Official "The Dead Bod Man" Preview


How many more years before I make a difference in this city. Sometimes I feel there is something terrible, but no one knows. It is not so much a tradeoff, but a fact of reality. In fact, we don’t mention it. Sure, you can read about it in the paper. But you aren’t here… you just don’t experience it. The dirty, disgusting, murders of the city of New York.

You don’t need to believe what I am saying, you only need to read about it. And believe me. It won’t be anything you had expected it to be  

We got a call to head out and me and my partner hopped in the car to get to the scene. I am a detective on the NYPD. I’m a lead detective. My name is Bernardo Soulaz. My partner is Edmund Chow, also a detective on the NYPD.
You think you’ve seen it all. But this mother fuckin’ night. We saw the worst we had ever seen. At least up to that point. 
We had the siren on half the trip. Traffic had blocked up half the avenues, and we had to beat it to get the evidence before the news trucks came around. 
As I stepped out of the police cruiser, the yellow tape began right in front of us. A man, face down, with a bullet in the back of his head. And a significant amount of his guts were splattered around him. He had fallen from the eleventh story. We walked in the building. Sitting at the reception was a woman. Her head was laying across a register. She was dead as well, with a bullet right between her eyes.



Do you always wait for the longest day of the year and then miss it. I bet you fucking do. There was never anything stupider and more animal like than a sexy woman. Oh my god I just want to come in the face of anything with double dees and decent looks. In fact I am not sure I can write this I so have the urge to fucking blow one off thinking about anal fucking a sex goddess and then dumping poopy cum all of her eyes and nose and mouth. Sometimes after I beat them to death with my dick. Right after. I thought I’d do it unreal life a lot of time. There always fucking dead by the time I’m done though. 

I didn’t care who I killed. I just killed them. It was like being the wind, I just blew, and whoever was in the way, they were blown. I’d stand outside the Cabaret, our outside Mario’s, and whenever they wanted the pills, they’d come grab them for three, four hundred bucks every time. It was almost every time I killed them. There was enough of the lethal mix inside each one to kill anyone. I sat there deciding whether to make the good ones, or the, you know, lethal ones, and nearly every time, I decided to make the lethal ones. All I could see is that would give me the most pleasures. Just to see those fuckers just rot the fuck away. They’d never know it was me. They were tricked. Hah. And in an instant I had taken away their precious life, making them the brainless automatons they were, and for always.

As I sat there making the pills, I knew there was something missing for me in it. It didn’t five me the fulfillment I had wanted. It wasn’t like when I killed a woman I had been stalking. I could convince them eh date me, and within a few fucks I fucking slaughtered every one of those cunts. There was nothing better than being the eye of their desire when they could not figure out you were anything but someone who should be that. When they couldn’t see it was all a trick, and that they were only chosen to ultimately satisfy me, and give me all the pleasure int eh world by seeing their blood fly across the fucking room, and smear all of the fucking walls. I masturbated so hard cleaning blood of the walls of those hotel rooms it was almost better than the kill itself. I’d grab their dead bodies and fuck their mouths so hard they’d fucking bleed while they were dead. And then my fucking blood out my dick was fucking intermingling with their dead mouth cock blood and they were my fucking victims for lie in the most sacred way ever fathomable. 

Thinking about this I had to masturbate right way. It was the most uncontrollable urge. And I had to bleed, I squeezed and tugged so hard, that my dick nearly burst it started bleeding spots hard. And even after I came, the semen all stained red and orange from the blood, even after it land on the pictures of my new stupid victims and after I emptied the remains right on their faces int he pictures, I was still beating it, for fucking twenty minutes, until I eventually the pain passed and I came another three times, right in their fucking faces, until the point where I needed so bad to go kill them right then, I almost screwed up my whole plan. But in the end, that got me too hard, and I blew off one last one, my dick shrivelled at that point, working over time, so that I knew the ultimate would be pulling off my plan.

So who would go first among the three of them. Who could say? If I was someone else I might say that. There was one woman. And two men. No one knew but I always took the women first. But when I finally took the men and anal fucked them while they were dead, I knew that I had did it because they were the tougher kill. And I always had the body of the woman with me when I killed them. I’d drag it out of the trunk and fuck her mouth while head banged against their dicks so hard they splashed blood everywhere and oozed buts of tissue into her hair. Then I’d scoop it up with my dick and make her fucking drink it. And every time I came I’d do it with my dick fully down her throat. So that the cum went right into her stomach, just like I was right inside the centre of the being. And I was every time. 

Sometimes I get a bat and smash their heads up while I fuck their mouths. Until there’s nothing left of the jaw. At that point I’m finished. And then I just have to clean it up. 

