don't think they were going to kill us. Probably kidnapping. Take us some place. Find things out. Extortion. They didn't look very nice even in the beginning. But they weren't really hiding or something like they were going to do something there.

Security officer: Do you think you have any names?

Vincent: One. There's one that I thought of.

Security officer: What is the name?

Vincent: Can I write it down?

Security officer: I suppose so. Yes.

Vincent rights the name he believes it to be. He hands it to the security guard.

Security officer: Thank you. I see. I don't recognize the name. We will have the police run the name.

Vincent: Okay. Let me know right when they are here.

Security officer: Certainly. Right away. (Leaves to go to the phones).

Vincent: (to Denise) This is bad. We'll have to tell them somehow we weren't trying to kill him. I guess they know he's dead.

Denise: What was your mom thinking?

Vincent: I know right? That's what I said. No one was listening. I talk too much. It's just there is always something important to say.

Denise: No you don't. You don't talk too much.

Vincent: Well they certainly don't listen very often.

Security guard returns.

Security officer: I've been notified the police are here now. They are just coming in to speak with you.

Vincent: Thank you. I think I know what they need in terms of information at the moment.

Police officers enter.

Police officer: Police department. What's happened? I need you to go through it for me.

Vincent: We've been here since you were called. There were people loitering outside. Looked suspicious. In the night they broke in, were armed and dangerous. We left by climbing down, ran here. We didn't see them pursuing. They were all in the building.

Police officer: Was anyone harmed when this was happening?

Vincent: I don't think so. We weren't.

Police officer: Do you think the suspects are still in the area.

Vincent: I think so. They didn't seem like they were ready to give up. I'm not sure if they know we are here, speaking to you. Probably they don't.

Police officer: Do you have any explanation for why they did this?

Vincent: Yes. There was someone that died. It is not our fault. But they are suspicious. They seem to be a gang or organization. They don't ask questions.

Police officer: If they organized the new may be able to find some information on them.

Vincent: Yea. I think you should be able to. I'm not sure what they want.

Police officer: We will be able to get some information of the description of the one person that was named. Any other details that you think you might need to tell us?

Vincent: They didn't say anything when they tried to come in. Like they were doing a job. I'm not sure how big the organization is. They seemed reverse organized. I didn't notice much else. They weren't interested in anyone else. Denise noticed that as well.

Denise: They were really big and strong. Like sons or something. They reminded me of Richard, before he died.

Vincent: Quite eery isn't it. Whenever people try to take on one identity like that, it means something about revolt. Revolution even.

Denise: Are they worried someone is going to shoot John Lennon again?

Vincent: I don't know. I'll look him up and ask him about it.

Denise: That's kind of what they looked like. Especially the one that was trying to look in.

Vincent: He was trying to look in? You hadn't mentioned that.

Denise: He was, I was trying to say. I wasn't really sure. I didn't want to sound crazy.

Vincent: Don't worry about sounding crazy. You can speak your mind. There is nothing in there that is crazy. If you can express it, all your anxiety about it will fade away.

Denise: I saw that he was angry. But he didn't look at me. He knew he wasn't a good person.

Police officer: Have people been loitering outside of your window in the past?

Vincent: Not in a significant way, no. Not that I can recall. I would remember.

Police officer: Anyone trying to enter the building before?

Vincent: Not really. From time to time. Maybe some women and things. Sometimes I hear footsteps in the night. That's what I thought it was, most likely.

Police officer: So it is reasonable to say this is related to the event you say occurred two weeks ago?

Vincent: It is related.

Police officer: What was your hesitation in reporting the initial incident?

Vincent: Well I didn't think it was my responsibility. Richard had attacked me. The security guards were going to decide what to do. We weren't sure given the delicate nature of what happened. Obviously Denise is feeling okay as well.

Police officer: Is that true?

Denise: Yes. Everyone could tell Richard was crazy. No one would say it though.

Police officer: We are going to need to make a crime scene of your home. We will have to investigate.

Vincent: I don't think we can prevent you from doing so. That's your job. It is fine with me. I imagine you know what you need to accomplish. What you need to look for there. Obviously we don't have anything to hide. I hope you won't disrupt the flow of our lives. I mean, more than is necessary.

Police officer: We have to look at everything from all sides. When looking at a murder investigation, whether it was done in defense or for another reason, we have to investigate. We have only your testimony now, and we have to try and confirm it's validity.

