By Asa Montreaux 

For all the times you rain on my parade

For all times you’ve been in, just be here

Then you’re gone

You think I’m cryin’, oh woman for goodness sakes

You think it broke me, but it left me awake

And I didn’t wanna play the man

But I wasn’t playing myself and I need to be that

Half the time

And baby I’ve been movin

I think we should be someone’s

And they’re all callin’ up

Cause if you like the way, you look that much,

Oh woman, you should go and love yourself,

And if you think, that I’m, not leaving you

You should go and find yourself

And love yourself

And when you told me that you disliked my beliefs

I told you I hadn’t had any

It’s all only your opinion

And really it was even only your opinion

And I didn’t wanna say you’re wrong

Because what side you choose was the wrong one

There wasn’t anyone there for you

Not even me, and I not wanted to be

And I do only care, you should know that

My mom loves everyone and yet she really only loves me

We didn’t ever want anything but my life back

And I’ve been so focused on my life, there were these others

And I’m sorry I ignore

Don’t bother slipping in after all of it I’m better on my own

Cause if you like the way you look that much

Oh honey you should go and love yourself,

And if you think that I am only a ghost,

Then you’ll still have to be the one to love yourself


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