The trouble was with the first one. The writer boy. There was too many people that knew him around town. Taking out someone famous was tough to do. I think that’s what it was with this one. It was the difficulty of it. When the gratification of completing the job came, I knew it was going to be so great, so transcendent, there wasn’t going to be any kills in the past that were as good. These were going to be the most meaningful ones of my life. And I was only looking forward to it. 

And then there was the business ace. The ceo, no, the doesn’t c he’s not going to be alive soon. He was the youngest managing partner in town. Leading the firm to huge profits. All of New York raved about him. He had his fame too. All the kills this one were not easy. I wasn’t going to forget to mention it. But he’s writer boy’s lawyer. Take him out and you’re home free. 

They’re all a little famous. And then there is writer boy’s girlfriend. The struggling model. The prettiest woman I have ever seen. Twenty’s, huge breasts, the most gorgeous photos you’ve ever seen. But not the right connections. It was time to end it before it became a real career. It would be only me that knew, that she was the hottest chick alive. And I would be the on that had her. The last one to have her. And the only one to really have her. The only one to have her while her skin is all gone, and the only things left are her vagina and her fucking mouth. I am going to miss having this one. It will be the best one and only having the memory will honestly be a little sadder. 


Being the greatest lawyer in town was not only the privilege of a lifetime, but the very symbol of pride that the whole family of Geesonn’s cherished like the Holy Trinity. It meant everything to them that Salazar had become the greatest Lawyer around.

The odd fact of the matter is that he was young, and not many articles had been written about him. It was not very well known amongst the public that there was never a better arguer, or a lawyer with a better trial record. But at the same times, word moves swiftly from clients to their business partners, so that Salazar was quickly becoming the most in demand lawyer in the city. And someone recognized in a lot of circles as exactly what he was, the greatest lawyer of all time. 

It was time for the most discomforting conversation of his career, and also of his life. The matter affected his life deeply. And the call was with his favourite client, and the most likeable client he had ever had, and surely that anyone had ever had. There was nothing that had changed with the client. He was still the most likeable person on the planet. Though the matters surrounding his life had the air of graveness about them to smite popularity. You wouldn’t be laughing after you heard it, all of it. All of what they had so far. He’d still like his client after this phone call, though he would never just think everything is okay and perfectly fine after speaking with him again. Well, it was not, or it was never. 

He picked up the phone and dialed his client’s number. 

“Holden, are you okay?”

“Yes. Of course. I am okay?”

“But, is someone stalking you?”

“Yes. There is someone stalking me intensely. But…”


“He’s good, really good.”

“I know. But listen, we are onto him. We have already got him.”

“Had you Id’d him?”

“No. You wouldn’t believe it, but he’s clean. But look, that was one hell of a lead.”

“Yea. There is no way this guy knows I noticed. I am sure he has never stalked someone perceptive.”

“Holden. I need to know. Is he masturbating?”

The line was quite for a moment.

“Yes. He definitely was. He was doing it very loudly and moaning.”

“But you’re a guy. He’s gay?”

“Well, there’s something else.”

“I am aware. I certainly hadn’t forgotten. When you and your girlfriend…?”

“Yes, while we’re having sex. He was masturbating very loudly.”

“Do you have evidence she is a target as well.”

“No, but he seemed to fixate on her.”

“But he’s been stalking you half the day?”

There was no answer for a second. 

“Well, he probably will start stalking her if he hasn’t already.”

“I agree. And there is something else. He is stalking me as well.”

“Yes, how is your situation Salazar?”

“I have bodyguards, and the person hasn’t been in the building. They said they could see him, and see him masturbating.”

“Did they notice anything else? Anything useful?”

“He’s very good at getting in and out of buildings. It’s going to be a real issue. But look, I think we’ll be okay. We can catch this guy. He has obviously never been caught before, but he doesn’t know what he’s up against, does he?”

“There is no way he does. I am sure he has no clue I even noticed. They probably would assume they are not going to be noticed until the end.”

“Absolutely. That is right. That is definitely right. Okay, stay safe, alright. I will talk to you tomorrow. We are hopeful we will have more useful information.”

“Okay. Talk then.”



What do all of my victim’s have in common? 
They were fucked three hundred times at least. Some of them a thousand.
In fact, it was ten thousand alive, ten thousand dead.

What do they always say, oh, pretty please, don’t kill me. Sure, at first I hadn’t.
But in the end, I always fucking had!!!!!!
So all of you die!!!!!

And to this lonely fucking red light looking fucker in the park where I am. Yea, that’s right I’m on the prowl. To her, fucking die. There, I slashed her fucking throat.
She thinks she’s dying, but I’ll have her alive for another fucking number of weeks.

I’ll stop that bleeding right when she’s on death door.
But right now, my dick is already in her fucking mouth. Oh fuck yea!!!!!!!