Vincent: I see. That seems all fine and well with me.

Denise: It's okay. Will you go after the people that did this.

Police officer: We will make the dispatch. We may have the evidence to bring them into custody if we find them.

Denise: That sounds fine. Let us know what you find.

The police exit.

Denise: What the heak do they want? Why are the police always like that?

Vincent: I don't know. It's obvious that they never trust young people. It's one of those things in life. Being young sucks.

Denise: That seems to be the case.

Vincent: I don't know why there going there. Is that really necessary? What's black and white about the situation?

Denise: Nothing. Everything is fine. You don't seem nervous or suspicious at all.

Vincent: Even Matilda will defend me. I wish. I wish that.

Denise: What?

Vincent: I don't know. Something isn't right. I don't want to go home anymore. Nothing is right there. I don't want to have any friends there anymore. I don't want anything there. It means nothing to me now.

Denise: I think I know what you mean.

Vincent: I imagine so.

End scene.

Int. In the building where the security office is housed. They are sitting in a lounge together.

The time seems to be going past until they hear more about what is happening in regards to the pursuit of the hostiles. They grow weary because there not sure what to do in response. Vincent wants to go home but Denise wants to remain in safety.

Vincent: You don't think that I'll protect you when they come for us? You weren't impressed the first time?

Denise: Not really. They were pretty close to getting us.

Vincent: That's the beauty of the threat. The thrill of the moment. Life's better when everything is ending.

Denise: Did you make that up?

Vincent: No. Of course not. I made it up on the spot, rather.

Denise: I see. Well if they come now it might be just as impressive. You're the first line of defense. I mean really.

Vincent: Fair enough. I'm up for a fight. Who's to say I am wanting to go it alone. A coordinated defense is something we all deserve. An international treaty.

Denise: The world is ending and Donald Trump is the President.

Vincent: How funny that you should choose that order to describe things. The world is ending, but you forgot when it started. Unless you see it happened in the past. For I frankly am shocked, and of course I am not at the same time.

Denise: I had thought about it a little. There is a lot of volatility in American politics, and surely I feel a little too blue, in a field of red.

Vincent: I wish I could pick them all up and throw them back, though I am not sure that it is entirely possible. There the way they are. People cannot change.

Denise: You can change. Just everyone else can't.

Vincent: That's what I was trying to posit, thought it's sort of self-absorbed, you know. The person who looks down on everyone from the top of the mountain is the only one with the power to really change.

Denise: I loathe every personal choice. You think so hard. You're going to implode.

Vincent: But I'm surely a good writer. This isn't the first time I've been kidnapped. Not the first time I've been forced to write something to prove all the principles of reality.

Denise: Oh the horror. I'm trembling.

Vincent: I hope so, honestly. I don't really know what to say other than that.

Denise: What about your mother and sister.

Vincent: I think that there going to be fine. The police wanted to be there very soon. Plus, there here.

Denise: What if there is more of them?

Vincent: There is more of them. There out there. There here. For us. Presently. Don't be scared.

Denise: I don't intend to be scared. I just don't want to fucking die.

Vincent: No were trying to keep you alive. There is lots of room for you, you know. As my own.

Denise: I suppose. So they're just in the house now?

Vincent: They are. There safe. There's a panic room too.

Denise: There is?

Vincent: We didn't even get to that point.

Denise: It could be worse.

Vincent: That's what I was philosophizing, insinuating.

Denise: I don't feel so perfect. Can we get some drinks.

Vincent: Can I put the shades down?

Denise: What's that?

Vincent: Can I put the shades down?

Denise: Huh?

Vincent: I don't know. You know where the drinks are.

Denise: What's there. Coffee? I'm too jittery for coffee.

Vincent: Tea. There's tea.

Denise: Tea. That sounds nice.

Vincent: It will make you feel better. Then you'll trust me again.

Denise: Probably. I am a little fickle. Pretty fickle.

Vincent: Hadn't particularly noticed that.

Denise: I guess you hadn't. And the tea is good. I feel much better.

Vincent: Pretty sure, that was all you needed, even before they came for us.

Denise: Even before?

Vincent: Before. Before this. Before Mae had her accident. Before I was in school. So a long time ago now. I would say.

Denise: Yeah. I don't really know if I follow the path of this back.

