Winter Dreams pt. 6

Winter Dreams pt. 6

By Asa Montreaux

‘Thank you Amory, that means a lot to me.’ Richard said.

‘You’re welcome Richard. So what would be your idea for a for-certain best seller?’

Richard considered for a moment, then he said, ‘My idea would fit the bill for both a best seller, and a literary smash. What if there was a train, and upon it, there was a murder. But what happened is, no one knew who had done it. And there was a detective on board. It becomes up to the detective to solve it.’

‘I’m listening,’ Amory said. And he was listening, very closely.

‘What ends up happening, is that there was no one person responsible for the murder. It’d been something done by everyone on board, other than the detective. They all had a part in it, so in the end, it was no one’s fault. They all shared in the end the respective guilt, but they really did not share the responsibility for the crime.’

‘In the end, you have a far reaching story, about the power and danger of group thinking, and getting caught up in ideas. The same way socialism can lead one to make mistakes in one's thinking. And you have a story about the nature of criminal responsibility, and about who deserves punishment for things that may have been out of their control.’

Amory wanted to take back what he had said earlier, because that was by far the smartest thing he had ever heard. ‘Richard, now that was the most fascinating thing… that I have ever heard.’

‘Why thank you, Amory. Now there is a novel that would be worth writing.’

Amory paused for a minute, thinking about what he was going to say, then he said: ‘Say if I were to use that thought experiment, that very story, as the basis for my novel, what would you say? Let’s say that story is so unique, and fresh, that I think must use it. And let my writing talent bring it to life in the way only a brilliant writer can.’

Richard considered it for a moment, then he said, ‘That would be more than alright. In fact I don’t need anything for it. Depending on how your novel turns out though, perhaps you might say your ideas were influenced by Dr. Richard Diver.’

‘Now that is certainly something I can do,’ Amory said. ‘I’d more than happy to.’

‘Excellent,’ Richard said.

Amory could not wait to get started on the new novel. He would probably throw away what he had previously written. Though he thought he keep the main character for this next story.

Their dinners were halfway gone, and Richard asked Amory, ‘So Amory, do you enjoy the ski lodge?’

‘Why, yes. The lodge you own is absolutely marvellous. Isn’t that right, Genevra?’

‘Of course. I really enjoyed it. Mind you, I was so drunk, I can barely remember the color of it.’

‘Haha. Excellent,’ Richard said. ‘Rosemary quite enjoy4d your company.’

‘I quite had,’ Rosemary said. ‘Although I enjoy our sober lifestyle, sometimes it takes a real bender to get the most fun out of things.’

‘I quite agree, though don’t quote me as saying so,’ Genevra responded.

The patrons ate their dinner, and then a desert, with good appetites. And they talked and talked, until it was finally time for Amory and Genevra to return home, and put their child to sleep. They rode home in solemn silence. Amory being extra careful not to crash while a little drunk. Sure enough, they pulled up outside their cabin, and went inside, and to bed, safely.


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