Fionae knew the way to start the day was by jumping out of bed, but lately she was suffering from deep exhaustion. When she awoke, she only thought of the sweet death of the mind of sleep. It is a million times in life we die and awake again. So she felt when she was tired, and didn’t want to start her day. She knew she needed to do so after a while, she climbed out of bed, and dressed in her gown. She’d been sleeping in the nude ever since Holden left. She was suddenly reminded of it, when her boyfriend took her on the stove, before he took her in the bed, while she lay on her stomach. Before walking out of the bedroom, she bent over, and masturbated as hard as she could. She felt tired, and she nearly hurt herself and liked it so much she went harder. She imagined her boyfriend inside her and bent over further. That’s what they would do next time. He’d been in her ass while she stood right her. She came in her undies, and quickly changed them, before heading to the bathroom. She couldn’t find her brush at first, and strangely, she found it back in her room. She couldn’t remember leaving it in there, but strange things can happen. It was surely nothing. 

She ate cereal while she looked through some articles on her phone, and waited for text messages from friends, or from her agent. She wasn’t expecting to hear from Holden, but then again, they always talked.

‘You alright?’ He asked.

‘Of course. Why?’ She wrote.

‘Oh, no reason. So everything’s fine. You got to bed okay and whatever?’

‘Yes.’ She related with reticence, not wanting to talk about how tired she’d been feeling, especially in the morning.

‘Alright,’ he wrote. ‘Are you alright? You seemed just slightly not yourself a couple times yesterday.’

‘You asked yesterday. I’m, okay.’

‘Alright. Talk Later xo’

‘Luv xoxo’

She had to be to work in a couple hours. For a model she got ready awfully quick, but she thought she better go shower anyways. 


What a cum dumpster. Oh my fucking fucking Mary licking god. Of fucking fucking fuck yeah. Oh fuck yea. And meanwhile I am not hiding in one. I am right outside her fucking window. She can’t see because she’s not looking. But it she looked she see me. She wouldn’t see me beating of so fucking hard, but I am right below the sight of the window. She’s just getting up. She’s tired because I have been making so much noise. Moaning, and jerking so hard, the entire time she sleeps. I even talked to her while she is sleeping. She didn’t know it, but she’d been moaning half the time she slept. It wasn’t really sexual but all the fucking better, it’s like we were just fucking talking. Fuck yea. Agghhhh.

Hopefully no one checks these fucking walls. I’ll have to just scrape them. Otherwise someone will notice all of this. Reminder for later I guess. Right now I can’t take my eyes off her. 

She’s bending over. Oh my God the hand is assuming the posish. Oh she’s rammin’ it. Ohhhh Fuckkk yeaaaaa!!! Oh! Oh! Oh she’s imagining it in the ass. Ahhhh! Fuck I’m moaning while she’s awake. She hadn’t noticed. Ah I got to go harder. More, more, more, more, more. Ah, tighter, tighter. Fuck yea, I’m bleeding. Fuck yea. Ohh my god! Oh she’s still going at it. What a fucking ass. Oh my god. When she dies I am just going to destroy that shit like mother fucking Scream. Oh my GOD I cannot wait. Here comes one. Oh she’s just doing a quick one, we’re gonna come together and she won’t even know it. Here it comes, here it comes.

Oh she’s tensing up. All you have, give it all you have. Ah, Ahhhhh! Here it comes, it gonna be fucking fucking bloody! Arghhhhhhh!!!! Ah! Open you eyes, ahh she’s coming too, she’s coming too. Ahh get some more, get some more!!! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Oh fuck yea!!!!! Well I get the better of this one as well. Add her to the list. She’s coming with me and she doesn’t know it. And one day she’ll be doing it with me right in front of her and all inside of her. They always fall for every fucking trick.

Holden couldn’t believe she didn’t know what was going on. He was sure if she had thought about it. She would have heard the guy. It was what Salazar had said. Half the day he’s stalking you… half the day…

The other half, he was stalking her. That must be true. Otherwise what was he doing? Surely just stalking someone else. It was best not to mention it. Let her not feel scared. But he figured there would be a time to tell her, or else she wouldn’t be ready for the attack. There would be a time when they couldn’t be apart, when he would have to protect her every second. Maybe he could hire someone. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea. Salazar didn’t really need to know. Holden could hardly pay him sometimes, but if he saved enough, he could maybe afford a good body guard. But someone would need to be with her even in the night. It would have to be someone she trusts. That left only him.

He was ashamed of himself for a second, because he thought there might be a good novel out of this. It was an interesting story, for sure, lover boy, defending his one true love, from an evil murderer. An evil, murderer, stalker. And there he was, the hero of the story, it was remade to be al the stuff writer’s love, and when it was your own story, you loved writing it more. It was awesome getting attention, and being the hero in the story. Writer’s are so often thought to be just the recorder’s of history. To be a part of history, sometimes that means everything to a writer. It means everything to Holden. He was one of these winy writers that wrote about relationships. That was one of the problems with his books. Why did they love him? What made him the hero? An objective instance where he was the hero, was exactly what his books needed. 