Vincent: I think everything is going to be okay. I know it's true.

Denise: Really? You're confident about that.

Vincent: Of course. I wouldn't.. I wouldn't lie to you. I wouldn't lie.

Denise: That's nice. It makes me feel better actually. You seem very okay with this. You've been pretty calm and ready to handle this.

Vincent: That's the problem. Usually nothing is actually happening, so you don't know. People hate that.

Denise: You don't have a problem do you?

Vincent: I really don't. Explaining that to people is not that hard. People don't want to hear it. They get so offended. It's a sort of writer's dilemma. When people are dealing with uncertainties, they want to be in control of it, there always experiencing being the other person. Anyways.

Denise: Is Mae going to be okay?

Vincent: No. It's going to get much worse for her.

Denise: It's not nice to talk about.

Vincent: Not really. You seem very much, on the whole.

Denise: That's funny. But true.

Vincent: Very funny.

Denise: Maybe the police are coming soon.

Vincent: Hopefully. We need an update. They could be in jail now.

Denise: Someone is in jail?

Vincent: Perhaps.

Denise: But this isn't resolved.

Vincent: In time. I think we are patient enough with them, maybe we can uncover them.

Denise: Brainstorming.

Vincent: Hmm. I've got nothing.

Denise: Brainstorming isn't working.

Vincent: Maybe another time. We've given them so many ideas. There only so effective.

Denise: Maybe we should call them. There not going to come back.

Vincent: Let's go back.

End scene.

Int. of the security office.

Vincent: So what is going on in here?

Security officer: We haven't found them. Though we have there whereabouts. We may be able to close in on them. It sounds like they have a location they've been working out of. Whether it's a residential, or even functional space, we aren't sure.

Vincent: How did they do that?

Security officer: We ran the name. We found quite a bit of info on the person. They had a violent history. Several offenses. Gang activity. So we have some info on the workings of the gang. We should be able to keep you safe.

Vincent: That's good news.

Denise: I like that now I don't have to put pressure on Vincent.

Vincent: Doesn't sound like it. Well what do they want?

Security officer: This Richard that you spoke of wasn't the head of this association. Though he was the head of a smaller gang. So there motivated amongst themselves instead of as a group following orders. We expect there attempts to obtain retribution to be less organized, and possibly already thwarted. The police said we won't be able to arrest all of them, but certainly several, including the suspect identified.

Vincent: And my family?

Security officer: The police contacted them and they are fine. This was the only group. Interestingly, they all came for you at the same time. I am not sure if they received word of what happened quite recently. The police wouldn't comment on that, just yet.

Vincent: Maybe. They were very angry. We were surprised. Maybe they didn't know what they were doing.

Security officer: Doesn't seem that way. They are professionals though.

Vincent: Professional criminals?

Security officer: Well, yes. They are. Professionals. Professional killers. So you'll have to watch yourselves.

Vincent: We'll be here for a while then. Maybe that is best for now.

Security guard returns to desk.

Vincent: Denise, I don't know if you've heard of an existential crisis. But I decided to have one. I don't believe in fucking god. I have no faith.

Denise: I knew that.

Vincent: And those people are trying to kill us.

Denise: You're okay aren't you?

Vincent: Yea I'm fine.

End scene.

Int. Dorm

Vincent: We're just grabbing our stuff and getting out of here quickly.

Denise: And we're going over to the other dorm?

Vincent: And we're going over to the other dorm.

Denise: Your packing quickly.

Vincent: Just a precaution.

Denise: Good idea actually.

Vincent: We need to get out of here. Are you ready?

Denise: I know. More or less. I don't need any more things.

Vincent: Let's get out into the hallway and get going quickly then.

Walking through the hallway. They enter the elevator.

Denise: This is exhilarating.

Vincent: As long as you're having fun.

Denise: That's an interesting perspective.

Vincent: I know. One way to put it, I guess. So when were out there, keep your head down.

Denise: Why?

Vincent: No reason. Come on though.

They exit the elevator and go out the back doors. The car is waiting for them. They are almost in the car.

Vincent: Denise, above you.

Gunshots are heard.

Vincent: In the car, in the car. Just visitors.

Denise: Aghh.

Vincent: Are you hurt.

Denise: I got shot in the arm.

Vincent: It could have been your head. Are you bleeding a lot?

Denise: Not really.

