Peter 4

By Asa Montreaux

Ext. Manhattan

Peter: Do you think he could be in this hotel? I think I see a lot of people in the rooms around.

Harry: There's definitely some room occupied. I don't know if we should go inside.

Peter: No. Look down here. I think it's this one.

Harry: We've been looking all morning. Why would would you think it would be that one?

Peter: It's low key, but it's close to the centre. It's a look out. Come on. We have to go in.

Harry: We're just going to walk through?

Peter: Yea. Pretty much. We'll go through the lobby to the dining area. Then we'll loiter through and go up the elevator.

Harry: What if we see him in the lobby?

Peter: You don't think he's in his room. No, I think it's only he in there.

Harry: So just act normal. Like we have a reason for going in there.

Peter: Yea. Don't look to the reception. Hopefully there's no one in there.

Harry: Alright. Well I hope everyone else is on our side.

Peter: I think we're not the invaders. I hope.

Harry: If he really is living in there.

Peter: Basically. Yea.

They enter into the lobby, keeping there eyes off to where there headed, moving a little swift. Past the lobby, they are near the dining area, the elevator is still a ways.

Peter: The bar, the bar. Water.

Harry: Hi, sir.

Host: Hello, for two persons?

Harry: Oh, we aren't sure right now. Can we sit at the bar for a moment while we decide?

Host: Of course.

Harry: Hello, hi. Just two waters, right now.

Bartenders: Of course, sir.

Harry: So were just going to make a bit of a sprint for it after this.

Peter: Just sit and talk. We'll be a part of the atmosphere. Then we'll leave.

Harry: Do you see anything that indicates he's here?

Peter: No one seems worried. It's seems like most people are out doing something. There has been someone staying in there room. It's quiet.

Harry: It's him. He's here.

Peter: We weren't here to find his room. I mean we're only trying to find out where he is.

Harry: Eventually we have to go in.

Peter: I'm not sure where his room is.

Harry: Do you think it's near the top.

Peter: No. That'd be too obvious.

Harry: But higher up so he can watch things.

Peter: Not too high so he can see people.

Harry: How many blocks does he want to see?

Peter: I think three, or four blocks.

Harry: Creepy. He could really control things that way.

Peter: They have a lot of strategies. The desert warfare is almost gorilla.

Harry: So he'll be on the radio making calls when he was watching.

Peter: No. On the telephone.

Harry: Oh. In code.

Peter: No. Not really.

Harry: Hmm.

Peter: There budget is low. They work in the shawdows. But the damage can be exponential in a city like this.

Harry: The greatest city in the world?

Peter: One of the most tightly packed cities in the world.

Harry: It's just an island.

Peter: It's not even big enough for me and you.

Harry: I thought we were getting along.

Peter: No, I mean it's time to go. I think I know about what floor he's on.

Harry: The floor where everyone is being quiet. It's on the moe expensive side.

Peter: But it's not the penthouse.

Harry: There only dressed so nice.

Peter: Everyone is older past a certain floor.

Harry: We have to start there. What floor is that?

Peter: The thirteenth.

Harry: Of course it is the floor.

Peter: I suppose, yes.

Harry: And we know which side it's facing.

Peter: Yes. So were one step closer.

Harry: One step closer indeed.

Peter: Well. Let's wait until we get an elevator alone. We'll have to be inconspicuous. So close the door quickly.

Harry: Alright, as soon as were in. It's just that there's a show to watch.

Peter: Yea. That's about right.

Harry: So look, there just heading in.

Peter: It's closing. Come on hurry.

End scene.

Int. fourteenth floor.

Harry: It must be this floor.

Peter: Quiet. We don't want to wake him.

Harry: Our voices.

Peter: He'll recognize.

Harry: You think. Were not so loud.

Peter: No. I didn't think we were.

Harry: Where's the street?

Peter: It's over here.

Harry: Which one.

Peter: Let's just listen.

End scene.

Ext. New York street

Harry: Was that him?

Peter: That was his room. He was inside there.

Harry: So we found him.

Peter: Yea. I guess that was the mission.

Harry: What do we do?

Peter: Like we said. We have to go in there that night, and stop the communcations. Don't let him give the go ahead.

Harry: I wanted to go in then.

Peter: I think we have to wait. Or else we won't have anything to stop.