But he needed to focus just on getting them out of this. Right now he had to try to solve the situation before it headed somewhere bad. But if he couldn’t stop the stalker, he had to make Fionae aware of the situation, and her fear and emotion would be a factor he would have to try to deal with so that they both survive, and don’t get hurt. 

He heard a sound outside that sounded vaguely like something he had heard over the past few days. The stalker was out there again, masturbating. As he listened, the sound got a little more intense, and it didn’t stop. It was there, and it was constant. You could even tell what it was. 

He walked over to the window, the stalkers favourite one to pear through, and looked out, as if he walking for nothing in particular. When he wasn’t expecting Holden to be by the window, his eyes were often closed. And just as Holden expected, the man’s eyes were closed as he was jerking off. It was disgusting. What was to be done about it.

Suddenly a burst of emotion went through Holden, and he all of the sudden felt courageous. He bounded over to the door, and opened it and ran out onto the balcony stairs, pouring down them to get to the stalked as fast as possible. 

When he got to the bottom, the stalker had pulled up his pants, and was already running off into the nighttime. 

Hey, you fucking cunt! Get back here!’ But the stalker kept running, until he was completely gone, and you couldn’t see him anymore. He had vanished.

Have you ever heard the worst killer in history outside your apartment?
You had not. Because… If you had, you’re dead. You’re dead now.

No one has ever caught the worst killer in history. No one ever will. 
Now Holden. If only he was as dumb as his Goddamn girlfriend. But would they be together?
A dumb writer, hah!!!!!
Well, I’m going to make that you, Holden that’s you. I’m going to trick you out so bad.
And I’ll fuck you too. And I’ll kill you too.
That Holden. Holden. Damn himmmm!!!!!!!! How dare he fucking heard me. This. Is. The. End. Of. Him!!!!!!!
The End.


Salazar’s office sat at the back of the law firm he had inherited from his father. The firm was quieter now, it was late at night. Past eleven. Salazar was still there, and Holden was visiting him now. The two of them sat at the desk, discussing in the most in-depth detail possible the sighting of the stalker and his flight, and every related element of the case. There was a definite chance they could identify the stalker now. They knew details about his behaviors throughout the entire day at this point, and they now had a description.

“He was tall?”

“He was 5’ 10’’ or so, he looked fairly big.”

“Was he not good looking?”

“I’m not sure. He was sort of far away. It was hard to tell. He looked good maybe, but it was too hard to tell.”

“He looked good?”

“You know what I mean.”

“I do. Well, alright.” Salazar moved his hands over to a nearby document. He moved it to the center of the table, and motioned to it with his finger.

“These are all the locations we have seen him around the city. We had found he followed your girlfriend after the two of you were at a coffee shop, and from there we found that he is in fact stalking her as well. I am sorry.”

“I understand,” Holden said. “It is okay.”

“Right now we have located him outside of her apartment, we have located him outside grocery stores she visits, salons she visits. Unfortunately, as of right now, we haven’t been able t trace him after he has stopped following her. He disappears.” 

“You can’t find his apartment, where he lives, is work.”

“Unfortunately, we cannot. Though, based on just how much time he has spent stalking the two of you, I think it is safe to say he doesn’t work.”

“How much time?”

“Well, as you know, he has spent a significant amount of time stalking you. You have noticed him a lot of times so you know about the exact amount already. I’m afraid he is stalking her the same exact amount of time.”

“To be honest I had a feeling he was.”

“He is indeed. Yes, in fact it has almost been the whole day he has watched the two of you. One or the other. As if he was part of your relationship. But as you know, he is not. Sometimes he has been outside your house in the night. While you were having sex, as if he knew about it ahead of time. Though, both day and night, he has slipped away without us being able to identify him.”

“I am shocked. He’s been watching all hours of the day, snd he slips away without notice? What the?”

“Yes any time of day he could be there. Or outside Fionae’s place. I have a question.”


“When you were at Roverio’s Italian, you slipped out the back I believe. You saw him following you?”

“Yes, Fionaee and I had a quickie in the hallway, so we slipped out.”

“I am afraid he was watching you. He was inside. He could see you.”

“What? No!”

You will have to be more careful. He could be able to see you at any time. Especially in public.”

“We were just trying to keep things exciting. And he’d been at her home, I didn’t want him watching outside…”

“I know. It’s alright. But just skip that in the future. Until this is over. But the question…”


“When you saw him outside, which way did he turn?”

“I am not sure.”

“Did he turn to the right?”