Vincent: We'll call an ambulance. You likely won't have to go to the hospital.

Denise: People usually do when there shot.

Vincent: Not when there shot. There's already security set up at the other residence.

Denise: Okay I guess.

Vincent: This is an adventure.

Denise: You're saying that because you're not bleeding.

Vincent: Yea. You know that I am empathetic though.

Denise: You are very empathetic. Very. My bleeding really sucks though.

Vincent: I'm here for you in that regard. There is the empathy.

Denise: Yea. I guess so. I feel better already.

Vincent: It's possible.

Denise: How can you be sure they won't get us here?

Vincent: There are a lot of security. And they said there was only one hostile unaccounted for.

Denise: And that was the one that shot at us.

Vincent: That was the hostile.

Denise: I would rather say shot at you. He wanted to kill you.

Vincent: They think I killed Richard. It seems more fitting because you're a female.

Denise: Do they know he attacked me? I would have killed him.

Vincent: Probably not. Not as of right now.

Denise: Maybe I need to protect you then.

Vincent: They will come after me. You should just run.

Denise: And what will you do?

Vincent: I'm going to run too.

Denise: Oh.

Vincent: That's all you can do when they have guns.

Denise: Where are we running too?

Vincent: When they chase us? To wherever is safe. Until there gone.

Denise: So we could be running for a while.

Vincent: Shouldn't be a problem.

Denise: No. It's just going to be like were dying.

Vincent: Probably. You won't pass out or anything.

Denise: No. But I don't want it to happen. There's going to be people with us?

Vincent: Oh, yea. Mae is going to be there. There will be people in the building as normally.

Denise: I hope we make it through this and stuff.

Vincent: Your even scaring the driver now.

Denise: I was trying to be dramatic a little.

Vincent: Don't. We really only have so much time tonight, honestly.

Denise: Okay.

End scene.

Int. Residence lounge room

Mae: Do you really have it in you to be watching movies?

Denise: I don't feel a thing. All my nerves came and went.

Vincent: We'd better do something. I can't look out the window like a crazy person.

Denise: Yea don't do that.

Vincent: What were you planning on watching?

Mae: It depends on you really. We can rent pretty much anything.

Vincent: Oh. Well we should look through then.

Mae: I've already picked a genre.

Vincent: What's that.

Mae: Comedy.

Vincent: Good thinking.

Mae: I suppose it is.

Denise: I don't see anything I want to watch.

Vincent: Maybe something we've seen before once or twice, so we don't have to watch all the time.

Mae: Yea there seems more we've seen.

Denise: How about that one? The Twisted Villa.

Vincent: Are you sure it's a comedy?

Mae: We are in the comedies section.

Denise: Better pick it. I need something to distract me.

Vincent: Don't we all. Play it. We can just watch another one if were not tired.

Denise: It's not very long.

Mae: No. An hour or so.

Vincent: We haven't seen this though.

Mae: I'm sure it's not very boring or even very suspenseful.

Vincent: You sure you haven't seen it, Mae?

Mae: Haven't even heard of it, which is strange.

Denise: It looks kind of good though.

They watch the movie. It's a little more convoluted than they expected. It is a comedy, but it is suspenseful, even a horror film.

Denise: Now I don't know if I will sleep at all.

Mae: There's always movie number two. We can make certain it is a much lighter watching.

Vincent: What's the difference. It's just a movie. A scary circumstance is a scary circumstance.

Mae: Well anything to make it easier. I'm here for you. Are you hungry at all?

Vincent: I'm not sure I can eat. Maybe in the morning.

Mae: Are we meeting then?

Vincent: No. I'll be seeing you though.

Mae: I think the main character is going to die...

Denise: Probably not. The movie doesn't seem quite like that. I think it's only a little dark comedy.

Vincent: You never know with those. Though the definition of comedy would mean the hero survives and there's a happy ending.

Denise: That's the point of interest, isn't it?

Vincent: That's what it comes down to.

Mae: Then we've got nothing to worry about.

Denise: It's a very, very mad world when you can't count on anything. Even a movie.

Mae: I feel so.

Denise: The longer time goes on, the less likely the character is going to die.

Vincent: Are you trying to parallel our situation with it so readily?

Denise: I was right then. I thought it was funny that we're feeling upset. It might have been an idea to be counterintuitive. To get over the fear.