Harry: We can't really say he's a well known terrorist.

Peter: Maybe. But he's never been caught, so as you say, maybe not.

Harry: Can we go somewhere now?

Peter: No we need to go home.

Harry: And talk things out.

Peter: We need to hide. In case they saw us.

Harry: Oh. I suppose.

Peter: Yea. Seriously, we should hurry.

Harry: But I drive so fast.

Peter: Keep that to yourself I'd say.

Harry: I only mean will get away in time, and no one would will see us away from here.

Peter: No, they couldn't keep up I wouldn't think.

Harry: You'd think he wouldn't hide here.

Peter: I know. We've past so many people. Here. This is where we parked.

Harry: I remember.

Peter: Let's hurry along.

Harry: Right ahead of you.

Peter: Oh my.

Harry: Sorry a little swift on the start there.

Peter: I think you skidded.

Harry: I hope it wasn't loud.

Peter: No.

End scene.
Int. Harry's home.

Harry: That was close.

Peter: I'm not so sure.

Harry: Was he asleep at first?

Peter: He must have been.

Harry: Though we didn't wake him, did we?

Peter: No. He'd been alseep for a while.

Harry: And we heard him on the phone.

Peter: All in arabic.

Harry: I suppose.

Peter: Strange no one was suspicious of him.

Harry: I guess they never thought they were on the streets so to speak.

Peter: Not here I guess.

Harry: The King and all his men are not safe.

Peter: We only need a better recorder. As soon as we have evidence we can pick the lock.

Harry: Then we'll subdue him?

Peter: We'll bring him into custody?

Harry: They'll interrogate him?

Peter: I suppose so. It will be a reversal. Like I said, there was one report about this.

Harry: So we could really stop this. It didn't seem so simple.

Peter: Maybe it isn't. But we have the first steps down.

Harry: I suppose. Are we going to have any back-up for this?

Peter: No, we have to keep it on a small scale. I don't think Mr. … will be here.

Harry: I'm supposed to be the one in contact with him.

Peter: Yea, I know.

Harry: But he's not around. I don't think he was really going to be here. He was going to call.

Peter: I know. He was not vey comitted. And he's a businessman.

Harry: The coldest and most calculated of them.

Peter: I suppose so. I wasn't really expecting normal people to understand.

Harry: No one else would have seen this as well.

Peter: No, no one would do anything.

Harry: Are you sure?

Peter: What do you mean? We were all sure that no one else was working on this one.

Harry: It makes them feel unprotected.

Peter: It's one of those things people don't like to think about. Even the police. And maybe it's out of there job description.

Harry: There are lots of warnings intelligence receives, and they really think it will happen here.

Peter: I knew. That's how it was. The movie, they never see it's not a trick there a part of.

Harry: I'm hiding. All the time. So I notice weird things.

Peter: Yea, so you should stop.

Harry: I guess it's more safe now., maybe a lot, ironically.

Peter: Yea. Be open with people, and then you'll have more legitmate reasons for asking them to stop.

Harry: Have we done anything like this before?

Peter: Maybe this is something totally new. We haven't ever tried to catch criminals.

Harry: We infiltrated that gang.

Peter: They weren't terrorists.

Harry: They were mean.

Peter: So mean. Maybe this is only ten times as big.

Harry: How much bigger did you think it was?

Peter: Maybe one hundred percent.

Harry: They weren't going to kill anyone.

Peter: No, they were.

Harry: Oh, I didn't like that.

Peter: Yea, I didn't tell you. I was meaning to.

Harry: Now are we going to die?

Peter: I don't know. Maybe. They say they'll kill is.

Harry: But they haven't seen us.

Peter: No, they probably won't, I think.

End scene.

Int. House

Peter: Maybe there's some place we can go.

Harry: We have to stay inside until then.

Peter: It's tonight. But I can't sit still.

Harry: Don't get nervous on me.

Peter: No. The anxiety is going away. I can see the whole plan now that I'm awake.

Harry: Good, so I can be the anxious one about it now.

Peter: No stay with me. We have to be quiet.

Harry: Oh okay.

Peter: I'm not sure I can drink my coffee though, I'm full of jitters.

Harry: That's nothing. I'm not sure how I'm making sentences.

Peter: Oh, that's no good is it.

Harry: Not really I don't think.

Peter: We should be ready anyways, for whatever.