“I really couldn’t say. He disappeared.”

Salazar was ready to note down what Holden said, but when there was no definitive answer, he slammed his pen down. 

“Did you see what side of the street he was on? Left or right?”

“Well, I’m pretty sure he was on the right. That’s where I noticed him. I can’t say which he went though.”

“Okay, that’s helpful anyways.” He noted this down. Anything had mattered. Then he reached to the far left side of his desk, and picked up another document. 

“Now this one,” he said. “ It may frighten you. “Do you remember this?” 

He could recognize the audio. “What the? My wife was only blowing me in the bathroom. You said the cameras in the hallway had to be there… there’s only some many times you can do it in the bedroom. But why?”

“I don’t know. You see the mirror. He’s slipped this device under the door. And he is jacking off uncontrollably, I have never seen someone beat off that hard ever. He is even bleeding. He just a towel ready.”

“I could not see the mirror at all. No… I completely missed it.”

“It is okay. He knew you wouldn’t look.”

It was obvious he knew that Holden wouldn’t look. “Unbelievable. He was in the apartment. I was just out of the shower… and he was watching like he was right there.” 

“I’m afraid that’s right, Holden. So now that could be the case. Someone could be watching everything. You may feel very uncomfortable.”

“Alright. I’ll be ready.”  

I know how you thought I would be going right now. Like oh fuck yeah, oh fuck yeah? I am. Oh fucking yeah. Oh mother fucking fuck yea. Wooo! Let get this right in the ajar mouth. Oh fuck yeah. I grabbed this bod a fucking month ago but because its been in the freezer its brand new. Yea all over teeth and the gums and everything. Ahh ill still got a boner left got get it right in the vag. Lady hold still hahahahahaha. Ohh fuck yea. 

Lady’s not alive and she doesn’t know it but her legs are wrapped right around me, and I’m on a knee pounded her with one else closed the other sneaking at a peek at her half blue body. Those tits are perky from the freezer, oh there are great things even in death. I think I have some tremors. Right inside and nothing is gonna happen. There. No little me running around killing everyone around. I never killed the people closes to me that’s why I was never caught. Then again by now. I fucking have!!! I lied!!! Jesus I need a fucking bat.

Beat that but. Agghhh. Beat it. Beat it. Is there any blood yet? Yea. Now fuck it. Oh that shits warm. Ahh I barely have a hard on. Ahh but I want it so bad. Keep going baby, keep going. Aggh. That’s almost enough until later.

I can’t wait until fucking later. You may not think this but I’ll be back for you a fucking 30 minutes. I’ll wait this time. And I’ll be so fucking rock hard you’re not going to know what happened.

You never saw it fucking coming chilling at fucking Disney Land, with your goddamn boyfriend. You find the only god damn bar in the place. You trusted me enough to go in that maze with me, see what happens, then all of the sudden I am in your ass and you’re actually not that scared. Then I broke your fucking neck, you don’t feel anything. And I fucking you so hard I broke your fucking pelvis. Probably half you vertebrae too and you don’t make a fucking noise. So one half hour, I’ll just skip to remembering that because I want such a big one. I couldn’t get off the bak of mind, otherwise I’d be beating right now and speed walking to your body. You’re fucking mine for an eternity. 

Holden is a little late coming over. But he had said he was just finishing something up with his agent, so I was totally not mad. He only occasionally makes me wait. There was never anything to worry about. He is super loyal. And he always has a solution to everything. I think that is him now.
I did notice him knocking lightly as now he has text me that he is outside. Sometimes he does that, he only knocks lightly, so as not to draw attention to us before we fuck our brains out. We obviously are going to right now. I open the door to the hallway and he is there. ‘Hey, babe.’ He comes inside and says, ‘I am sorry I’m a little late.’
‘I hardly noticed,’ I said. And then I put my hands and his jaw and stuck my tongue down his fucking throat. 
A couple licks of his esophageal sphincter and then I wrap both my legs around him. Next I under his button, and his zipper, on his pant, and then I have his dick out and I’m jacking it off. He’s getting hard for me and he is at six inches already. I want him inside already but I want the dick in my mouth first. I slide down him and I turn my head sideways, and I take the whole dick in my mouth at once. My hands never leave his waste. Now he’s getting really hard and I can hear him deep in my throat in my ears, going back and forth. A couple minutes later and I’m so fucking hard myself I turn around, pull my panties down, and tell him, drill me in the ass, hun.
He’s penetrating now and I like it so fucking much I’m feeling delirious. ‘Fuck yea, baby,’ I said. ‘Fuck yea.’
It’s been a while and I don’t need to feel we’re making love at all anymore. ‘Harder,’ I say. “Fuck me so fucking hard.’
He’s fucking me hard now. I start twirling my clit, and I feel ready to come almost. I feel it all the way down my legs and I let him see me shutter. I moan like I’m in a fucking dream, and I’m getting fucked by God.
We need to take this to my bedroom, and I let him carry me with my eyes closed, my mouth on his nipple like he’s the chick. I don’t bite, but as soon as we land and bed I thrust his head down into my pussy. I press him down little so he really eats it. And I tell him to bite it a little, because it’s that on my mind. 

