Dead Bod Man p. 20, last one before the full version. Will it be free?

All The Dead Bod Man Works Written And Edited By Asa Montreaux

Immediately they turned their attention to Holden. With the Dead Bod Man, if he hadn’t killed you, he generally knocked you out. So they had smelling salts ready when they arrived. A guard knelt down and waved a smelling salt beneath Holden’s nose, and after a minute, he woke up.

When he seemed to be aware of his surroundings, they told him he was safe. He had survived, and the Dead Bod Man had not raped him. 

They had not forgotten about the killer, and they all turned their attention to him now. The Dead Bod Man often escaped in a second, and this instance was going to be no different, except with careful measures. The guards had prepared a sedative so the Dead Bod Man could not run away, and they readied the injection now. It would work instantly, and it would be most potent right at first. All in all the sedative should keep the Dead Bod Man not moving for two hours. They administered the shot. 

The Dead Bod Man was already not moving, though it seemed he might have gone a little limper. The guards, given their scientific knowledge, thought now would be the optimum time to confer and discuss what to do next. They gathered in a circle while the killer lay there unconscious. 

They discussed how to get him to the police station, and ultimately into jail. They discussed whether to call for any help from anyone. They discussed eta to the police station, and to their home base, to prepare for whatever came next.

When they broke from the meeting, they noticed that the Dead Bod Man was already gone.


The security guards did not know what to do. How on earth could someone make off while fully sedated? It made no sense whatsoever. For a while they panicked. Eventually though, they realized this was to be expected. They were prepared beforehand to know that the Dead Bod Man may slip off at any time, and in some way that was almost explicable.

Holden was shaken up by the event. This was the second time the Dead Bod Man had slipped away, when he was virtually right beside Holden. Both times were immediately following him attacking Holden as well. 

The securities didn’t know what to say to Holden, but they had to say something obviously. Well, look Holden, he got away, as per usual. We had him for a minute.

It is okay, Holden said. It was to be expected, for sure. Well, look, The plan was to follow him, right.

Well, yes these were the units outside. They are. We have the information they are still behind him, they have his position. 

Well we should get going. 

I think wherever he is going, he is going to be there a while. It is his base, based on where he is driving. Way out of town. This was always sort of the plan.

Well, alright.



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