The First Time Traveller -- Me

 By Asa Montreaux 

The First Time Traveller -- Me, link to my blog post:

And pasted below:

My life has been complicated by something a little inexplicable. Not only have I developed a way to talk to the past and future, I have also developed a way to time travel. I am the first man to ever time travel.

By accelerating time by using telekinetic force, I have been able to travel to the future, travel to the past, skip years, and stop time. One of the coolest things about it, is I can create time travel in the past or future as well. So, I was able to time travel myself from the past to the future, from the future. I skipped several years all from the future. By way of this, I have skipped at least twenty-five years of my life. I am today, six years old. 

It feels weird to be a kid and have people perceive me as an adult. I have been able to use telekinesis to grow significantly taller, so I am a lanky and very tall kid. I skipped a lot of experiences, mostly the boring ones in my life. And I sped through any times where I thought something bad might happen. I feel blessed in this way, and I feel happy to be a kid still, in the future, where things seem calmer, where some of the stressors in my environment are gone, or all but gone, and I hope for the best.


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