It’s been five minutes, and that’s enough I need his d again. Groaning I go bring it up her. I just give it some blow, fucking quick as I can, so he’s ready to get in my pussy and completely destroy it. At this point I even thought to myself I don’t need it my pussy. I feel it stiff and I spit it out, and say to him, ‘Destroy me.’
All of the sudden I am in the greatest place on Earth. I just kept going fuck me harder, and I just said harder, and harder. By the end I am in heaven, just me and fucking him, and no one else made it. I am gonna come now and the truth is I want to do it all on his face. 
I felt like I might become even like a slinky for a bit. Then I went hunny, hunny, I’m going to come. 
He’s out of me a bit, I twirl the shit out of it, looking for it fly sky high. It comes and a sec, and then I have him licking it up. After a minute I have him all in my mouth while I’m jacking him so hard I think he might bleed. I can tell he’s ready so I open my fucking lips, and I just pull the thing as hard as I can, like its all stuck in there. Bam, it’s all over my lips, and in my mouth, and I actually love it. He fucking loves me, and it was all worth it for that cum I had. I lick up every bit and then I swallow it like its part of a jelly sandwich and then were all done and ready to get back to whatever we were doing. Maybe we weren’t doing anything yet, but I have never felt so good and whatever we do is gonna be so much better. 


They don’t fucking see me. They don’t fucking see me at all. I’m the ghost of the mother fucking century. Earlier I took a shit and got all the shitty shit over my hands. I put all in that dead bods pussy and fucked it like she was coming dead while I thought of her as alive. I talked to her and answered back for her. How are you sweetie? I’m good. Are your ready to fucking die? I that am, who is this. Then Bam! Even fucking harder. She’s coming back shit all over the place. Ah I’m slamming it so hard. I think it’as even in my eyes now. Oh shit mother fucking yes. Oh holy fucking holy fucking holy fucking anal fucking holy anal fuckey fucking ho-ly. Oh my goddddd. 
My favourite game is just to slap with my dick. I slapped her with is so many times I got to the point where it suddenly just burst open with blood flying everywhere, as if it was split in half of ever. But it wasn’t and I stitched it up myself and just went over annihilating the dead bod over and fucking over.
Ahh they’re getting to the bedroom I have to move a bit. She’s gonna be getting some head I can feel it. In fact I’m gonna get up on the balcony for this one. Oh they’re about to go for it. She’s pushing his head down. He’s moving with her. Now he’s eating her pussy. Agh agh agh. I am tugging it right in front of the window. Agh, agh, agh. Yea you’re not looking hahahahaha! Tug, tug, oh yes!!! We’ve got some blood. Now I’ll tug even harder, harder. Oh fuck yes!
Now they’re switching it up. She’s putting his dick in her mouth. I know exactly what the shit it is. She want him hard as a rock so she can cum really fucking hard. Yea. Hmm this part isn’t as interesting. Now his dick is in her mouth. Oooh I’d like that mouth dead. Damn. Uh agh aghaghaghaghagh. My eyes are rolling back in my head at this point. How fast is she going? I look and see she’s going really fucking fast. OH shit, the fucker see’s me. The dude is looking right at me, but he’s looking away now. He’s like thinking about, he’s gonna try and over it up to her now. Hahahahahahaha. Oh fuck yeaaa. Tug tug tug tug tug. Squeeze. Aghhhhhhh. Oh fuck yea!!!!!!!!
Now I am going to have to kill you Holden!!!! Of course that was already I the plan so no worries!!!!!!!

They’re finishing up. Cum shot! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaow. Ahhhhhhh. Oh fuck yea. I’m gonna ah ave one myself. Hahahahaha Holden you’re having sex with a guy. Oh fuck yeaaaa.

What’s happening now, oh he’s cumming. Oh her it comes oh. Oh I fall to my knees hard. On the concrete. Blood. Of fuckkk yessss. Aghggh. All of the sudden I slap my dick on the concrete like I’m a wrestinlign referee. Once more so God damnhard. I don’t even care if someone hears it. Yeaaaaaaaaa. The stitched break and everything. Red waterfall. Yes baby. The greatest thing on earth. Uhaghaghaghaghaghaghagh.
Oh my god. Am I okay? I am hahahahahahah. 

I can see they’re done. I’d better run away. I think I’ll just jack the entire time I am running hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

I miss when I was young, and my head was full of the starry ideas of a life lived in quest of mathematical peace. The only pause to the silence was the pleasing sound of love arising. 

