Peter 5

By Asa Montreaux

Int. Police Station

Harry: So with the recording we have enough to detain Mr. Jibril.

Peter: Exactly, then we will be able to prevent is escape, and prove our citizen's arrest.

Enter officers.

Officer: We need proof that Mr. Jibril was orchestrating an attack.

Peter: There were several witnesses who saw what was occurring. They were about to attack.

Officer: we thank those witnesses, but we need more evidence to charge Mr. Jibril with terrorism.

Peter: We wouldn't have acted sir, if we hadn't had proof. WE made a recording, and your translator will be able to confirm he was about to give the final command.

Officer: I will summon the translator, and when he arrives we'll decide whether we have sufficient evidence.

Officers exit.

Harry: Still have the tape?

Peter: Of course I still have the tape. We knew we need it. We definitely did the right thing.

Harry: So he hadn't given the final command.

Peter: No, or else there would have been an attack. He'd given the initial command. He said, 'commence attack.'

Harry: Sounds like it was a close call.

Peter: The officers will be more sympathetic when they hear we waited until the last possible moment.

Harry: When we had all the evidence.

Peter: That was what we were waiting for.

Harry: It wasn't anything not scary.

Peter: I don't think so.

Harry: It was a real terrorist.

Peter: We knew that all along.

Harry: I wasn't going off what you said. We both heard him in the Middle East.

Officers return with translator.

Officer: This is our translator. Do you have the tape?

Peter: Yes, of course. We'll play it. He gave command. He gave the penuiltimate command, but not the final command.

The tape plays.

Translator: The men is a terrorist. He said they will attack.

Officer: What commands did he give?

Translator: The man said this is the attack. He said to commecne the attack and to have no mercy. They were watiing for his final command.

Officer: Do you feeel we have sufficient evidence to charge Mr. Jibril with terrorism?

Translator: I am certain there is enough evidence, and he should be detained immeditaely.

Officer: Okay, we'll handle Mr. Jibril. I've informed the young men not to take the law in there hands, but that we appreciate the wvidence they provided. Intellignce is sorry it orverlooked this attack.

Peter: We on;y wanted to keep our country safe, sir.

Officer: We've taken over the case from you now. If we need further testimoney you will hear from us.

Peter: Thank you officer, we'll be on our way.

Harry: I couldn't wait to get out of here.

Peter: I know, I know.

End scene.

Int. Harry's Residence.

Harry: I'm not sure if we can celebrate because I think we need to lay low.

Peter: We've only stopped the attack. The terrorism group could be more after us.

Harry: Do you think they could come here?

Peter: They possibly could come here.

Harry: I suppose they all know it was us.

Peter: I don't think they know we're here. There just regrouping. Mr. Jibril can't order anything.

Harry: I know.

Peter: We'll keep a look out, and everything will be okay.

Harry: I'm not so sure. They could be right outside.

Peter: But you have motion detectors.

Harry: Not right outside.
Peter: Right outside.

Harry: Not right outside the gates.

Peter: You feel that unsafe.

Harry: I'm not sure. Maybe not.

Peter: Maybe I should call my aunt.

Harry: I'm not thinking it's safe yet.

Peter: Maybe not, but don't worry. We are afe here, alright.

Harry: Okay, we're safe.

Later in the evening.
Peter: Why are you at the window.

Harry: I don't know.

Peter: Do you hear anything?

Harry: No. I didn't see anythign either?

Peter: Why are you worried, then?

Harry: I don't know. I dind't think Icould sleep. Maybe if I don't seen anything for a while, that's what I was thinking.

Peter: No you're going to get over anxious.

Harry: I suppose I may.

Peter: You could watch forever, and nothing will happen.

Harry: I suppose. Have you tried before?

Peter: Sure. There weren't serial killers out there, I don't think.

Harry: Maybe not.

Peter: What's it going to take for you to calm down?

Harry: Why did we hae to catch terrorists?

Peter: We had to try and save those people.

Harry: But we're not the police.

Peter: We were the only ones who had the hands-on intel.

Harry: I know.

Peter: It was just our responsibility. We had to do the right thing. It mattered.

Harry: It mattered to you and me, I'm just not sure they see it that way.

End scene.


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