Harry: That's the attitude with which I'll be ready for this. If we think of it as so much worse potentially.

Peter: I'm not sure it's such a mystery. We've been in the bunker with Mr. Jibril, we can do this one more time.

Harry: I think so. We can stop international terrorism.

Peter: And in reward, there will be no news on T.V.

Harry: That's sad. It's sort of is, I suppose.

Peter: Not very pleasant at all, no.

Harry: But it would be much worse otherwise.

Peter: Oh yes, I fear so.

Harry: How much more time do we have.

Peter: Two more hours I think. That about covers it.

Harry: I see. That's about enough time I think.

Peter: We'll be ready then.

End scene.

Ext. Hotel.

Peter: So when we go in. They won't recognize us I don't think. Let's not go by the bar. And then once were in the elevator were sort of in the clear. He won't know we're coming or that we know about this.

Harry: But when he finds out, if he calls on the phone, they might come.

Peter: I know, but remember it's not a radio, so we just have to prevent it going through.

Harry: How long does it take to pick the lock.

Peter: I've been practicing this whole morning. Five seconds.

Harry: Oh. That's where you were.

Peter: Yea. That's about where I was.

Harry: What if he calls it before we have evidence.

Peter: That's the part where this was going to be hard. Even if our plan is good.

Harry: I couldn't bare to fail in this plan.

Peter: It's not our faults, no one else thinks it's actually happening.

Harry: But it's defintely happening. We heard him.

Peter: It's definitely going ahead. He's hungry for this to happen.

Harry: He's the worst breed.

Peter: It's something we don't understand. They'll ruin something for there culture, in a very violent way.

Harry: I wish it would stop.

Peter: Well nows not the time to worry.

Harry: Why?

Peter: The elevator, we're here.

Harry: Oh, yes. Let's go forth and try and stop them.

Walking down the hallway.

Harry: What if he moved.

Peter: Quiet now. It's right here.

Harry: He's on the phone now.

Peter: But it's not the signal.

Harry: You know what it is?

Peter: Of course. Or else we wouldn't be here.

Harry: He's hanging up.

Peter: It's not for another ten minutes, at least.

Harry: What is he doing?

Peter: He's watching out the window, then he'll make the call.

Harry: There waiting for them moment to run in.

Peter: He's very tense. He doesn't want to make a mistake.

The man sees something, and then picks up the phone.

Peter: He's making the call.

Harry: Are you sure he's not going to make another call?

Peter: Then it will be too late. This is the call.

Harry: Let's go in now.

Peter: He hasn't given the signal yet.

Harry: But it's been five minutes.

Peter: Almost, I think he's about to give his signal.

Harry: Oh. This is no good.

Peter: Look. Did you hear? That was it. Let's go in now.

Harry: What? Oh now I don't want to.

Peter: No we must hurry before he gives the final signal.

The lock turns and they rush in.

Harry: He's just sitting there.

Peter: Don't let him dial.

They run for him and there about to tackle him.

Peter: He has a gun!

Harry: I know. We have to back off or he'll shoot.

Peter: No before he turns around. He barely saw us.

Peter tackles him and grabs the gun, throwing it aside with a little struggle.

Peter: The phone, is it on?

Harry: No, it's off. He hasn't put the final call through.

Peter: We've recorded everything. We have to bring him. We should have enough evidence.

Harry: But he'll get out.

Peter: No, he's pretty guilty. I can feel that.

Harry: Okay we'll explain really well. And we'll give them the tapes.

Peter: The singal was recorded on the tape. And they'll have the other members on tape outside.

Harry: What are we going to do with him.

Peter: Just throw him in the back. He's all tied up. I'll keep an eye on him.

Harry: I hope he doesn't squirm.

Peter: Yea. Just drive.

They drive to the station.

Harry: Everything good?

Peter: Yea.

Harry: Don't need to calm down.

Peter: No. That one person tried to give me a heroin prescription.

Harry: What?

Peter: He really thought I did that. He's that rude.

Harry: So he thinks your calm.

Peter: I'm trying because he's stressful. He doesn't know how not calm he is.

Harry: That's never something those kinds of people ask you.

Peter: Yea. He gives real backsided advice.

Harry: So you can't listen to him.

Peter: No.

Harry: J something or other.

Peter: That's the guy.

End scene.


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