The only issues were the issues of politics, and the only task I had was to make beautiful art, in words, for all of the people of the society, to enjoy, and appreciate. 

As I had appreciated a good poem they could appreciate… a thousand. A thousand original poems. Right from the depths of my soul.  

Right from the depths of Holden’s, your present poet’s, soul.

You’d never guess what I am up to now. But it’s the most jack off-able stuff I have ever come up with it. See, I know it advance. But you’re going to just have to see it come true. It is going to be fucking rad. Like my cum following from the sky all over your fuckers. Aghaghaghagahgahgah. 
No one ever fucking know when you’re stalking them. People are so fucking stupid you kill them on a sidewalk in Manhattan. Not you, readers. Not you. But my dick will be in all your orifices one day, at least in my opinion.

Is that not what you wanted to hear? I mean read on, maybe this Asa will give you a nose job. I mean dream on right. But you never know.

That guy’s good.  A little too good. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Fuck yea. Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Nah but in reality this was real life. So I was stalking this three chicks as they’re having their night out right. And they think they’re not going to get fucking destroyed. It’s your lucky night. Heheheh. That’s right. I got my eyes on you. I go up and I say I’ve got the penthouse in front of Central Park and I own the Lakers. In reality I killed the fucker that owns it but they don’t know that. They’re roped right in. Meanwhile no one know fucking anything basketball. They just know the team in LA. So we get to talking and I tell my favourite story. My groin hurts a little because I got a bad strain trying not to get my dick hit by a car. I was trying to avoid it, couldn’t. But luckily I thought to save my huge dick, it’s huge right? You can tell this is not true. I mean all of it. Anyways. I serve and it just hits my groin, right? Misses my dick by a hair. That’s the story, you know? Anyways. 

They’re a bit drunk. Of course I have picked the right time. All they really heard was big dick. Ladies night like that, they might have thought they’d drop ten g just for a big dick. Anyways I getting to saying now, I have a sixteen inch penis, so that’s why there was a high chance of it getting whacked by the vehicle. 

No one ever told a story more seriously either. I mean I’m all fucking in. In reality serial killers are the best actors there ever were. I have no emotions. No emotions whatsoever. Oh fuck yea. Oh fuck yeah. Im jacking under the table but they have no fucking clue. No fucking clue at all!!!!!!!!!! IN my head I’m just ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!!!!!!!!!

I have read all of the Mystery Method, obviously, so I know to get them to the next location right away. That’s home. Not seriously. I killed the guy remember? But that’s the private place where I’m gonna fuck the shit out of all three of em. Dead. See how that guy sucked. You just had to fucking kill em’ to just slaughter every mother fucking hole in the room. 

Are they ready to take the mother fuckin’ plunge and ditch this joint? With me. I gotta give em’ something good. Listen, I’m having a party up at my penthouse, above Central Park. Just a few of the Knicks, a few political types. Politicians, really. What do you say you come up, have some champagne, spend some time on the balcony. No strings attached.
Sure, they say. They thought about it a second or something, but in the end I knew they couldn’t wait to get to the fucking party. They couldn’t wait to be above the park going ah ah ah rubbing their clits while feeling better than everyone. That’s a fact. So here we go, I got em steppin’ in a limo, tricked outta their fucking minds. Little do they know as we’re driving off, the drinks I’ve gave them have a little bit of ambient slipped in, so they’ll be super docile and compliant when we get to the apartment. We’re laughin’ and laughin’ I’m making shit up about The Lakers, and Andrew Coumo and all this shit. I’ve even made a few names up and they didn’t fucking notice in the least. This stuff is just a breeze. Nothing was ever easier ever. 
Here we are we’re getting into the fucking apartment. Going through the fucking lobby and shit. Damn right I’ve got a fucking key. Damn right it works in the fucking elevator. I killed the fucking elevator guy last night, so I can just let myself up. Doesn’t seem weird at fucking all. You live on this floor, the top floor? Of course I fucking do. I get off, the ladies are right behind me. You can’t hear anything inside, but that’s normal. I stick the key in the door, unlock it, and step in. Come in, I say, as warmly as possible. They follow in, and I will never forget the slightly quizzical look on the ones face, the first one through the door. She never knew she’d die to a fucking dick. 
And that’s when I do it. I grab something I left on the table. A miniature sculpture of a dick. You know dick size. It’s ceramic. And I shatter it on the first one’s head. It shatters, but I still have along shard in my hand, which is filling with blood. And then I thrust the knife into the second one’s neck, and slice it open wide. Their’s blood gushing out of her whole neck like a geyser, as she falls to the floor screaming. The first one fell silently to the floor. Right after, I have my dick out. I pulled my pants down, grabbed it, jacked a little, and then I started killing them with it. Hitting them over and over with my dick. The thing is bleeding itself. It’s getting purple. But I beat them, and beat them, until they mother fucking died. Then with is super swollen, twice as big as normal, I stuffed my dick in both their mouths, and fucked them until I had come six times in both their mouths, and I couldn’t feel anything in my whole body I’d lost so much blood, except all the pain from the swelling, and high from the dead bod sex.
After, you’d think I was done, you’d think that was it, the grand finale. But it wasn’t. I still wanted plenty more from them. The whole night was ahead of us, if you were the kind of person that doesn’t sleep. Lately I have been. It’s been every night, I go hard as I can, killing every mother fuckin’ hot woman on the face of the mother fucking earth. By the end it’ll only be me that had em’ all. Once you’ve had, you might as well not leave em’ for someone else. After this, I tell you I’m going to Paris and I’m going to sleep with every super model and the planet and leave em’ all dead. Dead in the fucking ground. And full of my mother fucking cum. 
So I drag their bodies into the living room. I pop some fucking popcorn and poor a couple fucking champagnes. Its fucking New Years baby, and I’ve get them both lying dead, on their bellies, heads tilted up a bit, their chins rested on their floor, watching the tv a bit. And it’s the fucking best, every time there’s a hot chick that comes up, I pop my dick in one of their eye sockets and fuck it stupid, while I try not to get any in my champee, and I take big swigs all the while get fukcing wasted, before the ball drops, so I fuckin’ celly so mother fuckin’ hard, while I just fucking jump all over them. I’m not sure if im gonna spill any champ or not, meanwhile, I’m gonna started working’ on their other socket, both of em’ as soon as the scheduled programming is over. Uh, oh, oh, oh fuck yeah. That’s what it’s going to be like. I can’t wait. 