Vincent: Unless you know what you're talking about, then you should hold off saying things such as that. If you're not a psychologist then maybe you shouldn't try such ruses. Even if you were one, maybe you still shouldn't.

Denise: Well how long do you want to wait for a solution?

Vincent: As long as were alive, let's try something else.

Mae: Maybe we should turn it off, then we won't know if he dies.

Vincent: If only you had thought of that. That's a down to earth decision. I like it.

Denise: Well sorry.

Vincent: It's not meant personally, or for any real serious purpose.

Denise: I believe you. Though the cutting words people use sometimes.

Vincent: And you're going on to me about it. The amount people want to drag me down.

Denise: I have been noticing that. You are loved and reviled and hated and admired.

Vincent: I'm not sure if it is that passionate, though it is something nonetheless.

Mae: You too bicker and bicker, and I only sit back and observe all of it.

Vincent: The problem is we never fight.

Mae: You and me. Perhaps I have come between the two of you. Oh. Maybe I should go to bed.

Vincent: No, I don't think we want to be alone together now.

Mae: I see. I was enjoying the movies anyways.

Vincent: He still hasn't died. Maybe we should turn it off.

Denise: I have the remote. I have to turn it off. It's turning off.

Mae: Now that it's off we can choose something funnier to watch.

Vincent: More relaxing. Not so far into the comedies this time.

Mae: I know.

Denise: There's one. The Vegetable.

Vincent: Oh yea, that. We should watch it. It's the right movie.

Mae: Very well. Your choice, your mindless pleasure.

Vincent: I stand by the choice. I thought you would like it. I chose it for you.

Mae: Oh. I suppose you did really.

Vincent: For the things we discussed.

Mae: For our mindless pleasure.

Vincent: My mindless pleasure.

Mae: Right. Okay.

Vincent: I don't mean to be inconsiderate. I hope it does take your mind off things quite sincerely, really.

Denise: I feel fine. You haven't hurt our feelings.

Vincent: I couldn't do such a thing. It's more or less impossible.

They watch the film, not made anxious by horrific aspects.

Mae: So one more movie, or are you feeling safer now? I'm up for it, actually.

Vincent: No, I think that should be good.

Mae: You sure?

Vincent: Denise, you sure?

Denise: Oh yea. I feel pretty well fine now.

Mae: Very wonderful.

Vincent: Time for the night to come to an end.

End scene.

Int. Mae's dorm

Mae: So are you sure everything's okay.

Vincent: Is that what you wanted to talk about?

Mae: Yes, I suppose. I wasn't going to say, but I am a little worried now. What do they want?

Vincent: It's about Richard, but they really don't want to say they lost this one. I think there might be evidence that Richard was after a lot more.

Mae: I believed you already. I never liked that man.

Vincent: I know, but everyone held there tongue, you included.

Mae: I know. Sorry I guess.

Vincent: So I'm not sure what to say about it. I guess it will fizzle out eventually. There is no way to arrest all of them, not for forever. But they have other things to occupy them. There not from around here. The Richard man travels around.

Mae: He traveled around.

Vincent: He was a con man. Worse. But he's gone, and I don't think they really have any direction. There not really mad I wouldn't anticipate. There just following orders.

Mae: But there are no more.

Vincent: And so they will give in. And I think were safe in here.

Mae: So there not coming after me?

Vincent: Not more than anyone else in the building, and there not going after anyone but me.

Mae: Denise? Maybe there going after her.

Vincent: Yea. I think that they know he attacked her. So it's just about who killed him. They know it wasn't the female.

Mae: Makes sense.

Vincent: They know you didn't kill him if that's what your wondering.

Mae: Sort of. Good to know I'd say.

Vincent: Knowing is half the game. So do you need anything else from me presently?

Mae: That about covers it. See you in the morning.

Vincent: Uh huh.

End scene.

Int. Vincent room.

Vincent wakes up and finds himself still in a strange room. He slept for a while but still feels weary and exhausted. Feeling better, he rises, and looks himself over in the mirror, fixing his hair. It seems there a number of things to do, and he does need to go and do a number of things. In the morning there is a lot of light and there are unlikely to come after him in the day anyways. Even so there are risks so he doesn't ask any permission and heads out. He's the only one awake.

He goes walking, thinking about how to avoid them, make them go away. He's loosely on the path over to the endowment lands, where the apartments start.

