Zombies 10.1

By Asa Montreaux

Eventually, they could hear something far away. The nuclear explosives had detonated on the desert plains, killing hundreds of thousands of zombies for hundred of miles. At the edges, they collapsed, burning, descending further into the gourd as ash. It made little noises, and then larger shaking noises, as if an earthquake were coming. The first couple explosions, Nina wouldn’t take her head up from the pillow.

Was that scary, Tom said.

That was very scary, have they stopped?

This was just the first night. Who knows how many had died out there, though.

We’re okay? How far away we’re they?

They flew way out there. They will probably only fly farther, but there will more and more explosives. It’s interesting now to see if any pollution will come in.

Oh, this is terrible. Why’d the world have to end?

Are you really thinking that now? Thank goodness the first night is over.

It’s going to get better I’m sure. Oh my, we’ve really decided they’re unstable.

Maybe the war is that much more over. Should we go outside?

No, I think we have to stay inside.

I really wanted to talk with people about it. That was sort of exciting.

Haha, maybe for you, but I was darn right scared. I think everyone was.

I was scared, and I really am more excited for this to end.

I like that better. Don’t say you like the war.

I fought the war. I hate it.


I’m not saying the things you want to hear, I promise it.

No, I know. We really hadn’t wanted you in the war.

I suppose we can go out there tomorrow and talk to everyone about this. I wonder if they’ll be calmer, they’ll probably be happy it went well.

If there’s any pollution everyone will be able to tell tomorrow.

I’m sure the construction was sound.

What about years from now?

Maybe it’s a work in progress then. Maybe we’re never 100 percent safe.

I really don’t want to mutate. Then I’d lose myself.

Probably, you wouldn’t not lose yourself I’d say.

Is it safe out there at all?

I promise, the dome will work for us, we won’t become infected. We’re going to live real long, and become old, and see the world change, and become somewhere beautiful, maybe for the first time.

I hope you’re right, but sometimes, it seem like a far, far away time.

I know, I know. We can’t do anything right now but go to sleep now.

Oh. I suppose we could sleep with less zombies.



In the morning, they awoke, not so lazily, a little startled still, and rather quickly they wanted to go outside and discuss what had happened with everyone. People started coming out of there houses, and it was almost an informal meeting. Most weren’t upset, but they liked to talk about the shock of it.

They huddled together, as if the war were something that made them feel a little cold. Some people had heard some details of what had happened. It sounded like the pilots survived, though their planes positively shook. You could see the zombies disappearing they said, in the blasts, and a little ways off, when they were flying, sometimes some of them were still bodies, laying there.

That’s rather gruesome.

Well I suppose the people in the war at first hadn’t quite seen these things. They’ve been spared just a little I suppose. That’s a good thing about the Nuclear War. There are less people that we need.

When they were flying back, they took a route and made a survey, and they said they saw several more packs. They’re very big, so we’re not completely safe yet. The zombies aren’t angered though, they say. They hardly know what happened to them. But they keep expanding, as they don’t perceive that anything has happened.

Though it’s not nearly as fast as their decimation now. So maybe everything will be okay. The effects will go away in a decade if it’s working.

Everyone hopes so. I mean things will be okay if we’re living here, when we have some real hope.

I think the world will be a place we want to live in, then everything will regrow, we’ll probably have a life with nature, maybe not destroying it. Perhaps it won’t be mad at us.

I like the idea it will be a more healthy world, I mean if we haven’t ruined some of it.

That doesn’t last all of time.

Maybe there will be monsters and things afterwards.

Hopefully not, who is to say if something like that we’re to be happening.

But life is never so simple and never ends perfectly happily.

Is all the destruction not enough already?

Maybe it wants to make things just a little more imperfect even now.


Eventually there was another town meeting, more out of the need for one than out of an emergency. There hadn’t been any zombies that ran in, since the Nuclear attack. They needed to discuss what the war was feeling like, how long it would be, more accurately, and how it was affecting the members of the town.

Tom and Nina knew they needed to go to the meeting, though they were anxious about whether there was something to vote on, it seemed they were always making decisions that made them feel a bit upset. Everything was not always so clear, although the executive committees could argue real well what they felt they needed to do for the community.

When everyone gathered together, there was a certain hush, as if the new war had settled in, and everyone was respectful. The committee came in shortly and was ready to discuss everything happening in the compound. One of the members began to speak.

As we have you all gathered here presently, we wanted to say that we hope you all were not to disturbed by the noise the war creates. I know, that it is a scary thing, though it is something we still hope, that everyone feel safe, and is assured that the war is far enough away.

Some of the questions we have received involved the level of pollution. Particularly, people are concerned whether it will come into the compound. I’m happy to say that we have found no pollution leakages anywhere inside the compound. Everything went very smoothly, in terms of the construction, and the efficaciousness of the walls. We expect no mutations through the remainder of the war, or in the remaining recovery.

Other questions involved whether it is necessary to decimate the environment for the sake of the war. It would seem the price we have asked nature to pay might be too high. We wouldn’t desire to do more damage than good. However, the proliferation of the zombies would mean the continual spread of the virus, and perhaps the end of life as we know it. It seems they might even kill themselves, leaving nothing possible for which to snack on. We don’t mean to say the destruction is necessary. Of course it is the only way to ensure our survival. But we hope nature will agree to be revived by us, after it has been battered in oblivion a little further. So these are very serious weapons. And we mean to not have the are be something we are proud of, but something that we can all discuss, to understand it’s necessity, and where we are ethically, after we have extinguished the zombies.

We predict there will be another five to six missions to extinguish the zombies. These are very large scale attacks, so they will be carried out over a number of attacks. I’m sure you have heard some, how the attack went over successfully, and we uncovered some intelligence on the Zombie’s formation shapes further out. It seems that more and more them were making their way here, so our timing is very strong. There will be an interception of about everyone of them, as we are sure now, we are the only ones alive.

In term of safety. It seems the war will be further and further out, so we will feel more and more safe as a society as the war carries on. It is imperative for us to say that we expect no zombies to come inside the compound, and that the man that was banished will not return, nor will this behaviour appear in anyone else in the compound, we are quite certain. We have word the man perished out there and is no longer with us.

In reviewing the efficacy of the board, we are feeling that our decision-making has been well-wrought, we have made good choices that seem to more or less benefit us. we considered everyone’s well-being. As a smaller town, we seem to have been able to have compassionate reach over everyone. We should all be sad, though we live as the only remaining survivors of the previous age.

After the meeting is over anything further anyone is wondering will be something that the executive council has time to talk about. Tom thought about how the future was uncertain. What would they be able to do when it was over? What was left of a life for them.

After the meeting, Tom preached the executive council. Sir, after the war, what we will do with all the land. What will we do outside the compound?

Well, surely we will let the world recover. I’m not sure what we will do out there. I’m not sure if we will ever have industry again. But, as I think you’re saying. Perhaps one compound will be separate. Perhaps there is more to the world after the war, though maybe it is hard for everyone to see right now.

Perhaps things will restart slowly. Nothing will ever be as interesting as a war, I assure you. It will all be anticlimactic, entirely. It’s best we not think about it. It will come upon us as something knew, you know.

What will we do, when it’s over.

I assume you mean in the new compounds. Everyone will have roles. That’s what we’re discussing. In an egalitarian society, everyone will have to work. It’s important that this is just an ideal. It is very strange for anyone to think the world was this way. Many people would not work. They were very greedy, and they didn’t care for one another. We had the zombie war. We have desolved state lines now, and we are the same, persons here in this world.


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