Sometimes things bother me too, not literally everything is a party. I have my phone on the ground in front of me and I pick it up and check on my favourite friend Holden. He thinks I never leave his side. Hahahaha. I almost never do. Though sometimes there is some one else to stock!!! I managed to leave a camera so we can try a bit of a distance stalk-prey relationship, while I just take care of a few things. I can see his pretty face in the camera. Though not as pretty as his girlfriend, who is going to be the first person brought back to life by a dick to be killed again. I can’t fucking wait. 
Earlier his girlfriend took it in the mouth backwards while hanging from his neck with her legs around his shoulders. It was pretty sexy and I am definitely going to kill him for that. Just kidding. I already knew that!!! I’m going to kill extra gruesome for that, though. Then it is just back to writing, or watching some tv. Sometimes that guy has writer’s block. I wanted to tell him to jack, but then he would know I was watching. Just gotta let it out. Every single last bit of stress. Wooo. Then you’ll feel better.
That’s just my perspective. While it’s the only one that’s worthwhile, he might tell you it didn’t do much. Did getting with your girlfriend get twice as much out? It not fucking had! It not fucking had at all! 
What a fucking prick. I was waiting while he’s writing. Did he have to rub not out? I had had to. Like thirty times. But he doesn’t know that. It’s so easy when you get your hands on his work. To fucking analyze it, and read his fucking mind. It’s because of that I can read his mind. He’s so fucked because I just know what the fuck he’s thinking 24 fucking 7. If he ever wanted to get away from me, he could buy a ticket to anywhere in the world, and I’d be there within fucking twenty minutes. 
One time he went to the bathroom. I snuck in and came all over desk, while I was jacking on his chair. Oh my go some of this writing was so good. I got some on his chair, which is felt, but I wiped it up before it sunk it so he’ll never know. Ah, oh oh oh, aghhhh. I imagined I was the writer there a bit, just writing a mile a minute, just fucking high on being so fucking good. Ah, oh oh oh, aghhhhhhhhhh. There are something he’ll never know. After that I slipped out to the hallway of the apartment. In reality I couldn’t wipe literally everything up. I left little bulbs on the edge of the carpet, up against the wall. If you looked really closely, you could see them there. But no one fucking ever will. Mother fucking agh. Aghh. Agghhh.

On the way out I stopped at the vending machine. I don’t usually bother with those. But sometimes I do for fucking fun. I place my magnet on top of the keyboard, and the things fucking malfunctions. I swipe the dummy card, three fucking things fall out. And I take em’ as I head out, to loop around, clim up the parking garage, and then swing up the balconies to Holden’s balcony. Sometimes I sit one up and just watch fucking everything from there. I put the shit in my backpack after im through the parking garage, and im at the top of it. And then I catapult up them to Holden’s floor.
Pretty soon I’m sittin’ up there, and I’m just jackin’ while I eat the chips and the two chocolate bars. Just jackin’ on and on, jackin’ just on and on while I eat the chips and shit.

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