It's comforting that he hasn't been attacked yet. He feels more comfortable. He thought that he might need a weapon. It could come down to gun fighting. Maybe he should just continue to stay low though.

He needs to go inside and speak to his friends about this.

The door is open so he goes inside. He takes the stairs. It's five flights. He pushes it open and someone was coming to the door.

Vincent: Hey.

Al: Hey.

Vincent: So I thought I'd come and see you. Things have been a little busy.

Al: I figured that somewhat.

Vincent: Someone tried to kill me?

Al: Really?

Vincent: Yea. Richard got shot in the head.

Al: Oh. What did he do?

Vincent: He tried to rape Denise.

Al: Oh. He was caught though?

Vincent: More or less. He was just on top of her. He even tried to get away, that's when they shot him.

Al: So how could someone be mad at you?

Vincent: He was a bad man. It's just his business partners. If we can stop them then it's done with.

Al: Is that a euphemism.

Vincent: Sort of. Yes, that is a euphemism.

Al: Used by him?

Vincent: I guess so. I don't know what my mom was thinking.

Al: Sometimes they fall for it.

Vincent: Maybe she fell for it. Either way it had a negative consequence. It's time that things change.

Al: What about Mae?

Vincent: You know that I don't love her. I'm sorry. I can't even be serious with her. I'm leaving.

Al: Your going to New York?

Vincent: No. London. And I'm not coming back.

Al: Really? Why are you doing this?

Vincent: It's the right thing.

Al: Is this what's right? What about your family.

Vincent: It's for four years. So see you I guess.

Al: Your my friend man.

Vincent: Maybe we aren't going to be seeing each other so much now. Sorry.

Al: All those things you say, you mean them?

Vincent: No, I was joking. I'm sorry. I don't mean to scare people with my intensity.

Al: You mean your aware of it.

Vincent: Well yeah. Your not the first one to try to explain me. I have lots of friends.

Al: Are you going to change?

Vincent: I'll be a different person.

Al: Sometimes you are really together. Sometimes I don't know.

Vincent: I almost had a heart attack. You just have to give me some time. I made it stop, but it's questions don't go away from people's minds.

Al: I didn't know that.

Vincent: Like I said, I'm dealing with it.

Al: Man. Don't be going outside.

Vincent: It will be fine. There's something else though. You shouldn't have said those things to Nicole. She's coming after me. I don't think you know what we meant when we said she's insecure.

Al: What does it mean about her?

Vincent: She lashes out. She projects. She's not quite the way you said and you should say sorry.

Al: Whatever.

Vincent: Yeah whatever. It's my problem. Out of sight out of mind. You've been so high this summer you don't know what's real and what's not.

Al: Am I irresponsible?

Vincent: A little bit. You are irresponsible.

Al: It's not a big thing.

Vincent: That's why I talked to the building manager. It's right. And the rest is taken care of. My mom called.

Al: Oh.

Vincent: I'll see you around, man.

End scene.

Int. Building

Vincent walks down the hall and down the stairs to another level. He's not in a hurry. There's one last person to see. Then he has to go back outside. He exits onto the floor and knocks on the door. There's a response right away but it takes a moment for him to come to the door.

Vincent: Hey.

Sid: Oh. I wasn't expecting you.

Vincent: I know. I was just up stairs.

Sid: It figures.

Vincent: Nice to see you.

Sid: Come in. We will talk about things.

Vincent: Because it's nice to talk with me.

Sid: Pretty much yea.

Vincent: So something happened. I guess you're hearing about it.

Sid: Yea. I heard something about it. Are you safe?

Vincent: We have security and stuff over there. We're safe. I'm not sure if you could help in anyway. We don't need any more back up or anything. I'm not sure if that's what your thinking. That's not really how I think. We called the police.

Sid: I know. Just being sure.

Vincent: The things we talk about. You can't help but tell everyone everything. It's the drugs. But that's the thing. People can't see you really have taken things too far. They used to know you are only so reliable.

Sid: I know. I was only kidding when I said you talk a lot. It's not too much.

Vincent: People want to criticize me now. They say meaner things than they ever said, they don't care to tell the truth anymore.

Sid: It's because you cheated death.

Vincent: I wasn't going to die. They had only said so. It just took a little ingenuity. I was on the case.

Sid: They thought they were.

Vincent: And that's why they thought it would go so bad. If they would ever stop abusing me, if they would ever stop looking for ways to abuse more, I could get better, all the time.

Sid: But your already fine.

Vincent: Life isn't a battle. Not on a personal level.

Sid: What do you want to say?

Vincent: I wish people would see the best in me. I wish that people would let it go, and let my success happen.

Sid: That's not a lot to ask for.

Vincent: I need those two people to stop. I need them to know they aren't in my life. That they aren't fulfilling a role.

Sid: I know what you mean.

Vincent: They think I was so effected by some of the things that have happened. They think I didn't see it all as it is coming.

Sid: I don't know why anyone would think that.

Vincent: I wish they would see that I'm a good person. That I always was. That I'm not whoever they thought they might find. I think the most important thing is that I'm not them.

Sid: They berate you on the lowest level possible. There having fun because they know there not making sense.

Vincent: I know.

Sid: They say there your friends but there not even your fans. They say they know things but they don't even know about the things there talking about.

Vincent: Exactly.

Sid: Sometimes people didn't respect your privacy. They didn't show respect for you in a congenial way. But there was nothing you were prone to, no reason for it.

Vincent: It's really tough to explain that. When your framed, sometimes you can't really say anything in your defense.

Sid: I know that. I'm sorry what there like. They lie a lot. It shouldn't reflect on us.

Vincent: There are more important things in life. There is more that we can talk about it, in a normal way, without much effort.

Sid: I try to be sensical. Not everyone knows you that well. They lied because they don't want to seem like outsiders.

Vincent: There are more organized ways to get inside.

Sid: Maybe they haven't had a chance to hear that.

Vincent: Maybe not. I think were still friends after all of this though. I'm going to busy. I'll be seeing you though.

Sid: I expect to see you. It's tough because I sleep all day.

Vincent: You're more together than people give you credit. It's just people are laughing at your jokes and you haven't got around to correcting them. It's all a nice tale and a nice story.

Sid: It certainly is yes.

Vincent: You'll be alright. And get that hernia looked at.

Sid: Eventually.

Vincent: Sounds good. It's a deal.

Sid: See ya man.

Vincent: Later.

End scene.

Ext. Outside of the buildings.

Walking back there was a good distance to cover while they could potentially be watching him. He had tried to not be too conspicuous in his time in the building by being there too short or too long. He walked quickly but trying not to be noticed as running away. There were no cars around mostly. It was dark and stormy above but it hadn't started raining yet. He'd make it before it started.

It wasn't a nice feeling to be running away. The gang was after him still, though the security and the police roamed about the campus, trying to watch everything, all the time. On a couple occasions someone went zooming by and he feared it was the shooter, though it wasn't, and everything was fine. He approached the residence building and he feared they would be around there. Though they weren't. And he made it safely inside.

He went up the elevator and Mae was still asleep but Denise was in the common room.

Vincent: Nice to see you awake.

Denise: I actually slept pretty well. Like I said I wasn't feeling too bad.

Vincent: No. I remember. Though I feel it was my movie choice.

Denise: Oh yes. That's what it was. The movie choice.

Vincent: I believe you. I'm right most of the time.

Denise: I noticed that. I wasn't sure if it was like a problem. Your just kind of always right.

Vincent: I don't mean to be. I only try to be clear-sighted.

Denise: I suppose.

Vincent: So everything, that happened, you think your going to be okay?

Denise: Sure. I feel so. It's going to be okay.

Vincent: I don't know if you're right. I'm less optimistic. But the feeling that things will be okay.

Denise: That's good.

Vincent: I like that. I think it's almost over now. All the bad blood is gone away. No one has sympathy for that man that passed.

Denise: That's one way to put it. Shot In the head is another.

Vincent: I suppose. You're right. You can refer to him how you please.

Denise: It's not going to get me at gun point?

Vincent: Oh no. I don't think so.

Denise: Why are we always starting a new?

Vincent: Because everyday there is a new disaster. All the time someone is shaken up and displaced and worse. It's a difficult world. We have to rise above what is so incredibly easy. We have to be the agents of our destinies, otherwise were left feeling like leaves in the wind, helpless.

Denise: Day to day I feel safe because people look after me. So thank you. You fought that man off.

Vincent: That's for sure. Until our next ordeal, I hope we can enjoy the time we have, and be ready and happy both. In Harmony.

End scene.


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